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March 2016 Newsletter

We are rapidly approaching the end of the first quarter of 2016. I remember a few years ago, I used to follow a fitness blogger who would send out updates in his newsletter like "we are now 15% into the year, have you achieved 15% of your goals?".

The sentiment was good, but for many years I was overly stressed out by this, because often I was not.

What I have since learned though, is that progress is not linear.

Whether it is the treatment of pain, pursuing fitness goals, making money or acquiring knowledge, we don't progress in a gradual, linear fashion, but rather in spurts.

One of the big challenges you'll face whenever you set any goal you'd like to achieve, is adversity.

Most commonly this will come during times when it feels like you are not making progress towards your goal.

This is why it is important to have mentors and professionals help guide you, because they can set the path and outline the processes you need to undertake to make progress.

It is only now that I see this is what this fitness blogger meant all along. It wasn't have you made 15% more money yet, but have you been taking the steps to do so? Are you 15% into the process?

When people come to me for help with pain, I explain that the journey to recovery is up and down, filled with flare ups and milestone achievements, just like the image below, from English physiotherapist Adam Meakins.
My job as an osteopath is to not get emotional either way, but keep a clear head so that I can best guide you, making informed, not emotional decisions.

Going forward, an osteopath's role in the treatment of pain, particularly long term pain is going to become more of a coaching role than that of a pure manual therapist.

This makes perfect sense to me.

We know that pain is multi-factorial, and that addressing all these factors in an engaged, active manner yields the best results for people in pain.

At the moment, I operate this way, but it is unstructured. The coaching is done "off the cuff" and on person to person basis.

This is important, because standardised care is not as effective for people in pain (as the drivers of pain are unique), but going forward, I will be looking to implement a more structured approach to "pain coaching".

For now, nothing is going to change, but keep your ears to the ground for future updates.

Latest From The Blog

This month I've written a few varied blog posts.

All have been received really well on social media, so if you haven't read them yet, take some time to check them out and let me know your thoughts.

First up is probably the piece that got the biggest response: "How Your Mindset Affects Your Pain"

Next up is a piece on "Effective Nutrition for Injury and Rehabilitation"

And last, but not least (this also went gangbusters on social): "7 Effective Ways To Avoid Injury While Exercising"

Updates From The Clinic


The biggest update for this month is me finally creating an Instagram page for Integrative Osteopathy.

I'm all over social personally with Facebook, twitter (@NickEfthimiou) and Snapchat (@NickEfthimiou), but professionally I only had the Facebook page up and running.

Now I have Instagram, the next step is to start creating some video content on YouTube.

Check out the Instagram page via the link below.


Until next time, stay healthy.


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