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Fall 2020

Back to School Update

We welcomed our students back on  Monday, September 28, 2020 at the Kenjgewin Teg Campus in M’Chigeeng for certain programs. Staff are working on rotating schedules until December 2020.  We understand that this school year will look very different due to Covid-19 and we are committed to supporting our students both online/distance learning and through in-person classes.

Online learning for the following programs with our college and university partners:
  • Personal Support Worker (PSW)
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)
  • Masters of Social Work (MSW)
  • Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP)
  • Excel Applications Course
  • Indigenous Classroom Assistant Program (ICAD) - January 2021
  • Anishinabemowin Early Childhood Education (AECE) – January 2021
IN-PERSON Learning:
  • The campus is open for the following:
  • Shki-Maajiinaking Pathway to Trades
  • MShiigaade Pre-employment and Essential Skills
  • Pathways – Adult Education/Upgrading/Grade 12
In person classes will occur with limited daily enrollment based on classroom sizes.  All Covid-19 safety protocols will be adhered to for the safety of all our staff, students and families.

2020-21 Program Offerings and intake:

Personal Support Worker (certificate) with Partner Canadore College - 35
Computer Applications (courses for certificate) with Partner Canadore College – 26
Pathway to Trades (certificate of completion) –  12
Aboriginal Teacher Education Program with Partner Queen’s University -
  • Cohort 1 (May 2018 intake): 6 students graduated in August 2020;
  • Cohort 2 (May 2019 intake): 5 students currently enrolled;
  • Cohort 3 (May 2020 intake): 5 students currently enrolled;
MSW program with Partner: Wilfrid Laurier University - 18

2021-22 Program Offerings and intake:

Indigenous Classroom Assistant Diploma (ICAD) with  Partner Nipissing University – January 2021
Anishinabemowin Early Childhood (AEC) with Partner Canadore College - January 2021
Practical Nursing (RPN) with Partner Fleming College – April 2021

Kenjgewin Teg Virtual Graduation Celebration – June 30, 2020

Due to the gathering restrictions in place in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenjgewin Teg held a virtual graduation on June 30th, 2020.
To celebrate the successes and resilience of Kenjgewin Teg students during the past year, a number of activities were pulled together in response to our ongoing socially-distanced environment. Foremost was Mnaadenmaanaanik, the recognition of the hard work, dedication, and the accomplishments of the 45 graduates from the 2019-20 academic year in the following programs:     
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma–Kenjgewin Teg (6)
  • MShiigaade Miikan – Kenjgewin Teg (7)
  • Pre-Apprentiship Carpentry–KenjgewinTeg Certificate Program (5)
  • Trades Fundamentals– Canadore College Certificate Program (2)
  • Business – Sault College Diploma (3)
  • Personal Support Worker–Canadore College Certificate Program (6)
  • Teaching Ojibwe Immersion AQ–Ontario College of Teachers (2)
  • Outdoor Experiential Education AQ–Ontario College of Teachers (10)
  • Teaching FNMI Children AQ–Ontario College of Teachers (4)
The virtual graduation ceremony video can be viewed here:
Graduates were also mailed a graduation package complete with their parchment, mortar boards, Anishinaabe Aadiziwin recognition, congratulatory letters and more. The graduates also found congratulations graduates signs posted in front of their residences.

Board Governance

A number of meetings took place in the second quarter: July 16 (Regular Board of Directors Meeting), July 22 (Policy Review and Approval), August 19 (Special Board of Directors Meeting x 2 – pre-AGM and post-AGM), August 19 (Annual General Meeting), August 24 (Special Board of Directors Meeting – HR matter), and September 22 (Executive Committee of the Board – Reopening Policy and Plan).

Additional Qualifications for OCT Teachers – Teaching FNMI Children

This past Summer 2020 Kenjgewin Teg offered its first on-Line AQ called “Teaching FNMI Children.” Kimberley Debassige was hired to deliver 3 weeks of Virtual Classroom teaching with 8 participants.  OCT certified teachers, including Adult Educators, High School and Elementary Teachers and EarlyOn Educators took part.  Participant Nicole said, “I have taken on-line courses for teachers before but this was the most impactful – instructor and guest speakers were incredible….
I believe this course should mandatory for Teachers in Canada in order to be true to TRC calls to action and to be responsible educators.”  Other students also noted that although it was 6 hours a day for three weeks, the sharing of information made the experience extremely worthwhile. Resource people brought in were fantastic!

