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Dgwaagi Giigdowin

Fall Communique 2019

Board Governance

During this quarter, the Board held their regular fall meeting on October 17, 2019. In attendance were six Board of Directors. The Board welcomed a new Board Representative, A. Beaudin from M’Chigeeng First Nation. The regular meeting had motions put forth on the financial variance report, the President/Executive Director’s Report, the Waawaaskonenh Foundation, a Research Plan and Ethics for Dibishgaadek Anishininabemowin; Quality Assurance Approach for Institutional accreditation; Variance report for quarter 2; Minutes of July 25 and August 24-25; a three-phase approach for a new capital facility which includes a Student Residence; a human resources update and several polices related to the personnel policy (Vacation leave), smoking/Vaping and the Accessibility for Ontarians Disabilities Act.

More additions to the Kenjgewin Teg Team!

Kenjgewin Teg is fortunate to have some new faces join the team and who will make a valuable contribution to the efforts of providing a quality learning environment for students.
We are pleased to announce the following new
team members:
  • Sandra Anwhatin was recruited as the Student Nutrition Worker and will be providing hot lunches to the students at Kenjgewin Teg.
  • Adam Kastoff, Literacy and Basic Skills Program Assistant, will support students enrolled in the pathway programs.
  • Andrew Gerhard will be working as the new Registrar and is one team member who will assist students enrolling in Kenjgewin Teg programs.
  • Kenneth Lander, Site Coordinator, will be leading the program happenings for the Mshiigaade Miikan program for the site in Aundeck Omni Kaning.
  • Lynn Migwans, part-time Janitor, will be assisting in providing a clean learning and office environment on a daily basis.
Kenjgewin Teg will soon be recruiting new team members for the following positions:
  • Dean of Pathways – second posting
  • Director of Education – second posting
  • Education Navigator – second posting
  • Anishinaabemowin Immersion Instructor
  • Program Assistants – one in Administration and one in IT
  • Keep an eye on the Kenjgewin Teg website, social media and news outlets and assist in spreading the word that Kenjgewin Teg is recruiting.


Common cattail swaying in the wind or standing very tall and still. A plant that may be found in ditches and wet areas. A plant that some may see as a hindrance or many may think very little of. Apakweshkway translated in Anishnaabemowin as “Defender of the Shoreline” which stand like warriors against water that would otherwise eat at the land. It provides us with shelter, food and medicine. Guided by our Ancestors, fueled by community and our passion for the land we have built a relationship with this plant. Monthly we host Akinomaage Day - Land as Teacher and we focused on cattail we had Jenna Carter facilitate a harvesting, preparing and basket making using Apakweshkway. We learned a lot and there is something to be said when you craft from your own hands. Sophie our Instructor taught us how to make cattail doll’s as she’s revived an old tradition and its has been very fitting in our Early Years program & land-based learning. We participated in Fall Harvest & our booth highlighted “Everything Cattail” We taught roughly 35 children and 15 adults across Manitoulin to create cattail dolls. It was a proud moment for our staff and our participants. There was also weaving and knowledge building amongst everyone too! It was a wonderful time to pay homage and respect to such a giving plant. We also brought cattail and cattail dolls to our EarlyON site visits to explain the many uses and the children were able to play with the cattail dolls. During our entire process when discovering cattail we felt a presence of our Ancestors all around us. Swaying in the wind the cattail whispers, “I am here if you need me & I will always protect and take care of you.” Miigwech from all of us at Mnidoo Mnising Learning & Sharing Centre for All


Orange Shirt Day, September 27, 2019

Participants in the Mshiigaade Miikan program have acquired numerous employability skills this past Summer. In June, Josh Eshkawkogan joined the Mshiigaade Miikan team for a day of Birch Bark Basket making. He taught participants the cultural significance behind birch bark baskets for Anishinabek peoples; as well as the step by step process to making their own baskets. Participants acquired new knowledge and skills that they will be able to practice and pass on to future generations.

In July, Mshiigaade Miikan participants were able to take part in Safe Food Handling and Smart Serve training. The training provided participants with the opportunity to have certifications typically required to work within Manitoulin Island’s tourism industry. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to explore their creative side once again by attending a watercolour painting workshop with Lauren Sotak from 4elements Living Arts. Participants were taught watercolour techniques and given the opportunity to experiment with the various techniques. They walked away with not only new skills, but multiple art projects displayed in the Pathway room. Overall, community members continue to attain new traditional knowledge and skills through the Mshiigaade Miikan program at Kenjgewin Teg.

In Honour of Residential School Survivors
and In Memory of Those Who Did Not.

Post-Secondary Education (PSE) & Training

During the recent summer months, Kenjgewin Teg actively recruited in various communities and at local events in anticipation of welcoming students in the Fall 2019 post-secondary education (PSE) programs; approximately 57 students were officially accepted and registered for the following 2019/20 programs:
  • Mechanical Techniques: Welder Fitter – 8
  • Trades Fundamentals – 18 full-time, 2 part-time
  • Personal Support Worker – 9
  • Business – 7
  • ATEP (cohort 1, returning for second year) - 6
  • ATEP (cohort 2, new) - 7
Students began the Fall 2019 semester with a Student Orientation session on September 12; student orientation provides an opportunity for students to receive their schools, tour the campus, receive pertinent information about programs and policy requirements, as well as partaking in some fun meet-and-greet exercises.

