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New name - new beginnings: The Warburton Valley Community Economic Development Association (CEDA)

Dear <<First Name>>

A message from Peta Godenzi, President

Welcome to Warburton Valley CEDA’s first monthly newsletter.  This will be a regular communication from us with weekly updates from Paul continuing on Wednesdays.
Warburton Valley CEDA seeks to create a sustainable business model that involves the community, all businesses, tourism and beyond.  One of our key aims is to create connections and opportunities between our members and cross promote our businesses and services in ways that enhance the experience of living or visiting our beautiful valley.
So we need you to be a part of this! We encourage you to attend our networking events and functions, and get involved as much as you can. Get to know other members as part of a vast resource network that we all belong to and work together to increase mutual prosperity.
Create a package by joining with other businesses or activities that expand the experience of our clients. Someone in our network may have the answer – that point of difference that can make your service offer outstanding. That’s what we are here for – to unite the valley in real terms, by connecting real people to objectives that can make our community and economy grow.  Being part of Warburton Valley CEDA means you don’t have to do it on your own.
We are an on-the-ground organisation and the membership fees we collect will be used to benefit everyone in our region.
Our vision seeks to promote the unique experiences available throughout the Warburton Valley. From the moment people turn onto the Warburton Highway, we are seeking ways to engage and delight them in every town, beginning with Wandin, and extending well beyond Warburton!
We know that the Yarra River and our natural environment are a drawcard for all our towns and their preservation is paramount to our success as a region. Where else can you swim in the Yarra, ride a bike along the banks and have a fine lunch or perfect coffee?
If you see me about please say hello. I encourage you to discuss your ideas with me anytime. Your committee is ready for a great year – please connect and spread the word in your community. And be an ambassador for your town in every way you can. This can be as simple as helping people with directions, picking up a piece of rubbish or recommending a great local café you’ve just discovered to your customers.
Regards, Peta
Email me: or tel 0428 971 203


What is Community Economic Development?

Community Economic Development encourages enterprise, using local resources in a way that enhances economic opportunities while improving social conditions in a sustainable way. Or put simply, economic development driven by the major stakeholder – the community.

Diary Notes
  • The next Warburton Valley CEDA meeting is 24 April 2014 at 10am in the boardroom at the Warburton Community Bank. Members are invited to attend or submit any questions or comments in writing for the committee.
 Your CEDA committee is:
   President                               Peta Godenzi                       
   Vice President                       Paul Jackson
   Secretary/Treasurer              Geoff Vickers
   Members                               Michael Hibbert     Frances McBride
                                                 Jeff Gill                  Norm Orr
                                                 Phil Wallens

Get to know our member: 'StrawberrySprings' 

Meet Luciano, Heather and the team from Strawberry Springs. For almost twelve years, Luc has been growing strawberries in McNamara Rd, Millgrove and supplying a national base of customers, many of which are in Sydney. Luc and Heather particularly chose the site for its abundant supply of natural spring water and fertile organic soil - two ingredients that are fundamental to growing the premium quality fruit that is their reason for success. 

Strawberry Springs recently opened a sales counter offering 'picked that day' fruit to the general public (open November - May) and the option to 'pick you own'. With half a million plants (the Albion varietal is the hero!), Strawberry Springs is a local success story that contributes to local employment and economic  prosperity. Did you know 90 percent of Victorian strawberries are grown in the Yarra Valley?



New membership category

We are pleased to announce a new membership category for Warburton Valley CEDA – 'Not-for-profit member'. This membership will be available to any not-for-profit/community group seeking to join CEDA as a financial member, and includes all associated member benefits. The joining fee is discounted by 50 percent for not-for-profit members. For more information, chat to Paul Jackson on 0409 004 770.

Facebook wise

Have you created a Facebook page for your business? Do you need help?  Don't forget to LIKE 'Warburton Info' and we will cross-promote and share your business in our steadily growing network. 