Mshiigaade Miikan Program

The Mshiigaade Miikan Program is pleased to announce the success of the First Online Cohort. The COVID-19 Pandemic impacted the lives of everyone around the world, resulting in changes to program delivery from in-person to online. 19 participants enrolled and embarked upon a 12-week journey of personal development and knowledge acquisition. Programming consisted of independent and scheduled online live events.  Independent activities ranged from looking at the impact and effects of colonization to listening and responding to Podcasts. Online and live events enabled Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Artists, Social Workers, and Community Health Workers to share their knowledge and expertise. Kenjgewin Teg congratulates the accomplishments of the Mshiigaade Miikan participants and wishes them great success in their future endeavors.
If you are interested in finding out more or applying to the Mshiigaade Miikan Program, visit to fill out a Program Inquiry and a member of our Team will be happy to connect with you.

Two Team Members Return to the KT Team!

We are excited to share that two members have returned to Kenjgewin Teg to add to our committed and student-focused team. 
Jacinta Shawanda began her employment with Kenjgewin Teg on May 27, 2020 as the new Programs Coordinator – Teaching and Learning.  Under the direction of the Dean of Post-Secondary Education, the Programs Coordinator - Teaching and Learning ensures lifelong learning programs of Kenjgewin Teg designed for teachers and educators include Anishinaabe traditional knowledge and are delivered in accordance with the organization’s quality assurance standards and procedures. Jacinta worked for Kenjgewin Teg previously as the ATEP Coordinator. Welcome back Jacinta!
Luanne Stewart began her employment with Kenjgewin Teg on July 13, 2020 as a Learning Coach. The Learning Coach is committed to creating and promoting an environment that reflects our language, traditions and culture in all that we do and will have an appreciation of the Anishinabek culture, principles, values, language, history, customs and be supportive of Anishinabek practices and protocols. The Learning Coach is also responsible for working as a team in teaching and coordinating duties for the Pathways Program. Luanne previously worked as a team member for the First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP).  Welcome back Luanne!

“Accreditation” by the Indigenous Advanced Eudcation and Skills Council

As was updated and shared in the Giigdowin Bboon 2020 issue, Kenjgewin Teg began its formal quality assurance work with Beverly Roy taking on a new role as Director of Quality Assurance for Kenjgewin Teg. During July and August 2020, the Board of Directors reviewed and approved 17 policies in categories that included Academics, Learners, Corporate Governance and Research/Institutional Development.  In this policy work, there were also three important and essential organizational philosophies also approved by the Board that will guide Kenjgewin Teg in its long-term vision and mission:
  • Anishinabemowin
  • Anishinaabe Aadziwin
  • Trauma Sensitive and Trauma Informed Place of Learning
It was a busy summer for all, and the Board and staff of Kenjgewin remained committed to meeting its strategic goal of achieving IAESC ‘accreditation’ by the end of its current five-year strategic cycle ending March 2021; now, as of September 2020, Kenjgewin Teg has now submitted its formal request to the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council (IAESC) for the requirement meeting an organizational review and has submitted 500+ files to support and provide evidence of meeting quality assurance standards in 25 categories. This is an exciting milestone Kenjgewin Teg is pleased to share with our community and community members everywhere – this is the first step in our exciting  journey ahead!

