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Dr. Bogdan Chazan of MaterCare Poland, dismissed: 

On July 11th, Dr. Bogdan Chazan, a Catholic doctor in a Polish public hospital and Chairman of MaterCare Poland, was dismissed for his refusal to perform an abortion or refer the pregnant woman to an abortionist. 

Dr. Chazan offered free medical care to the mother of a child who was diagnosed with serious abnormalities but did not recommend an abortion. Warsaw’s Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz charged that the doctor should have referred the woman to a doctor who would perform an abortion. “A doctor can refuse to carry out an abortion on moral grounds, but a public hospital cannot,” a spokesman said. 

Cardinal Kazimierz Ncyz of Poland said that the action against Dr. Chazan sets a dangerous precedent. “Politicians cannot make doctors act against their conscience,” he said. 

MaterCare International stands firmly behind Dr. Chazan. Please sign the petition below to oppose his dismissal. 



Premature baby boy delivered safely to mother in distress
Report from MaterCare's St. John Paul II Hospital:

-by Sister Jacinta Njeru

On  the 11th of June at 3AM a TBA (traditional birth attendant) called to ask for help from Daaba, a place located 56 kms from Isiolo. She had a neighbor, a young girl around 16-18 years old, in prolonged labor but before term. After reassuring her, the ambulance and driver were released to go and collect them.The road is horrible, but the driver arrived safely and picked up the young mother, TBA, and her relative to bring them to MaterCare's St. John Paul II hospital.

On the way, her labor was aggravated by the rough road, and the mother had strong contractions. Since the ambulance had a delivery pack and other necessities, she was encouraged to push. Just a few kilometers from the hospital, she delivered a male child. The child was in good health, though born premature.
The mother was examined, and was diagnosed with placenta delayed separation. They rushed her to the hospital immediately and arrived at the labor ward. The placenta was delivered, and the mother, who had sustained a third degree tear, was treated in the theater.

Baby was examined and weighed 2800 grams (6.2 lbs), breastfeeding initiated. Due to much blood loss the mother had dizziness, she had not attended antenatal clinic, and her blood count was low. She was given Ranferon and IV infusions until she was stable. The TBA and relatives thanked the hospital staff and MaterCare that saved both their girl's life that of the baby.

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UPCOMING EVENT: Billing`s Method Training Course

Are you interested in learning more about the Billings Ovulation Method, or looking to become a certified teacher...


*Sponsored by MaterCare International *
 *In association with WOOMB Australia*
 MONDAY, NOVEMBER 2ND to Friday, NOVEMBER 7th, 2014

*Objectives*:  To train and certify WOOMB teachers, especially in rural areas and to re-establish a WOOMB organization in Kenya.

*Speakers*:  Include two Senior Trainers from
 WOOMB International from Melbourne Australia who were close collaborators
 for many years with the Drs Billings.   Other international speakers are
 from Kenya, Canada, Tanzania and Sudan.

*Space:*   50 registrants.

*Certification*:   A Certificate of Attendance will be offered to those who successfully complete the conference exam. For those wishing to gain accreditation as a Billings Ovulation Method teacher, further training will be offered through email by Australia.

*Open*:  To any interested party, no previous qualification necessary.
*Language*:    English.

*Applications*: Mrs. Doris O’Brien  *Email*:   *Tel*: (254) 0705435204

*Registration fee:*
5,000 KSH (all course materials and certificate) (approximately $65 Canadian) 
15,000 KSH for accommodation (includes 3 meals/ per day) (approximately $190 Canadian)

The Billings Ovulation Method™* is used by millions of women around the world.  It was developed by Australian doctors, John and Evelyn Billings, validated by eminent international scientists and successfully evaluated by the World Health Organisation.
The method is easy to learn and simple to use, and once the natural signals of fertility are understood, the Billings Ovulation Method™ is confidently used to achieve or avoid pregnancy.  An important side benefit is that this knowledge also provides information to the woman which safeguards her reproductive health. To learn more about Billings, visit

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With gratitude,

The MaterCare Team


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