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June 2016 Newsletter


This month I'm proud to bring you such an exciting newsletter. There's lots of ground to cover, including:
  • My new eBook 'Active Stretching', which you can download for free!
  • Some lessons I learnt in writing the book on "energy management", which I now feel is more important than "time management" that I think will help you too.
  • Updates from the blog for the last month, in case you missed them.
  • I have details on my upcoming presentation on injury prevention and management.

'Active Stretching' is finished!

Two months after I announced it, I'm thrilled to announce my eBook titled Active Stretching is ready for you to download, read, implement and enjoy.

In the last two months, I've been much slower on the blogging and social media front, because this was taking up my time and energy.

It was well and truly worth it though, as the initial feedback as been extremely positive.

The end product is 40 pages, with the majority of that images and descriptions of the stretches. There is also a comprehensive outline of the what/why/when to go with the how to stretch.

You can download your copy here: Active Stretching (3.6 MB PDF)

Managing Your Energy For A Better Life

"When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It's very simple." - Paulo Coelho

I learnt lots from writing this book, but possibly the most important lesson was the importance of managing my energy.

Energy is an intangible quality.

Whilst we can measure energy expenditure and calculate the energy in food, in the more general term - i.e. how you feel - energy is quite intangible.

So why do I feel energy management is more important than time management?

When I was working on the book, time wasn't the issue - I could always find time. I don't watch much TV, but I spend plenty of time online browsing social media sites, YouTube and reading about sports, technology and other stuff that isn't *important*, but rather *info-tainment*.

However, most of the time, I would browse these sites or "waste" time because mentally I was spent.

In his excellent book, Deep Work, Cal Newport makes the argument that most of us are capable of an average of 4 hours of focused, productive work each day. If this work is done in a continuous block, it can be quite productive, and the rest of the 8 hour work day can be taken up with meetings, emails and other "busy" tasks.

However, if this work is interrupted, it isn't very productive.

What I was finding, was that given the conditions of my normal days - appointments that might be spaced apart, constant communication with clients, patients and colleagues, training etc., my energy, especially my mental energy, was being drained with less productive tasks.

So when it came to researching and writing the book, it wasn't that I find a few hours per day to write, but I needed to find the energy to utilise those few hours efficiently.

Recharging: Introverts versus extroverts

There is a lot of misconception about the whole "introverted/extroverted" descriptors.

People think that extroverts are loud and outgoing and that introverts aren't. This isn't always the case.

You can be a shy extrovert and an outgoing introvert.

The big difference between introverts and extroverts, isn't in their behaviour around people, but rather how being around people makes them feel.

For a pure extrovert, being alone is draining. They need to be around and bounce off people (in their own way) to feel energised.

For a pure introvert, the opposite is true. Being around people is draining - it tires them out.

This doesn't mean an introvert can't be a successful performer/sales person/speaker or any other role that requires lots of interaction with people. It simply means that if they do that, then they need to spend time alone to recharge.

I would say most people are a blend of each, and for me, I lean more towards being introverted than extroverted.

For someone who consults with people in pain all day, this can be very draining, so I need time to rebuild my energy.

So when I look at what was my biggest limiting factor, it wasn't time, it was lack of energy, which was due to lack of "alone time".

Maintaining a high energy state is extremely important for a healthy, happy and successful life.

When you are in a high energy state, you make better decisions, you are more pleasant to be around and your create more (atmosphere, opportunity, value, whatever).

To maintain your high energy state, you need to recognise where you get your energy, and then prioritise time in your weekly schedule to allow this. 

Latest From The Blog

As you can probably expect, last month was pretty slow on the blog front.

Early in the month, I posted about Pain and Personal Responsibility, which was very well received.

Last week, I reworked the content from last month's newsletter about Aging, Fitness and Flexibility.

Now that the book is done, I expect to get back up to almost weekly posts. If there is anything you'd like me to cover, then hit reply and let me know.

Updates From The Clinic

Following on from last month's tentative announcement, I'm pleased to announce that I will be presenting on the topic of Injury Prevention and Management for Exercisers at Healthy Fit, Fitzroy North, on Tuesday 21st June at 7 PM.

The talk should go for around 45 minutes and will cover: 

• How modern neuroscience has reshaped our understanding of pain and why this is important.
• The numerous factors that contribute to injury. 
• The single key issue that all injuries boil down to.
• The 5 keys to preventing injuries when exercising that will also improve your physical fitness
• Simple, take home strategies that you can apply immediately to improve your recovery.
• An effective system for managing injuries whether acute or chronic.

If you are interested and want to reserve your seat (it's free), you can do so by RSVPing on the Facebook event page, contacting Healthy Fit or myself directly or via the Mind Body app (for Healthy Fit members).

Until next time, stay healthy.


PS here is the download link for Active Stretching again.

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