December 2014 Newsletter – Winter Solstice
November review
People continue to experience big, sudden, radical changes and transformations in their lives if their birthcharts are aspected by the Uranus-Pluto square. Many of the clients coming to me at the moment are experiencing exactly that, and going through major life changes. It is always helpful to remember the symbolism is about breaking down in order to break through, although the experiences are different in each case, depending where this Uranus-Pluto square is falling in people’s charts.
In the world too we have seen manifestations of what was expected from the November newsletter. A dominant aspect in November was transiting Mars moving from its conjunction with Pluto on the 10th, to its exact square to Uranus on the 12th, thus energizing the Uranus-Pluto square. One expectation was that secrets of large financial institutions could be uncovered; on Monday when Mars was conjunct Pluto it was announced that the banking regulator was going to impose fines of over £2 billion on 5 major banks for currency fixing.
A second expectation was that we might see 'assertive militarism' somewhere in the world. The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)  reported the inflow of Russian tanks, heavy artillery and troops across the eastern Border of Ukraine, from the 9-13th November, exactly over this period. The US State Department said this was a blatant violation of the Minsk peace agreement of September 5th. Both the Russian leader’s chart, and Ukraine’s chart in the area of national security, are being triggered exactly by the Uranus-Pluto square.
This Mars-Uranus-Pluto aspect is violent, and this configuration was still resonating as transiting Saturn opposed the fixed star Algol, connected with violence and even beheadings. Tragically we had another beheading of a US hostage on November 16th.  A terror plot was uncovered in the UK on the 9th, to behead a member of the public, allegedly at the Remembrance Day Service on November 11th, exactly at the Mars-Uranus-Pluto aspect.
A third expectation was, as always with Uranus-Pluto aspects, a breakthrough that is associated with the nature of our reality. In my book, in Chapter 9, I share a large piece of research where I tracked the manifestations of Uranus-Pluto aspects from the 1490s. One very clear theme is breaking through to a bigger vision of our world; from Columbus discovering America in 1492, to putting a Man on the Moon for the first time in July 1969, and many other steps along the way with other Uranus-Pluto aspects. We then had the successful Rosetta Mission on Wednesday 12th November (Mars was exactly conjunct Uranus) when the Philae landed on the far-distant comet 67P, 6 billion kilometres away. One of the key purposes of the mission was to unlock some answers about the formation of the Solar System, the origins of the Earth, and perhaps even life itself. Uranus is associated with flight, and both Mars and Aries have a pioneering quality of 'where no-one has gone before'. This was indeed a pioneering mission.
In each instance of a 'bigger world', it is not that the physical world changed, it was that our ability to perceive it and even experience it has advanced, very linked to jumps in understanding when we have Uranus-Pluto aspects. There are other clear themes I discuss in the book too if you would like to know more. Breakthroughs in communication is another big theme.
It’s important to remember that the Uranus-Pluto square has been manifesting for over two years already, and will continue until March 2015. Civil unrest broke out on November 25th in Ferguson, Missouri, after the grand jury ruled that there was not enough evidence to bring charges against Officer Wilson, who had shot dead a black teenager, believing him to be armed and about to shoot him. This unrest with racial overtones has spread to several other cities in America. This kind of unrest is very much associated with the Uranus-Pluto square, with people protesting against their governments, institutions, and the legal system. We last had a Uranus-Pluto aspect during the mid-sixties, which saw enormous unrest across the world, and in America we had the civil rights movement, gay rights, women’s rights, and the Black Power movement. The urge is always for more freedom and equality. The unrest in the sixties resulted in new civil rights rulings to reflect that greater equality. I have written about the historical effects of Uranus-Pluto aspects at length in my book.
Equally, another manifestation of greater freedom and equality is the dramatic devolution of power in the UK from Westminster to Scotland. Transiting Uranus was exactly on the Ascendant (point of identity) on the 1707 (00.00 hours May 12th 1707) chart of the Constitutional Union of Scotland and England when the Scottish Referendum took place on September 18th. This is perfect symbolism for the desire for Scottish Independence. Uranus is the planet most associated with independence and breaking away, it is in this case an assertion of nationalism. Although the vote did not succeed, much greater powers are being given to Scotland to determine its own future. One could say it is the same urge of many people in England, and their politicians, to leave the EU. It is a trend towards devolution. These are all classic manifestations of the Uranus-Pluto square. Even if they do not succeed, the strong urge expresses the symbolism.
The last four months of the Uranus-Pluto square are likely to be high intensity, as Mars moves from its conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn to its conjunction with Uranus in Aries in March 2015. The long-running Uranus-Pluto square is powerful. Historically it is associated with uprisings, rebellions of people against their government that we began to see with the Arab Spring in April 2011, and we have seen protests against governments across the world since then. It is an eruptive, sudden energy. Pluto represents power structures, financial institutions, taxes, debt, fundamental reform and transformation. We have seen much turbulence in economies as well as governments over the last three years of this aspect. Historically it is also associated with leaps in technology, science, and space travel. For instance, at the last major Uranus-Pluto aspect in the 1960s, the Internet was born, and we sent our first Man to the Moon.  It also has important themes of higher levels of communication; we had important Uranus-Pluto aspects with the invention of the electric telegraph, the printing press, and then subsequently the Internet.  I believe the jump in communication this time around is the realization that we are all connected. Another theme is advances in the perception of our reality. This time I believe it is the recognition that we are merely energy and vibration, which can be changed by the power of thought and emotion. We have the 6th of 7 exact Uranus-Pluto squares happening on December 15th, and these themes may again be highlighted.
