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The 11th international conference in Rome, "Maternal Health Care with a Catholic Conscience" was a great success. Below you will find conference coverage from around the world.

Sep. 5: An Interview with Professor Bogdan Chazan (in Polish)

Sep. 3: An Interview with Dr. Robert Walley from the Catholic News Service
'Catholic doctors need encouragement, he told Catholic News Service Sept. 1, because there is “an enormous amount of apathy and fear” about jeopardizing their job, career, reputation or even face jail time or fines if they follow their conscience or take a public stand.' Read more at:

Sep. 2: General Audience with Pope Francis

Aug. 28: Conference Announcement Featured in the Catholic Herald

Thank you to everyone who attended, presented, and helped to make this conference possible! 


MaterCare thanks Kay Newbold

September 4, 2015:

During each international conference, MaterCare International presents an award to an outstanding person who has committed themselves to the betterment of maternal health and MaterCare projects.

This year, MaterCare International presents the award for outstanding supporter to a familiar face to all those who are in need, a wonderful mother, grandmother and a good friend to many of the parishioners at - St. Marguerite d’Youville Parish in Brampton, Canada, Kay Newbold. For over 15 years, Kay has been a dedicated and valued supporter. Whenever possible, Kay has distributed materials for us, organized parish events, been a point of contact for presentations, and been a vocal supporter of MaterCare within the Catholic Women’s League (CWL). She is the CWL past president at the Parish and in fact the founder of the CWL in that parish, 13 years ago. Whenever there is a fundraising at the Parish she is right in the middle of things, helping out. She is also well known for crafting and quilting; she spearheads this with a group of other passionate ladies. A mention has to be made on her knitting skills, her hands are so quick and in no time she has the latest pattern shawl or sweater knitted to the joy of her granddaughter.

So it is not surprising that she holds MaterCare dear to her heart, she is there every year at the CWL convention both at the Diocese and at the Provincial where she rents a table and has a display of MaterCare, each time she gets creative in her displays to maximize the impact. It is due to her that many of the Parishes in Toronto got to know of MaterCare, as she has given many presentations there along with Dr. Walley and Simon. 

Kay exemplifies the kind of person who responds to a need in any way she can. She has recognized that the mission of MaterCare, to uphold the dignity of human life, can and ought be the mission of each individual on this planet. 

Thomas Aquinas said a great many things, but one thing in particular he said applies to Kay.

“There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”

Aquinas. 13th Century. 

It is with great joy that she is commended today, to our supporter and longtime friend Kay, thank you!

The MaterCare Team

MaterCare call for speakers:


Can you donate an hour of your time? 

We are looking for medical professionals to give online presentations. All you need is an internet connection and a working web-cam. 

The topics women and families requested, range from specifics on Natural family Planning, Billings Method, information on labor, birth, and early postpartum period positioning for labor and birth, relaxation and massage techniques to alleviate pain, labor support, communication skills, information about medical procedures, breastfeeding and healthy lifestyle.

If you think about how many university classes are taught online, and how many people turn to the internet with questions about parenting and pregnancy, it is not a leap to imagine women and families taking pregnancy and parenting classes online as well. For women who cannot access this information locally, an online option, such as attending or viewing a webinar, is the ideal solution to a geographical distance between them and the appropriate service provider.

The more information women and their partners have, the more empowering and positive the childbirth experience will be.

Contact us at if you would like to present!

Find out more about our past webinars here on our website. 



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