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October 2015 Newsletter

Wow, isn't this exciting? October marks 1 year of Integrative Osteopathy.

Starting a new business is always a big challenge and whilst not everything goes to plan, we can only try and improve week by week.

When things are a one man show, two big issues emerge: time, or lack thereof and fatigue.

The effect of fatigue brings us to the theme of this newsletter: fatigue and stress.

As usual, we'll also have updates from the blog and a happenings from the clinic.

Read on for a very simple solution to one of the biggest problems facing all of us today.


Fatigue = Stress

When we are in a fatigued state, our brain responds the same way as it does when we are in a stressed state.

Cognition declines, creative thought all but disappears and as a result we become less "human".

This serves a purpose - if we are being attacked, we don't have time to think about all the options and their long term consequences, we just need to escape danger.

However, in our modern world, this doesn't work in our favour. 

Our workplaces demand creative solutions and high levels of individualised service and attention, essentially, our workplaces demand for us to be human - after all, machines can do most low skill and repetitive work more effectively than us anyway.

Additionally, at home and socially, we really need to be human - our loved ones depend on us for their own emotional well being.

Fatigue is resolved in two ways - sleep, the obvious one, which most of us aren't doing well to begin with and rest. 

Physical rest comes naturally to most of us - we work hard, we want to relax.

Mental or brain rest doesn't come so naturally. Most of us have a hard time really unwinding. We go from stimulus to stimulus without any substantial breaks in between.

This is made super easy by smart phones, tablets and constant connectivity.

Our brains really need rest though, and if you are often feeling "tired but wired", this could go some way to explaining that.

The solution is really simple. Turn off your phone and go for a walk in nature. Whether it is in inner city park or a rural field, it doesn't matter too much. What matters is spending unconnected time in nature.

It literally alters our hormones and brain waves for the better. The only catch: it takes time and effort - you have to leave the house.


Latest From The Blog

October saw another blog post on pain. This term, we discussed the concept of pain being a verb. The English language has a tendency to make words into nouns (things), which in many cases, negatively impacts the way we think about them. None more so than pain.

Have a read here, about how changing pain (back) into a verb can benefit you.

Updates From The Clinic

Having survived the first year, there will be some upcoming changes to the clinic operations.

Namely, availability will be changing - for the better - with appointments soon to be available 5 days a week.

This year will also (hopefully) see more video/audio content and even some in person seminars. As always, if there are any topics that particularly interest you, let us know - you can simply hit reply to this email to do so.

Looking back, it's been a rewarding year on the whole, and looking forward one can only see change for the better.

Thank you for making this possible. 

Happy Melbourne Cup day!


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