Before this on December 6th we have a Full Moon at 14 degrees 17 Gemini, at 12.26pm GMT, and 4.26am PST. It is likely to be felt most strongly by those born 3-7th March, 3-7th June, 5-9th September, or 5-9th December.   Full Moons are cycles of completion with the potential then for change. The Moon is in Gemini, and the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius always has the association of reaching out to a higher truth, an elevated perspective, a belief system, in the context of an interconnected universe. This theme is emphasized by Chiron squaring Mercury, demanding not only a change of mind but a bigger shift in spiritual perspective. This of course is echoed by the context of the larger Uranus-Pluto cycle. So we are being encouraged to question our belief systems, or to shift our perspective to a higher level to see things differently.
We are helped by the Sun, Uranus, and Jupiter forming a Grand Trine in Fire, (an equilateral triangle), that has a sense of reaching for inspiration, bigger visions and possibilities.  It’s fascinating that the Sun at 14 Sagittarius is conjunct an area in the heavens known as ‘The Great Attractor’, which pulls many tens of thousands of galaxies including our own towards it, and emits high levels of electromagnetic energy. This feels like a powerful energy to facilitate energy shifts. So see where the 14 Gemini/Sagittarius axis falls in your chart, where you can see things in a different way at this cycle of completion.
On December 8th, Jupiter goes retrograde at 23 Leo until April 8th 2015 at 13 Leo. Its apparent backward direction encourages us to go back over our beliefs and let go any that are limited. It helps us to review our possibilities before moving forward with them again in April.
Then we have the Winter Solstice on December 21st, which is always a wonderful time to set new intentions for the next three months. Solstices were always seen in ancient times as powerful portals. Then within a couple of hours of the solstice, we have a New Moon at 00 Capricorn 06.  This occurs at 5.35pm PST on the 21st, and 1.35am GMT on the 22nd December. People who are born 18-22nd March, 18-23rd June, 20-24th September, or 20-24th December are likely to feel this most. At this New Moon there is not only the Sun and Moon, but also Mercury, Venus and of course Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is associated with responsibility, integrity, and setting solid and achievable goals. So where does this New Moon fall in your chart? Where can you set new intentions, to do with taking more responsibility, and setting clear goals? In which area of life does 00 Capricorn fall in your chart?
Uranus turns direct almost exactly at this New Moon, emphasizing the surge ahead with anything individualistic, non-mainstream, which is in line with your pure truth. It can feel impulsive and erratic, so think before you act. It can bring in new ideas for you, or new ways of doing things that you hadn’t thought of before, depending on where this falls in your chart.
The big news in December is that Saturn, after more that two years, moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius on 23rd December until 17th December 2017. Saturn is about restructuring, becoming clear, putting focus and work into something. In Sagittarius, these are likely to be our belief systems, our integrity and ethics, and is also about making real our visions and possibilities.  These possibilities may include study, travel, or increasing our understanding of how the world works. Do we still have beliefs that are blocking us and affecting our moving forwards? In a mundane sense, over the next three years we are likely to see restructuring (including new laws and policies) in the areas of education, immigration (this is loud and clear already!), religious institutions, racism, xenophobia, belief systems, and currency exchange. Saturn can often feel like hard work, as the symbolism is the taskmaster, but also the teacher. We are clearer about these areas of life after Saturn has transited them.
So where does early Sagittarius fall in your chart, because as well as the general meanings outlined above, that area of life is also calling for restructuring. Where does early Sagittarius fall in your chart:

  • First house - changing your identity, and your projection to the world?
  • Second house - do your finances need to be restructured?
  • Third house - do you need to restructure your day-to-day life, but importantly also your thinking patterns?
  • Fourth house - when work needs to be done in the home, or responsibility taken for a parent?
  • Fifth house - do you need to focus more on your creativity and restructure your work/play balance?
  • Sixth house - you are likely to be working very hard, but also need to restructure the way you work?
  • Seventh house - your partner becomes a responsibility in some way?
  • Eighth house - you may be thinking deeply about matters of ultimate concern, and even restructuring any joint finance arrangements?
  • Ninth house - (similar to Saturn in Sagittarius in general) you are clarifying your belief systems to guide you for the long term, and may even embark on a serious course of study?
  • Tenth house - you may be experiencing the culmination of your career, with a lot of work and responsibility, or is it becoming clear that you are working in the wrong area?
  • Eleventh house - you want to take some responsibility for groups or ideals that you believe in?
  • Twelfth house - this represents the dissolution of the old life and personality structure. A two-year preparation for a new you.

    As Saturn will be in these areas for the next three years, it’s important to note where this is happening, as it is a major cycle for us all. We are all feeling Saturn somewhere in our lives.
“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”
                                                                                           George Eliot
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