Kenjgewin Teg continues to welcome both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students who are interested in pursuing their academic goals, while gaining an inclusive understanding of Indigenous worldviews. Centrally located on Mnidoo Mnising, providing a community-based learning environment, Kenjgewin Teg makes it a convenient option for students wishing to pursue their educational goals.

Stay tuned and check out our website and/or social media for upcoming 2020/21 program, course and training announcements in the coming weeks – we always have something to Inspire your Learning at Kenjgewin Teg!


Pre-Apprenticeship Carpentry Program

As the Fall season encroached upon us, Kenjgewin Teg completed an 18-week Pre-Apprenticeship Carpentry program; 11 students applied and were accepted into the program that was geared to provide students with an introduction to the carpentry trade (primary) and electrical trade (secondary), potential opportunities within the apprenticeship sector, and/or further post-secondary studies. Over the 18 weeks, students in this program participated in various job readiness training sessions, health and safety training opportunities, academic upgrading (as/if needed), as well as an 8-week job placement.


Additional Qualifications (AQ) Courses for Teachers

During the summer of 2019, Kenjgewin Teg provided two (2) Additional Qualifications (AQ) courses for teachers/educators and another summer institute through a Eshki Nishnabemjig partnership:
  1. Teaching FNMI Children, Schedule C (5 students) July 15-August 2: 125 hours
  2. Outdoor Experiential Education, Schedule C (11 Students) July 22-August 2, September 27-29: 125 hours
  3. Teaching Nishnabemowin (Eshki-Nishnabemjig), Schedule C (2 teachers), July 15-26, 2019: 125 Hours


The Pathways Team welcomes learners to 2019-2020 school year. Interested in academic upgrading, obtaining your GED, pursuing ACE (Academic & Career Entrance) certifications or becoming a High School Graduate? Kenjgewin Teg Pathways programming can support your learning.

The Pathways Program is open to Indigenous and non-Indigenous Adult Learner and offers:
Continuous Entry – come in and register at any point in the year.
  • Independent Learning Environment – learn at your pace and within your schedule
  • Support from qualified and experienced instructors
  • Technology Enabled Learning
  • Literacy and Basic Skills Program
  • GED General Education Diploma preparation
  • ACE Academic and Career Entrance online
  • OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma ) Courses
  • PLAR assessments – Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (mature students are able to earn credits towards their High School Diploma)
Pathway Student Distribution Data
All Pathways 73        The total # of active students Oct. 11/19
Mshiigaade 44 Includes KT and AOK structured programs as well as KT independent streams
OSSD 33 This number is increasing as Mshiigaade Miikan students identify their academic pathways
Maawndoo Kinoomaagasiwin 21 Includes students in all LBS Goal Paths
ACE 8  
GED 3  

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

On September 19, 2019 the grand opening of the Anishinabek Skills Innovation Research Trades Centre was held at 10 am in M’Chigeeng. An open Invitation was sent out to join us on this special day. The day started with an opening prayer by Elder Josh Eshkawkogan and was followed by President, Stephanie Roy’s message that spoke of the determination and succcess in building a skilled trades centre Manitouin and the North can be proud of. There were gifts of presentation provided to the many partners and capital team who made the project possible. Chieef Scott McLeod represented the Anishinabek Nation and had some positive and encouraging words to say for advancing Indigenous post secondary education. MP Carol Hughes for the Algoma-Manitoulin district shared her encouraging message of supporting First Nations in Training young people in the area. The overall message conveyed was that trades and skills training is and will continue to be a priority in the North, as, the looming skills trades labour market is facing a shortage of skilled workers.

Career Fair 2019

What do I want to be when I grow up? That is a question most of us have asked ourselves at some point in our young lives. Many young adults had the same question running thru their mind as they attended the Kenjgewin Teg – M’Chigeeng Career Fair held at the MFN Complex on October 8, 2019.

Grade 7 & 8 elementary school students from across the Island as well as students from Kenjgewin Teg, Wasse Abin High school and Manitoulin Secondary School attended the Fair. The Fair was also open to the general public. Over 300 people attended the Fair.

The Aboriginal Post-Secondary Institutes Program, which is a group of representatives from 20 Ontario Colleges and Universities were in attendance to provide information on their respective schools and programs.

In addition, another 27 organizations were on hand to provide info to visitors pertaining to their respective business or service. This included representatives from the Canadian Armed Forces, health services, hydro, transport training, heavy equipment training, law enforcement, mining sector, Trades training, film industry to name a few of the career sectors present.

The Career Fair is a wonderful opportunity for students in particular, to obtain information from employers or people working directly in the industry. Information could be related to working conditions, employment opportunities locally and nationally, educational requirements, special skills required and of course salary ranges.

