This is the first official newsletter of Integrative Osteopathy.
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January 2015 Newsletter

Wow, isn't this exciting? 

This is the first official newsletter of Integrative Osteopathy. If you have previously signed up for the Integrated Strength newsletter, you will also be on this list. Don't worry, the quality of the content is going to be even better.

The end of January marks 4 months of trading, which has only been possible because of your support. It is a great honour to help you achieve better health.

Future newsletters will hopefully be a bit more interactive, for now, I simply wanted to say thank you and alert you to a couple of small things.


Making Appointments

Making an appointment has never been easier. We have a great online booking system set up, accessible via our website. Simply click the "make an appointment" button and follow the instructions.

If you ever need to change any details, you can reach me (Nick) on 0448 052 754.

Also, if you prefer, you can book through reception at Healthy Fit.

Social Media

Whilst still in it's infancy, Integrative Osteopathy is slowly growing it's social media presence.

We have a Facebook page set and in addition we have a Google+ and YouTube channel which will soon be hosting video blogs and helpful videos. Currently the Facebook page is receiving the most updates, with educational posts being regularly shared.

If there are any social media platforms you use that you would love to see us join, please reply to this email (it will definitely get read).


On the topic of social media, both Google+ and Facebook have review features. Reviews are extremely helpful to any small business, especially those driven by word of mouth referrals, like us. If you have the time, it would be HUGELY appreciated if you left a rating or review on one (or all) of:

True Local

Once again, every rating/review helps tremendously, so thank you in advance.

What Would You Like From Us In 2015?

2015 is going to be a busy year for Integrative Osteopathy. There are plans for a blog, online video content and possibly even an eBook (former subscribers to the Integrated Strength newsletter, this is currently at about 10,000 words and under review - the goal is to create a short but complete and actionable resource that helps people better understand pain and how to manage it with exercise).

There is also the possibility of running some short courses or workshops.

Potential topics are: pain, stretching, dynamic mobility and warm ups, hormone optimisation, stress management, sleep and recovery (from exercise).

If there is anything in particular (even if not listed) you would like to see, please reply to this email or have a chat in person. We are happy to collaborate with our extensive network of professionals to deliver what you want. 

We would love to help you make 2015 an amazing year for you.

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