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Open House this Saturday!

Our annual 
Forest Garden Nursery Open House
is on

Saturday, May 11th, 2019 from 10am - 3pm.

(Scroll down for a reminder about some new plants we'll have on hand on Saturday!)

At the Open House, we'll have edible and medicinal plants to fit any space, from herbs like banana mint to shrubs like honeyberries, currants, goumis, and gooseberries, to trees like pawpaws, hazelnuts, and nut pines, and even more exotic fare like figs! 

You can also wander around the beautiful site at the Living Centre, our partner organization, and a wonderful place to take Forest Garden training (among many other things).

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2019
Time: 10am - 3pm
Location: The Living Centre
5871 Bells Rd
(Just south of London)


Ontario's rare native 'exotic' - the fruit is the largest of any fruit tree native to Ontario, and in many people's opinions (my own included) has the greatest taste. Shaped like a mango, consistency like an avocado, and taste like vanilla ice cream. We carry grafted varieties, which means they are selected to be larger, tastier, and have fewer seeds than seedlings. They like dappled shade when young, and full sun when older to produce more and larger fruit. 


Amazing berries, and the tree also increases nitrogen in the soil, giving plants nearby a bit of extra fertility. The berries are a bit like a raspberry taste, but the bush is more of a small tree about 6'x6' at maturity, though it can be pruned smaller. Like Autumn Olives, they likely make an excellent fruit leather, but they usually all get eaten fresh, since they ripen fairly early in the season (usually July). They like full sun. 


Also called Haskaps, you might recognize these, as they are becoming a popular Canadian crop. The berries taste similar to blueberries, but don't need acidic soil. They are also ripe earlier in the season than blueberries (often June), but their flowers are not sensitive to frost. They are an easy crop, as long as you get to them before the kids - since they devour them the moment they are even close to ripe! These are another small shrub, about 5'x5' at maturity, and they like full sun.

And LOADS more! bring your Mom too! 
Come on out and check it out,
and since it's Mother's Day,
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