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February 2015 Newsletter

February is officially the shortest month of the year. This is consoling, because things are moving so quickly, and it seems like only yesterday we were all enjoying the Australia day long weekend. What a great reminder to really appreciate every day we have, and also, to take action if we want something to happen, because the time will pass whether we do or whether we don't.

February has been a great month here at Integrative Osteopathy. Many of you have come in for a consultation for the first time, and that trust is appreciated more than you know. Additionally, some of you have been with us for a while now, which is a huge show of support, without which, this email wouldn't be written. So thank you to everyone, especially those of you who have referred friends/family.

So what have we been up to?

Functional Movement Group M.A.T Course

On February 8th, I (Nick) along with a few of the staff from Healthy Fit attended a course hosted just up the road here in Fitzroy North put on by the Functional Movement Group

If you have come in recently for treatment, you may have seen (or even used) a blue mat with markings on it as part of your assessment. They guys at the Functional Movement Group (a couple of osteopaths) have developed the 'Movement Assessment Tool'  as a means to have a simple, effective and reliable way to measure movement in a small space, without the need for high tech equipment.

This is fantastic for you because it allows a quantifiable measure of movement. Sometimes, when treating painful problems, pain is the last thing to change, but in the meantime, you are making fantastic progress, only you can't see it. The M.A.T. allows us to measure that change.

Additionally, it helps direct programming, which is why the Healthy Fit staff came along. So if you are a member/PT client, we can work together to deliver you outstanding outcomes.

Upcoming Courses

In March we are following up the M.A.T. course with a second course from the Functional Movement Group - Function 101. This course will help us improve our programming, allowing us to utilise findings from our assessments to create fantastic tailored movement programs for you.

These are beneficial for both people in pain as a means to rehab and people without pain as a means to move more efficiently both in and out of the gym. Bias not withstanding, nearly everyone could improve their movement in some capacity, and the difference it can make to your quality of life is phenomenal.

We also have another course in the pipeline, on using cognitive behavioural therapy in the management of chronic pain. This is a very important topic, and furthering knowledge in this area will facilitate more effective treatment for those people who have struggled for months or years with pain.


Recent Facebook Posts

In case you aren't yet a fan on Facebook, here are a couple of recent posts that gathered a lot of attention:

Post by Integrative Osteopathy.

Facebook is generally the most updated social media outlet, but Google+ usually gets some love too, albeit a bit more slowly.

So if you aren't already, 'like' or 'follow' us to get more helpful tips like this.

In addition, March will see our first blog post go live. Fans on social media will be the first to hear about this and further posts as they are published.


Practitioner Only Nutritional Supplements

February also saw Integrative Osteopathy register with Metagenics, a high quality, practitioner only supplement range.

We will likely register with more manufacturers in the coming months as a means to providing you with access to a wide variety of supplements, both for preventative health care and reactive treatment to pain - the natural anti-inflammatory range is quite helpful for those who can't or don't want to take NSAIDs due to the side-effects.

Have You Had A Check Up?

Whether you are experiencing pain or not, it is valuable to get assessed fairly regularly (every 3-6 months at least) to monitor your musculoskeletal health.

Musculoskeletal problems are often slow to develop, and so given our body's ability to adapt and compensate, by the time they arise there is often a lot of dysfunction that needs to be resolved.

Just as a GP will check your blood pressure as a preventative measure, movement screening can be helpful in optimising and maintaining musculoskeletal health and function before issues arise.

You can book online or alternatively give us a call on 0448 052 754.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for our first blog post, and have a great March!
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