Membership at work

Here's a good news story hot off the press – new CEDA member For the Love of Grape is loving the No 1 organic position they have already achieved on Google for 'Wine Tours Warburton'. When information about this business went live on (just one of many member benefits) on the 'wine tours page', Leah proprietor of For the Love of Grape, booked three tours in just one week! See the page that did wonders for business here.

Coming Up

Events to share and prepare for:

The 2104 Warburton Harmony Festival  will bring additional business to Warburton and the towns along the highway. The event is scheduled for 16-19 May 2014 and will now be held every two years during May (Nordic Festival will be held in alternate years making May an ongoing big event month.)

Ecotopia Festival 'In Celebration of the Honey Bee' will be held at Yarra Junction Parklands on Sunday 13 April. Email for more info or see their Facebook page here 

Upper Yarra Museum is running its annual 'Crank Up' on 5 and 6 April between 10am and 4pm at the Old Railway Station, Yarra Junction. 

Also on April 5 and 6, the 8th Annual Tesselar Gardening and Plants Expo will run between 9am and 4pm both days.


WiFi services - update

Do you offer free wifi service to customers/visitors in the valley? We are in the process of developing a checkpoint list for the site and would love to hear from you if you would like to be added. See the page and who has wifi in Warburton here. 

We are also about to install a $1 wifi service at the Waterwheel in the Main Street of Warburton. The ZENBU system will be managed by the VIC (Visitor Information Centre) and provide a service that is both cost effective and able to provide a revenue stream that supports its operations and locals. We believe this will be highly valued by visitors.

Wifi has been a topic of interest for some months now, and you will be aware that we reviewed a wifi proposal from YRT that was rejected as it directed advertising revenue and website clicks out of our region, involved CEDA paying all download costs and advertising content could not be managed at our local level for our regions best advantage.
For more information see Paul's email 27 March 2014, which details the reasons for refusal and provides more pointers about what to ask if you are directly approached by YRT. Please consider local wifi service providers as you make any comparisons to rates and services and talk to us!


Database to go

Notice a change in our look and delivery of email content? That's because we have transitioned to MailChimp to manage our database subscriptions and newsletter sends. If you haven't considered this free service (up to 2000 emails a month) for your own customer base, you may find it opens many possibilities. You can even add a button to your Facebook page that allows people to sign up for your communications in a single click.

Member Updates 

Download the 'What's On' poster here 
Print  for display or handout to visitors and clients.

Warburton Valley CEDA welcomes the following new members (first quarter):
  • Dalblair B&B - Seville
  • For the Love of Grape - Yarra Valley
  • CLC Computer Services - Woori Yallock
  • Dalcorp Accounting - Yarra Junction
  • Eagle's View B&B -Wandin North
  • Oscar's on the Yarra - Warburton
  • Purple Bubble Cakes - Seville East
  • Friends of the Lilydale Rail Trail (Not-for-profit member)
  • Wandin Seville Financial Services
  • Upper Yarra Community House (Not-for-profit member)

Marketing stats update as at March 12, 2014

  • 4882 unique visitors to in February 2014.
  • Opt in mailing list at 670.
  • Warburton Valley CEDA members receiving promotion : 181 (consisting of 105 full members, 76 associate members).
  • Facebook likes 605
  • 111 businesses have opted in to – includes 76 new associate members. Site had 358 unique visitors in February. 
More info: Ph Paul 0409 004 770 or


What can I do? Three by three things this month

  1. Tell three fellow business operators in your region about Warburton Valley CEDA and the benefits of membership.
  2. Find and 'LIKE' the Facebook page of three other complementary business or tourism services in the valley that relate to your business or service.
  3. Share three good news stories with us:
    • a happy customer
    • a new product
    • an achievement or milestone.
Send via email to

Want to find or share info about Warburton Valley CEDA online?

We have a dedicated page on the Upper Yarra Community Enterprise website

Our purpose statement :

'To promote sustainable economic development that enriches the lives of those who live in or have a close connection to the Warburton Valley and rely on its prosperity.'
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