For readers who may wonder why this organizational review is important for Kenjgewin Teg, what it signals is that the organization will then be on the path forward toward creating and developing its own certificates, diplomas and degrees (Kenjgewin Teg  will also need to meet another set of requirements and quality standards as set by IAESC for each new diploma, certificate or degree created once the organizational review is complete and successful).  The following summarizes applicable legislation and the resulting bodies and organizations that are part of Ontario’s Indigenous Institute’s quality assurance requirements:
  • Indigenous Institutes Act, 2017
This legislation recognizes Indigenous Institutes as a unique and complementary pillar of Ontario’s post-secondary education and training system. The Indigenous Institutes Act of 2017 acknowledges the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which recognizes the right of Indigenous peoples to establish and control their educational systems and institutes providing education in their own languages and in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning.. Further, Ontario Regulation 239/18 identifies and names nine Indigenous Institutes in Ontario for the purposes of Section 6 of the Indigenous Institutes Act – and Kenjgewin Teg is one of these nine Indigenous Institutes named in this Ontario Regulation.
  • Indigenous Advanced Education Council (IAESC)
IAESC is an Indigenous-controlled and governed Council, created and recognized under the Indigenous Institutes Act, 2017. IAESC is the body that establishes quality assurance standards and benchmarks for organizations and programs delivered by the Indigenous Institutes pillar in Ontario.  IAESC may approve Indigenous Institutes in Ontario to grant diplomas, certificates and degrees; establish a quality assessment board and quality assurance standards; make recommendations to the Ontario government regarding which Indigenous Institutes should be included to receive operating funding; and, approve Indigenous Institutes to use the term “university.”
Additional information about processes and requirements from the Indigenous Advanced Education and Skills Council can be found at:
  • Indigenous Institutes Quality Assessment Board (IIQAB)
    This Board provides objective and independent recommendations to the Indigenous Advanced Education Council (IAESC) on the approval of applications from Indigenous Institutes to grant credentials. IIQAB is an impartial committee composed of six community and sector subject matter experts, and a Chair, whose independence preserves the credibility of IAESC’s quality assurance process.
  • Indigenous Institute Organization Review Committee (IIORC)
    This is a standing Committee of IIQAB established in conjunction with the applicant Indigenous Institutes. The IIORC will review the organizational soundness and capacity of applicants, using the standards and benchmarks adopted by the Council (IAESC). Members of this Committee are selected by IIQAB

New Sector Memberships

Kenjgewin Teg’s memberships and affiliations will continue to grow as it works toward its community-driven Anishinabek education long term vision. New memberships in provincial organizations and other regions over the past three months include:
  • eCampus Ontario
  • ONCAT (Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer)
  • WINHEC (World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium)
Official memberships in other sector organizations are also currently in progress, and once those are official too – we will announce them in future issues of Giiggowin.  Membership in these post-secondary sector organizations not only provide benefits to its members such as Kenjgewin Teg, but we also view our new memberships as part of giving and contributing to lifelong learning in Indigenous education and reconciliation goals.  Check out the latest press release with eCampus Ontario.


Mnidoo Mnising Sharing & Learning Centre for All

Our program has recerntly been providing workshops such as tea harvesting, monthly book readings showcasing Indigenous authors, a variety of weekly program challenges geared towards the early years focused on land based learning, with incentives to get outside and make connections with the AKI- earth.  We have also provided hands on teachings and crafts for parents and educators; such as moccasin making and most recently a craft and teaching on Orange Shirt Day. It has been challenging but we strive to make our vitrual connections meaningful and interactive.  Upcoming series of workshops are; Maamwii wiisnin – Let’s Cook & Eat together cooking demo/recipe sharing, Maamwi Nagamodaa – Sing with me, Maamwi Gindasda-Read with Me, Maamwii Aniibiishaabo- Let’s make Tea and our Daamnidaa Goojing – Play Outdoors. Programming for all families/caregivers & early years educators with within the Sudbury/Manitoulin District. You can find us on Facebook – Mnidoo Mnising Sharing & Learning Centre for All


Kenjgewin Teg Language Assessment Research Study: Dibishigaadek Anishinaabemowin – Language Assessments

Kenjgewin Teg created a culturally specific standardized performance-based assessment that will be used to measure and monitor language learning in school and community-based language learning opportunities and programs.  This culturally responsive assessment tool has been titled Dibishigaadek Anishinaabemowin.

In the Fall of 2019, Kenjgewin Teg initiated a research study for testing the validity of the assessment tool.  This research study invited volunteer participants that were interviewed through means that engage each participant to share their Anishinaabemowin.  The volunteer participants agreed to be interviewed three times within a one-year period. The first of these interviews began Winter 2019 and will continue this Fall 2020 and the last being Spring 2021.

Following the COVID safety precautions, the interviews will commence November 9 – 20, 2020.  Volunteer participants will be contacted by email or phone call and will be able to schedule themselves for the interview through a link provided within the email inviting them to meet with a fluent Anishinaabemowin rater.  Miigwech to all our volunteer participants.
Kenjgewin Teg is extremely proud of the hard work that went into the design, creation and validating this language measurement tool that will be used to help assess language. 


