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December/January 2015/6 Newsletter

Happy New Year! Since many of you are going to make them (consciously or not), let's take about New Year's Resolutions - are they good or bad?

New Year's Resolutions

Resolutions are an interesting topic. On one hand, they can be positive, because they are usually geared towards positive change, but on the other, many people make them out of guilt or some other negative emotion and then set themselves up for more negative emotions when they inevitably fail.

Should you make resolutions?

The short answer is, it depends.

For some people, the start of a new year acts as a catalyst for change, as it feels like a "fresh start". For these people, resolutions can be helpful, but only if done right.

The downside to this is, you condition yourself into believing that New Years is the only time to make changes.

Whether you make them at New Years or not, the two best resolutions are:
  • To love yourself more.
  • To strive for consistent improvement month on month, year on year.
These two resolutions will make every aspect of your life better. 

If you love yourself more, you value yourself more and as a result you start making better decisions, i.e. you stop self sabotaging.

Example: someone who tries to lose weight because they hate the way they are will eventually self-sabotage their efforts because they don't believe they deserve to lose weight. If, instead that person works on self-love and improving their self-worth, then they decide to take action from a positive mindset. This leads to them exercising because they respect their body and want to feel good as well as eating well, because their body needs quality nutrition to function at it's peak.

If you are continually striving for improvement, from a mindset of self-love, you will not only make your life better, but the life of all those around you better. This is because you can't help yourself without helping others.


Example: you might decide you want to save more money. You will look at improving your spending habits. You focus on what is truly important to you, what you value, spending money on those things and cutting back on what you realise as less important things. This might lead you to spend more time cultivating relationships, or pursuing activities you enjoy doing. You are then happier and more fulfilled, so you start performing better in your work. You begin earning more money. You continue the cycle, saving more, living more in line with your values, growing as a person and enriching the lives of those around you. This continues on and on in all areas of life, all because you have committed to consistent improvement.

With just these two resolutions, you can transform your life.

Having said all that, you might already have a great life that you don't want to transform, but simply maintain.

Either way, committing to self love and continual self-improvement (personal growth) can be applied in many ways:
  • Creating happiness for others
  • Creating opportunity for others
  • Spirituality
  • Creating a legacy
The list is infinite, and entirely individual.


Latest From The Blog

No new blog posts in December - too much eating, drinking and Christmas shopping. Stay tuned for an update in January.

In the meantime, here are two thought provoking articles from a friend and colleague, Alison Sim (osteopath and pain specialist):

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Updates From The Clinic

I practice what I preach, and as a result, here are my goals for Integrative Osteopathy in 2016:

  1. To enhance my clinical skills as a practitioner, so that I can help people achieve and maintain better health outcomes. To do this I will commit to regularly reading research, books and articles and attending workshops.
  2. To produce more and higher quality content for the blog, along with audio and video content, to help spread more accurate information relating to pain and healthy living.
  3. To establish more inter-disciplinary links in order to better serve you for all your health needs.
Have you set any personal or professional goals? I'd love to hear them. Let me know by replying to this email.

Otherwise, connect on Facebook or google+ (links below).

All the best for 2016,


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