Ontario education curriculum requires students to start studying the Guidance stream in grades 7 & 8 and the Fair assists in that capacity. All of the elementary schools from the Island attended the Fair this year. Students can gain information from employers or the post-secondary institutions as to which secondary school courses they need for certain occupations or programs. The earlier the better, for students to start planning their future after secondary school. Having the opportunity to talk with people in the profession will help guide and motivate them.

The Fair is also an excellent opportunity for businesses and post-secondary schools to network. Training and funding opportunities could be exchanged. We were fortunate to have a representative from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and the Sudbury Manitoulin Workforce Planning Board attend. It certainly was a very busy, informative and productive day.

Mshiigaade Miikan

The Mshiigaade Miikan program model began a new journey this fall. Participants now have the opportunity to enroll in a 16-week structured program, 12 weeks of facilitator-led programming and four weeks dedicated to community placements. During the 12 weeks, participants are immersed in Anishinaabe Aadiziwin Learning Opportunities daily with one day set aside for academics. The new model is known as the “First 16 Weeks” and will be delivered in other First Nation locations.

In the M’Chigeeng, The First 16 Weeks began on September 16, 2019, with 21 participants; Aundeck Omni Kaning started on September 30, 2019, with 17 participants. The groups have been engaging in traditional teachings, ceremonies, field trips and workshops. Our next location will be Wiikemkoong Unceded Territory on November 2019.



Indigenous Pedagogy in Early Years

The Ontario Indigenous Centre of Excellence proudly hosted an Indigenous Pedagogy in Early Years and Child Care Environments Gathering, which took place at three learning spaces in M’Chigeeng, September 24-26. This event, co-led by Ontario Aboriginal Head Start Association and Kenjgewin Teg, attracted more than 80 educators (from all over Ontario) who were engaged in ways to transfer Indigenous knowledge to children in Early Learning Centres.
eynote, Dr. Jan Hare, opened the three-day gathering by addressing ways to support early literacy which incorporated family and community strengths that nurture the identity of young children. Local Elders and Knowledge Keepers led sessions which included: Sunrise Ceremony, Indigenous Pedagogy in Action in Natural Setting, Medicine Walk, Drum Teachings, Storytelling, Clans and Identity, Cradle Board Teaching (amauti by Inuit Elder Ina Zakal), Water Teaching, and discussed ways to use Collaborative Inquiry within Indigenous Context. The final day honoured Indigenous Ways of Knowing through documentation, led by Karyn Callaghan.

The goal of the gathering inspired a desire for learning which incorporated land-based theory and practice to create high quality learning environments, while making connections to Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years, How Does Learning Happen. Participants not only left with deeper Indigenous Knowledge to add to their teaching bundle; but were wowed with healthy traditional food provided by Hiawatha Catering.


Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin Research – NETOLNEW University of Victoria Partnership

Kenjgewin Teg’s language assessment titled ‘Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin,’ was created to help place a learner along a defined continuum of learning the Anishinaabe language. This assessment uses a rating approach where a master rater assigns performance rating to the language learners. Research will continue at Kenjgewin Teg in the fall of 2019 with the lead R. Hopkins. The Board supported to proceed with the research plan as presented and reviewed for 2019-20.


Anishinaabemowin Landscape Survey | Anishinaabemowin Assessment:

Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin is a suite of tools consisting of a survey, assessment, reports, data systems, and trainings offered in support of indigenous language learners in school and community-based language programs within Canada. This will be launched in 2020.
  • Anishinaabemowin Landscape Survey is a landscape survey of language learners, teachers, and programs
  • Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin Assessment is a culturally specific standardized performance-based assessment that will be used to measure and monitor language learning in school- and community-based language programs
  • Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin Reports will relay detailed and summarized individual and group information to language learners, teachers, and school administrators
  • Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin Data System will store current and longitudinal survey and assessment data, serve as the delivery system for Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin Reports, and provide summarized information about all participants
  • Dibishgaademgak Anishinaabemowin Training will support teachers, administrators, in the use of survey and assessment instruments and educational researchers and program evaluators in the use of survey and assessment instrument data


Waawaaskonenh Foundation

A follow up and update was provided to the Board of Directors. They proceeded to provide full approval to submit the full application package for Charity status to our lawyer at OKT. The following documentation has been completed:
  • By-Law No 1 – Waawaaskonenh Foundation
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors of Waawaaskonenh Foundation
  • Application to Register a Charity Under the Income Tax Act
  • Funding Agreement
The Waawaaskonenh Foundation will fund life-long learning programs to students enrolled at Kenjgewin Teg. The charity will provide bursaries or awards directly to eligible students enrolled in elementary, secondary or post-secondary education at Kenjgewin Teg Educational Institute. The students may use the bursaries to pay for tuition, educational supplies such as books or computers or for living costs while they are attending the school. Additional eligibility criteria for bursaries or scholarships may be adopted by the Waawaaskonenh Foundation from time to time. There will be four founding directors for the Waawaaskonenh Foundation: A.M. Abitong, W. Antoine, C. Assinewai and J. Cada.

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