May 2015 Newsletter -What are your values?
April Review
We still have the Uranus-Pluto square in the heavens over the next year, and many of the mundane manifestations below are reflecting this symbolism: cyber attacks, electrical outages and fires, eruptive events such as earthquakes and volcanoes, extreme weather, violent and threatening events, aviation issues, racial issues (connected to equality and freedom), and Uranus shining the light of truth on Plutonian secrets to do with cover-ups, particularly in large institutions.
Events in April reflect this symbolism, and some are also associated with Saturn in Sagittarius; issues of immigration and religion. Transiting Saturn is now in a wide square to Neptune. Saturn is connected to boundaries and borders, but Neptune is connected to leaks. So there has been much in the news recently about Turkey’s ‘porous border’, with people relatively easily being able to cross into Syria, often for religious reasons. Saturn is also about formal controls, and Neptune is associated with evading them, especially by taking to the sea (Neptune in myth is Lord of the Sea). So we have had the tragic events of people escaping (Neptune) their countries because of violence and upheavals (Uranus-Pluto square) that are religious (Saturn in Sagittarius). They have not gone via the formal channels (Saturn), but avoided these (Neptune) by taking to the sea (Neptune). They have also been deceived and disappointed, and in some cases drowned, lost at sea (all Neptune associations).  Neptune is connected to victims and refugees, and Saturn in Sagittarius is associated with foreigners. This wave of tragic immigration into Europe is richly expressed by this symbolism.
Here are just some of the events through April reflecting the prevailing astrological symbolism:
1st April: CNN reports major power outages through most of Turkey, also affecting 400 million people in India; also Cuba, Newfoundland in Canada and the US Mid-West. Hundreds of flights cancelled in these areas.
1st April: An electrical fire breaks out in Holborn, London, underneath a pavement (Uranus=electrical, Pluto=underground!) that took 6 days to extinguish.
2nd April: Al-Shabaab (terrorist Muslim group) attack on Garissa University in Kenya, killing 150 Christians.
3rd April: Mount Sinabung volano in Indonesia’s North Sumatra’s province erupted, spewing ash up to 2 kilometers into the sky, with hundreds evacuated.
4th April: Typhoon Maysak in the Phillippines brought in storm surges, fresh floods and landslides, 24,000 evacuated.
8th April: Exit polls began in the UK, to try to establish how many people are leaving the country as well as entering (Saturn in Sagittarius).
8th April: White police officer in South Carolina, US, shoots and unarmed black teenager.
8th April: A Russian fighter jet intercepted a US reconnaissance plane over the Baltic Sea in an ‘unsafe and unprofessional manner’. The US lodged a formal complaint to Moscow. The US State Department has witnessed increasing patterns of ‘out of area’ Russian aircraft recently. Russian has flown more patrols outside Russian airspace than any year since the cold war, it was stated.
9th April: The global French language channel, TV5 Monde, was struck by a massive cyber attack and lost all of its 11 channels, social media and websites for several hours. ISIS logos and markings appeared on TV5 Monde social media accounts.
9th April: Severe storms hit about 95 million people in the US, hitting major cities such as Chicago, Memphis, St Louis and Cinncinnati. Tornadoes also affected the Mid-West.
14th April: RAF Typhoon jets intercept two Russian fighter aircraft near UK airspace, the Ministry of Defence reported.
14th April: The British Navy deployed HMS Argyll to track 3 Russian ships, including a destroyer, as they passed through the English Channel.
15th April: In Oaklahoma a volunteer white police officer shot an unarmed black man lying on the ground.
16th April: A NASA scientist stated that California, in the midst of one of its biggest droughts in history, has approximately one year of water left. There have been protests by Californians against Nestle for continuing to run their bottling plants in the state, which they see as taking the state’s water and making profit from it.
16th April: Another refugee tragedy, when 12 Christians were thrown from a boat by Muslims trying to get to Italy.
17th April: The IMF stated that it would: “not allow Greece to delay payments it is scheduled to make next month as part of its massive bailout . . . if it misses its payments, Greece would default”. (Uranus-Pluto square is also linked to potential turbulence in financial markets).
19th April: 800 migrants drowned off the Libyan coast, who were fleeing from Syria and Iraq. It is estimated that so far this year 1,800 have been lost at sea.
19th April: More murders and beheadings of Christians by ISIS in Libya, Eygpt and Ethiopia reported.
21st April: A single engine aircraft crashed in Costa Rica (Uranus is connected to aviation crashes).
22nd April: An Algerian student was arrested in Paris, who was planning to attack French churches (Saturn in Sagittarius=religion, Neptune=Christianity and churches).
23rd April: Fighting and shelling by the rebels broke out again in Eastern Ukraine, despite the ceasefire.
23rd April: A volcano erupted in Southern Chile.
23rd April: Deutsche Bank fined a record $2.5 billion by US and UK regulators over interest rate manipulation (Uranus shines the light of truth on cover-ups by large financial institutions).
