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What do you think is the most important factor in staying pain and injury free through life?
  • Strength?
  • Endurance?
  • Flexibility?
  • Genetics?
  • Age?
  • Body mass?
  • Luck?
  • Something else that I'm going to write a newsletter about?
"Work plus rest equals success" - Mark Verstegen, founder of EXOS

Performance Is Related To Showing Up

In professional sports, the teams with the lowest injury rates perform best.

In business, reducing employee absenteeism saves money.

In education, class attendance correlates with grades.

It's fair to say that if you are constantly missing out on doing what you want to do, whatever that is, you aren't going to be able to do it very well.

The Australian Institute of Sport has done research looking at the effect of missed or modified days of training. What they found, was that missing/modifying more than 20% of your training doubles your chance of not achieving your performance goal. However, if you can keep missed/modified days of training under 20%, you are 7 times more likely to achieve your performance goal.

How Do You Stay Consistent?

While lots of variables are involved in showing up consistently, if you are injured, you simply can't do what you need to do.

Being able to show up and consistently train is related to load management.

Load management is probably the most important variable in staying injury free.

Too much too soon and you get injured.

Don't train enough and you decondition, risking future injury and under performance.

The sweet spot is doing enough to create a positive response, and continuing to do so consistently, so that you end up with a relative high workload. All things being equal, a higher training load is more protective against injury than a lower one.

More Than Sports

Whilst I have used examples from the sporting world, load management applies to everything we do.

There is always an increase in acute injuries come spring, when people start getting outdoors and doing work around the house. This is a case of too much too soon, after a winter doing not too much and deconditioning.

It's also important to know that load management includes everything that is going on in your life. If you have been pulling 60+ hour weeks in a high pressure situation to ensure a project gets completed on time, your chances of pain and injury are likely higher, as a result of increased "life load". You should adjust your activities accordingly.

Latest From The Blog (And Social Media)

I did get to write a blog last month. If you didn't see it, here is the link, where I discuss Movement Quality, Health and Fitness.

Also, you might find this Facebook post on happiness interesting.

Updates From The Clinic

Prevention is better than cure. We all know that, but do you practice it?

I have learnt a lot about load management, particularly in training (as that is where most of the research is done) over the last 12 months.

I've also been experimenting with monitoring recovery and trialled it with a few patients with great success.

Osteopaths think differently. From day one, we are taught to consider the whole and ask why. Not just the whole body, or the whole person, but the whole environment as well. As a result, we tend to see links others don't.

What I've done is put together a performance management package which is designed to deliver the same monitoring and management that professional athletes receive using accessible technology.

If you have a big performance goal for this year, and you're already doing the work, the next step is to optimise the way you work. Hit reply to this email and we can schedule a chat to see if what I've put together can help you stay injury free and achieve your performance goals.


Until next time, stay healthy.

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