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July 2016 Newsletter


June is a massive month in my world, both my brothers and I all have birthdays within 11 days of each other, not to mention our girlfriends also share this birthday month! If that wasn't enough, in between blowing out candles and eating cake, it's EOFY, which means I have to turn into an osteopath/accountant, which is definitely not my forte.

In this month's newsletter:
  • A link for my eBook 'Active Stretching', which you can download for free, for those who missed it last month.
  • A recap on my presentation on injury prevention and management.
  • Updates from the blog for the last month.
  • News from the clinic.

'Active Stretching'

For those who missed it last month, here is the link to 'Active Stretching' again.

You can download your copy here: Active Stretching (3.6 MB PDF)

Why I Don't Give Specific Advice

Reading through the feedback forms for my presentation, one comment stuck out. 

The jist was "The information was good, but too general, more specific advice would have been better".

I can completely understand the frustration here.

After all, something in the promotional material for the presentation resonated with this person, enough so that they decided to spend the one thing they can't get back, their time, on attending my presentation (for that I'm grateful), with the hopes of perhaps finding a solution to their problem/need.

Now, you can probably see where this is going - this person's need was exactly that, their need. 

It wasn't the need of others in the room, though they may have overlapped.

So to deliver the most value to the most people, I felt as though it was more effective to deliver a presentation that outlined principles, rather than methods.

One of my favourite quotes (I have lots), is:

"Methods are many, principles are few, methods always change, principles never do."

When it comes to advice given generally - blogs, presentations, newsletters etc. - all I can do is talk generally, about principles, and then either you can apply them to your specific needs, or you can consult with me further for an individualised approach.

This is not a sales pitch, but in order to give advice that is specific and appropriate to your needs, I (or any professional worth their salt), need to gather information about you.

Both subjective and objective information should guide the decision making process, in order to give you advice that is not only suitable, but most effective.

For example: often, you can find "specific-generalised" advice in books, which are written for a particular audience eg "strength training for cyclists", but this will never be as effective as speaking to a strength coach who deals with cyclists all the time.


Latest From The Blog

This month I published 3 blog posts: 

Stop Blaming People For Their Pain

Management Strategies For Chronic Itch

Lessons From The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coaching Certification

Updates From The Clinic

As you can probably guess, I've completed a nutrition coaching certification. You can read more about it in the blog post linked above.

In early July I will be travelling to Auckland to learn from a top sports physio about movement assessment - both screening and testing.

This is in addition to the courses I've taken on the topic already, and will help me develop a comprehensive screening protocol.

This is going to be extremely useful in terms of injury prevention - it will help me help you identify movement issues that may increase your risk of injury, or impede your performance both in and out of the gym.

Both these courses are part of something bigger that I'm planning, but I can't say much more yet, as it's too early.


Until next time, stay healthy.


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