25th April: An earthquake magnitude 7.9 erupted in NW Nepal, with so far over 5,000 fatalities. There was an aftershock of 6.7 magnitude the next day, and avalanches were triggered by the earthquake. Three earthquakes of magnitudes 4.0, 6.0, and 6.3, were also registered close to New Zealand. As well as the Uranus-Pluto square being associated with this as a powerful eruptive energy, Uranus is also in tense (sesquiquadrate) aspect to Saturn. Saturn is associated with the Earth, things that are solid and material, rocks and geology, and Uranus breaks and shakes these things up. It is an aspect of great tension then release. Historically, the most destructive earthquake to hit Nepal was on January 15th 1934, at another Uranus-Pluto aspect.

Recently it has been discovered that there is an extra-hard layer of rock in the Earth's surface 930 miles down, creating a tectonic 'traffic jam'. There are also many deep, underground (Pluto) earthquakes (Uranus) beneath that. This geological 'traffic jam' may be causing extra pressure on the Earth's plates, resulting in the major Nepalese earthquake and other recent volcanoes. 
25th April: New York Times disclosed that Russian hackers had got into President Obama’s unclassified e-mails.
27th – 29th April: Rioters burning cars and throwing rocks took to the streets in Baltimore, US, after the funeral of a black man who died in police custody. It was declared an emergency situation.
29th April: A Russian spacecraft (Saturn in Sagittarius is linked to spacetravel) has suffered a serious malfunction (Uranus-Pluto) and is spinning towards Earth.

30th April: Several protestors have been arrested at major rallies in New York and Washington, demonstrating about the recent deaths of black males by white police officers, or while in police custody.
I included the following manifesto in the April newsletter, and make no apology for including it again here for the new subscribers, as I feel it is so important. It is wonderful evidence of the new paradigm that we are experiencing: this ‘Manifesto’, was written by many eminent scientists, and challenges Newtonian materialism. Here’s the link:
May 2015
We have a Full Moon at 13 degrees 22 Scorpio at 8.42pm PST on 3rd May, and 4.42am UK time on the 4th. People who are likely to feel this most are anyone born any year between the 1-5th February, or May, or the 2-8th August or November. At a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are always opposite each other, so the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon is in Scorpio. Taurus is associated with our values, what is most important to us in life. For life to flow well, our day-to-day life needs to be in line with our values. Are we truly living out those values in our everyday life in terms of our activities and our thinking?  For instance, my top value is helping people fulfill their potential, so working with astrology is an excellent way to do that. Do you need to make some changes to better align yourself with your values? Have you even made a list of your values? At this cycle of completion, do you now need to change direction reflect your values more clearly?
Saturn opposing Mercury encourages us to think seriously about important matters, to focus the mind, and again, to look deeply.
Jupiter in Leo is squaring both the Sun and the Moon at this Full Moon, which helps expand our vision and our creativity, giving us new ideas of how we can move forwards after this. There are several planets in fixed signs: the Sun, Moon, Mars and Jupiter. This can help our determination and perseverance, but can also suggest that we can get stuck in a rut, and keep doing things as we’ve always done them. The strong message of this Full Moon is to release the past and move forwards.
Our feelings always tend to run high as we build towards a Full Moon, but this one all the more so as it is in Scorpio, where emotions are usually very intense. This is reinforced by Pluto, which rules Scorpio, now being retrograde. This asks us to go deeply within, and search for any old wounds or injustices you may feel which have not been fully healed. They may be things from the distant past, or feelings that have been fermenting for a long time. Pluto is Lord of the Underworld in myth; it is connected to the dark of our unconscious. Wherever the Moon at 13 Scorpio is falling in your chart will shine a light on this area of life, and wherever Pluto is natally in your birthchart will give you insight into the issues. Also, note what your intense feelings are about; they will be clear signals as to what still needs to be resolved. As we build towards the Full Moon in early May we have a great opportunity in this ‘cycle of completion and closure’ to deal with this for good, and release it to move forwards in a lighter way. Use Mindfulness if you are feeling particularly intense; just note ‘I’m thinking’ or ‘I’m feeling’, which can help to create space between you and your feeling, and help to dissipate it.
Pluto is retrograde until 25th September, and offers us an opportunity through this deep enquiry to develop wisdom; to accept the experiences, but without the emotional charge.
Saturn continues to move retrograde too, in Sagittarius, and continues its message of questioning how fully we are living our authenticity and our passion. Look to where Saturn sits natally in your chart, and also the house it rules; like Pluto retrograde, this will give your greater insights into this period. Remember retrograde motion means that you are ‘going back over’ a particular issue or area of life. Is Saturn natally in your 11th house for instance, so at this retrograde you may be re-evaluating your friends and social network? Does Saturn rule your 3rd house, so these friends may not be agreeing with your views? Understanding where your natal planets fall, and the houses they rule, can give much greater insight and meaning into every aspect. If you don’t know this, my two-part video series referred to at the end of this newsletter will help you.