Decolonizing Education:  Staff Professional Development – October 2, 2020

Many of our staff participated in the fall professional development on October 2, 2020 via online through Zoom delivered by Dr. Kathy Absolon of WLU.  The session called Decolonization, part I, was introduced to build capacity amongst our whole team  in responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's (TRC) calls for action in a meaningful way. The session helped our team to understand and appreciate Indigenous perspectives in decolonizing education.  The team at Kenjgewin Teg  learned about what anti-colonial, structural, and decolonizing means. Staff  gained valuable knowledge to help integrate Indigenous perspectives into their own every day  work/teaching.  Part 2 will be delivered in November. 

Orange Shirt Day, September 30

It is important to remember residential school survivors on this date each year. Orange Shirt Day happens throughout the country as a solidary effort to have communities come together in a spirit of reconciliation and hope because every child matters. We do not want history to every repeat itself again. The lessons, impact and trauma of the residential school policy needs to continue to be taught and understood in every classroom across Canada. Reconciliation begins with truth telling.  The system forcibly separated children from their families for extended periods of time and forbade them to acknowledge their own heritage,  culture and language. Kenjgewin Teg continues to support Anishinaabe Aadziwin in our place of learning year round to foster pride, identity and resiliency.
“Kenjgewin Teg has opened my eyes to a whole new aspect on life, one where we help each other realize our dreams”

~Curtis Fox, Business 2020 Graduate

“I have been a student attending Kenjgewin Teg for the past year and it has been one of the greatest experiences of my education. The professors and staff along with the student body have created an amazing learning environment paired with the best equipment and tools to create a successful environment for any student to thrive in!”

~Joey Laford, Trades Fundamentals student

“Here at the KT, it’s a place of comfort. The staff and students are great. The building is beautiful with a sense of home. They offer a nice rage of programs. The Mshiigaade Miikan program is a good way for those individuals who are not sure what to do in their point of life. This program offers a native cultural based teachings which opens up your understanding of our past traditions. For me, what the KT offered. It gave me a place to go. It’s a home away from home. They feed us breakfast and lunch. Coffee all day. Doesn’t get any better than that. But it does, they pay you within the Mshiigaade program. No other school offers this. The KT really gave the people that attend, purpose. Key to success is to, “just show up.”

~Henry Migwans, Mshiigaade Miikan 2020 Graduate

“The Mshiigaade Miikan program will benefit your life; makes you know who you really are; and where you come from. It teaches you - your native language, culture and ancestors. You learn from the past- future- and today. You represent yourself and show your achievements and acknowledge your talents. Mshiigaade Miikan means that you are making your own path to the future. Miigwetch!”

~Jeanette Scott and Sasha Hare, Mshiigaade Miikan students

“What we learn becomes a part of who we are.”  This rings true to my experience in participating in the Mshiigaade Miikan Program at Kenjgewin Teg. The unique curriculum provides a wide range of hands on learning activities to assist with personal growth and wellness as well academic preparation for your next education or employment journey.  I always came away with something new at the end of each class. Whether it was cooking with Corey, rabbit snaring, attending a sweat lodge ceremony, or listening to the traditional oral teachings from the local elders, all of it has contributed my personal growth. The support and services at Kenjgewin Teg provide students with the tools to succeed both academically and personally. Ladeanne was not joking when she said that I would come out of this program a different person!  I am definitely recommending this program to anyone who wants to continue to pursue their academic and employment goals. Miigwetch KT!

~Anna Peltier, Secondary School and Mshiigaade Miikan student

“Overall, Kenjgewin Teg has made my educational experience more positive since I started going to Kenj, my academic marks improved because there was more support and it was a very positive environment I have made lots of friends over the years and learned to get out of my comfort zone with different activities such as participating in art/painting workshops, the winter carnival and the fall harvest. The people around me encouraged me to do things like this that I would have been too nervous to do on my own. Going to Kenj I have had a lot of good times and have made many memories One thing that benefitted me the most at Kenj was the supports (teachers, staff, elders) Getting so much one on one support helped me find school easier and more enjoyable I am going to miss Kenj and everyone there a lot after I graduate.”

~ Raine Farquhar, Secondary School 2020 Graduate

“At Kenjgewin Teg I experienced Patience, Generosity, Encouragement. Work hard and you can achieve anything.”

~ Tyler Tokarz, Secondary School student


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M’Chigeeng, ON P0P 1G0
T 705.377.4342  F 705.377.4379

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