This was just the calm before the animated discussion! 

One of the pastors reads Zechariah 7:8-14 at the beginning of class.

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You don't have to spend much time on social media to realize that there are plenty of groups who believe they are disadvantaged by the system. While some might debate the legitimacy of those claims based on their political views, all of us understand that every society has some who have more advantages and some who have less which don't necessarily have anything to do with their own efforts.

That was the topic in Zechariah 7, and the one that generated a lot of discussion. These pastors work with people who have relatively fewer advantages than others, and they themselves are in the same category. Normally, they and their spouses (if they're married) both work full-time jobs, care for their children, sometimes several generations, and pastor their churches, often without a paycheck.

The discussion was lively and animated, particularly as we concluded that study by realizing that God has a deep connection to the poor because he chose to bring His Son into the world in that condition so that, as Paul says, "… he, through his poverty might make many rich."

This is the unique connection between Christianity and ministry to the poor. It is motivated not by guilt, obligation, self-righteousness, fear or virtue-signaling. In fact, it is not motivated by humans at all. It is motivated by the plan of God for the salvation of humanity by means of the poverty of His Son, by which he became the heir of all things, and we joint-heirs along with him. This is the wonderful news of the gospel that these pastors proclaim every week.

Thank you for supporting me as I support them!

Each day, each week, each month, God gives the increase. I look forward to seeing what God will accomplish. Blessings!
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