So there is a very clear theme through this period, which is emphasised with the Full Moon in Scorpio, of releasing any old emotional baggage that is hindering our full, creative, expansive and joyous self-expression.
Saturn is in a wide square to Neptune, and some of the ‘mundane’ symbolic associations are mentioned above. From a personal point of view, this aspect is about ‘making real the dream’. Neptune represents the dream, the vision you may have, but Saturn is about putting the work in, giving it structure and material reality. For instance, an architect may have an idea for a house, but it only becomes real when it becomes bricks and mortar. Or a composer has a melody running through his head (Neptune rules music too), but has to have it eventually played by instruments to make it ‘real’ and alive in the world. In the same way, ask yourself what ideas and visions you have for the future that you would like to bring into reality. The square between Saturn and Neptune becomes exact in November, and continues into 2016, but there’s an opportunity to plan now whatever ‘ideals and visions’ (Neptune) you wish to manifest.
Jupiter in Leo is in a wide trine (positive aspect) to Uranus in Aries in May, which becomes exact in June. If you have a planet or angle between 12-17 degrees of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), this can bring lucky windfalls, out-of-the-blue opportunities, creativity, insights, revelations, which may help particularly around the Full Moon in Scorpio early in the month, and enable you to expand your consciousness and see things from a different perspective.
Then on May 17th-18th, we have a New Moon at 26 degrees 55 of Taurus, at 9.13pm PST and 5.13am UK time on the 18th. People born any year between 13-18th February, or May, or 15-20th August or November are likely to feel this. There is a strong emphasis on Taurus this month, and of course most Taureans also have their birthdays this month. Apart from continuing the theme of the re-evaluation of our values at the Full Moon described above, Venus, ruler of Taurus, is highlighted. Venus is about love, beauty, colour, and in its connection with Taurus is also about the love of the Earth, and nature. At a deeper level it is about nurturing; how fully do we nurture ourselves, on physical and emotional levels. It is fundamentally about how much we value (that word again!) ourselves, how much self-love and self-worth we have. Living in line with our values more fully is fundamental to this. Where does this new beginning New Moon at 26 degrees 55 Taurus fall in your birthchart?
Venus is emphasised as it is trine to Neptune at this New Moon, which gives a beautifully creative and fine perception, inspiring for  anyone working artisitically. It is about connecting to a higher level of guidance. Venus in Cancer is again highlighted from May 20th-26th,, when it is widely square to Uranus and opposing Pluto. The Venus-Pluto opposition is likely to bring up powerful, intense emotions, which may be related to the balance between family life (Cancer) and work (Capricorn). It may be a time of thinking about your priorities. The Venus-Uranus square is likely to shake up your emotions, and challenge your need for security (Cancer) with your need for independence and freedom (Uranus in Aries). It continues the theme of breaking up old ways of being to break through to the new, particularly emotionally.
At the New Moon on the 18th May, Mercury stations retrograde at 13 Gemini and will continue to move backwards in the heavens until 11th June, when it will be at 4 Gemini. This encourages us to ‘go back over’ anything that isn’t working perfectly, particularly any technological or communications issue. Neptune is also squaring Mercury on the 18th; this can either increase the muddledom and confusion, or more positively can allow us to tune into our intuition and creativity with any communication problem.
Overwhelmingly, the month is about thoroughly clearing out old emotional baggage and stuckness, writing down and redefining our values, and adjusting our lives to lives in line with those. Don’t forget a big helping of self-care at the New Moon too. Where does this new beginning fall for you? Where is the light shining in your chart?
“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”
Do you know where the Full and New Moon and other aspects referred to above fall in your birthchart? If you do know this, it can give you much greater insight and meaning in your life, as you watch the patterns unfold. So many people are always asking this question, ‘so what does this mean for me?’, that I’ve recently produced a simple two part video series to help you understand this. You have to have a copy of your birthchart, but if you don’t have one, there are several websites that provide you with a copy free of charge. You do need to know your birthtime, though, whoever calculates your chart. I’m afraid since new EU VAT laws come in in January 2015, I can only sell digital products from my website if I register for VAT in every country in Europe. This is the case even though I’m not VAT registered, and even if I only sell two products. The law is putting many micro-preneurs out of business.
So the only way around this is to use a digital third-party platform that will handle this VAT issue. After weeks of searching, I have found one that deals with this. They are called Gumroad, and use a large payment processor called Stripe. This company is used by many banks and also Twitter. Gumroad itself also has excellent reviews by its long-term users.
I have had many lovely comments back as to how helpful and clear the videos are, and remember that they will last a lifetime; whichever aspect you ever need to know about, this video will explain how to find it in your chart, and what it means for you in your life.
The first link is to an introductory 90 second video which shares some of the teaching, and the second link is directly to the purchase point. The cost is $12 total (including VAT), or about £8. I hope you find them helpful. The third link is to my audiobook, which is also for sale for the same price on the same site.

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