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Τη γλώσσα μου έδωσαν Ελληνική
Το σπίτι φτωχικό στις αμμουδιές του Ομήρου
Μονάχη έγνοια η γλώσσα μου στις αμμουδιές του Ομήρου
Οδυσσέας Ελύτης

Monthly Newsletter

September 2014 - Issue 165
Prometheas Events
  • Friday October 17th, 8:00 pmGreek movie "El Greco" at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral (see flyer)
Other Events and Announcements
  • Thursday, September 4th, 6:30 pmSpecial Screening Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of the Release of "Zorba the Greek" remastered at the direction of Jim Gianopulos, Fox Filmed Entertainment Chair and CEO.  Organized by the National Hellenic Society at Angelika Film Center & Café at Mosaic (2911 District Ave.  Fairfax, VA.
    RSVP's only:   (703) 256-3180.
News Articles


Specialty Food And Agriculture Startups Are Ripening In Greece
National Public Radio, August 19, 2014


Most mornings, Sotiris Lymperopoulos walks the craggy shoreline of the western Peloponnese, foraging for salty wild greens.

In his straw hat and shorts, snipping wild chicory, garlic and sea asparagus with a kitchen knife, he hardly looks like a poster boy for Greece's nascent startup culture. But the 35-year-old Athenian, who trained as an economist, found a viable niche in the country's post-crisis economy.

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This issue's Pic
Summer in Tinos island!

"The witness of Bartholomew I" by William G. Rusch

"Greek Americans: Struggle and Success" by Peter Moskos

"Alpha is for Anthropos/An Ancient Greek Alphabet" by Therese Sellers

"Sappho" a new collection of her works including two newly discovered poems which are published for the first time (Cambridge University Press)

"By the spear /Philip II, Alexander the Great and the rise and fall of the Macedonian Empire" by Ian Worthington

"Ανδρέας Κάλβος/Το χαμένο πορτραίτο" του Βλάσση Τρεχλη

"Τάσος Χαλκιάς/Το φύσημα του θεού" της Άννας Ι. Στεργίου


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