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Flexible working for all

Even for those not currently in employment, the introduction of the universal right to request flexible working will not have gone unnoticed, given the wealth of media coverage dedicated to the topic over the past month.

The new ruling is a major coup for the UK workforce, which has already been steadily moving away from the traditional ‘9-5 on the company payroll’ working pattern, with 50% of employees opting for alternative, individually tailored contracts.

For those of you currently seeking work and hoping for flexible hours in the future, get to know your rights early. We’ve outlined all you need to know in our latest blog.


Note to your younger self

We recently read an interesting article on The Guardian careers website, which asked readers: “If you could go back in time, what career advice would you give yourself?” Sometimes, the power of hindsight is a wonderful thing and while some may adopt a ‘no regrets’ philosophy, many others relish the idea of doing it all again with an older and wiser head.

Responses ranged from taking a career risk, finding a mentor and not taking criticism too personally to not being afraid to ask for help and actually listening to careers advice at school. 

Wise words of wisdom for those of you who are just starting out with your career. But for those who are older, perhaps returning to work after some time out or just looking for a change of direction – what advice would you share? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Why CV embellishments aren’t so pretty

Lying on your CV has always been a firm no-no in our books, but there are many jobseekers out there who regularly take the risk; by inflating grades or claiming they completed that extra-curricular course when in fact they quit half way through.
Remember that all it takes is a phone call, an Internet search, knowing someone who knows someone or any other number of scenarios and your potential employer will no longer be your potential employer.
If you can lie on your CV, employers will struggle to trust you – on any level. Everything you do will, potentially, be questioned from the ‘I’m sick and can’t come in’ phone call to the ‘it wasn’t me that lost £10,000 from the budget’ investigation.
All of a sudden that small embellishment doesn’t look so attractive, does it? 

Don’t hide your personality

Type in ‘example CV’ to any search engine and you’ll be presented with a wealth of results, all essentially presenting you with the same image. If scanning through three of four internet pages of this doesn’t inspire you, then imagine what it’s like for hiring and line managers who have to sift through up to 100 identical CVs every time they’re recruiting for a new role?
Modern day employers are less likely to be interested in your qualifications, inviting you instead to ‘tell your story’ by giving greater prominence to your personal achievements and examples of your skills in real life experiences.
Recent studies have shown that a strong work ethic, commitment, communication skills and team work are some of the most valued traits employers look for - none of which can be taught, only learnt by doing. If you have limited professional experience, look at volunteering or community work – it might just set you that bit further apart from your fellow candidates.

Our Top 10 tips for using LinkedIn

If you have already ‘Liked’ us on Facebook, you’ll be aware that every week, we post a piece of news or advice as part of a wider series of posts on a specific topic.
At the moment, we’re discussing our Top 10 tips for using LinkedIn to help you get noticed.

Over the next two months we’ll be covering everything from profile strength and recommendations, to status updates and advice on which groups to join.
Our social media series’ are designed to assist you in your job search journey, so please let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in future. Just drop us an email.

Enhanced graduate service

In May we launched an enhanced registration service to help improve graduate career prospects in the local market. The summer months are a traditionally busy time for this group of jobseekers, with often a disproportionate number of candidates vying for a few coveted positions.
By introducing psychometric assessment into our screening process, we can more accurately match personality traits/styles with the business cultures of our clients – many of which are the city’s leading companies. It also helps graduates with their own personal development plans.
Keen to find out more? Give us a call on 01733 235295.

Latest news from Peterborough

Opportunity Peterborough, in partnership with the regional college, has launched an exciting new programme of business support to city-based young entrepreneurs.
‘Ignite Peterborough’ is offering those running new and established companies a suite of support services, including pre-start up advice, mentoring, consultancy, workshop training and qualification opportunities. Much investment has already been made into educational and professional provision for the city’s youth, in response to its growing younger population.
Access to the programme is being encouraged across the city to help bring innovation, fresh ideas and new business to help Peterborough grow even further. Exciting times!
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