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August 2015 Newsletter

It's spring, it's spring!

Here at Integrative Osteopathy winter is an enjoyable time - it's a time to read and learn, to take advantage of the not so welcoming weather by working hard and to enjoy the warmth of an open fire, friends and family and a nice whiskey or wine (in moderation).

However, spring brings with it longer days, and longer days are fantastic. More light exposure leads to better health, both physical and psychological. The winter blues aren't just imagined, decreased light exposure alters metabolism and has a myriad of effects that are far reaching.

In fact, even during the spring and summer months, many Australians are still not exposed to enough light, due in part to sun smart recommendations to cover up. You might see a shift in the coming years, if you haven't already, toward recommendations of "sensible exposure".

This is basically not going out and cooking yourself in the peak of the day (11 AM - 3 PM), but ensuring you do get sun exposure, so you can synthesize vitamin D and stimulate all the other metabolic processes that are affected by light.

So this spring, start spending a little more time outdoors - if you have light skin, at least 10-15 minutes of exposure, 3 times per week is recommended, darker skin may need up to 6 times as long to synthesize the same amount of vitamin D. However, these are minimum recommendations - a little more is definitely not going to hurt! 


Latest From The Blog

This month we take a look at exercise for fibromyalgia:

Fibromyalgia is a fairly common condition that is quite debilitating. Exercise is something that can help suffers, but it often has barriers - pain and fatigue are the most common.

This article outlines a few approaches to exercising with fibromyalgia. If you know of anyone who is struggling with fibromyalgia, or its closely related "cousin", chronic fatigue syndrome, forward this post to them - it might help change their attitudes and/or approach to exercise.

Updates From The Clinic

Integrative Osteopathy recently was featured in the (online) media. Nick was asked to write an article on mindfulness for the online magazine Smart Healthy Women.

His article briefly outlined what mindfulness is, as well as how it can help with pain.

The article is available in their 'Mind Waves' issue here:

Alternatively, there's a printed copy available to read in the waiting area outside the treatment room.

In addition to the print article, Osteopathy Australia has asked Nick to speak about mindfulness for their podcast series. You'll be updated when that goes live.

Spring Cleaning For Your Body

With spring comes spring cleaning. It's great to freshen up the house and get rid of all the clutter that builds up over the colder months.

Spring is also a great time to have an assessment and treatment if it has been a while.

When the weather gets warmer, many of you start getting more active - from running and riding to gardening, spring definitely sees an increase in activity, and with that, activity related injuries.

If it has been more than 3 months since your last visit, or you've been feeling a little "off", book yourself in for a consultation - a movement screen will identify any risk areas and some soothing hands on therapy will iron out all the kinks caused by the cold.

You can book in here:

That's all for this month.

Until next time, stay well.
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