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July 2016 Review


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Here are some highlights for manifestations of planetary pattern in July: I post these as it is insightful and educational for us to see how astrology is constantly manifesting in the world in many different ways, weaving a tapestry with its constantly changing symbolism over time. Ultimately, I hope this will serve as a historical record.


July 1st: Morocco, second biggest user of plastic bags, bans them from July 1st: Jupiter in Virgo, cleaning up the Earth.


July 1st: A new law came into force in the Tessin region of Switzerland, where Muslims who wear a face veil will be fined almost £8,000: This reflects Saturn in Sagittarius, religious intolerance.


July 2nd: Wonderful progress that the sentience of animals is being more fully recognised here, with some scientists declaring that animals have conscious awareness like humans. This reflects Jupiter in Virgo symbolism, concern for animal welfare, and Neptune in Pisces, recognising the sanctity of all life:


July 2nd: If protestors in France have been rising up against the 'ruling class', as this article describes, why has it not been reported in the mainstream media? It does reflect the prevailing astrology of Venus opposing Pluto and square Uranus; the disenfranchised (Uranus, the outsider) are rising up against the inequality (Uranus), control and power (Pluto) of the ruling classes. Venus as part of the picture suggests financial inequality. Mars is also in awkward aspect to Uranus, an angry, eruptive, disruptive, and even violent aspect:


July 2nd: A great example of Saturn (rules and regulations, blocking) square to Neptune in Pisces (plastics, pollution): Also Jupiter in Virgo, cleaning up the Earth.


July 3rd: Another example of Saturn (laws and regulations) square to Neptune in Pisces (deception, drugs, pharmaceuticals):


July 3rd GlaxoSmithKline fined $3billion for bribing doctors to prescribe more drugs: Saturn=punishment, square to Neptune in Pisces=deception with drugs.


July 4th: A vertical farm in Newark, US, is using 95% less water and no pesticides to grow fruit and vegetables: A great example of Jupiter in Virgo, protecting the Earth, and developing practical, pure solutions.


July 4th: Costa Rica has decided to close all the zoos and release the animals in captivity: Another big success for Jupiter in Virgo, concern for animal welfare, and Neptune in Pisces, the oneness of all life.


July 4th: ISIS suicide bombers set off a series of bombs in Baghdad, some outside the sacred Prophets Mosque. 250 people died, and many were injured: This has been the biggest loss of life in a bombing attack since 2003. Mars in Scorpio (revenge) in awkward aspect to Uranus and Eris in Aries, sudden, violent, eruptive, disruptive events.


July 4th: As Venus (currencies, money) forms a T-square with Uranus and Pluto, three former Barclays employees are found guilty of fixing the Libor rate (inter-bank lending rate) This is in line with Uranus shining the light of truth on corporate cover-ups (Pluto) and underhand/criminal dealings (Pluto), in this case linked to money (Venus).


July 6th: In the long running saga of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the FBI has said although her use of her personal e-mail address for state business was careless, they will not prosecute This is another story reflecting the Saturn square Neptune aspect, how far our leaders can be trusted, and felt to be honest, and have integrity. Trust is a huge issue in the US Presidential election, for both Republicans and Democrats.


July 6th: German AfD Party introduces an anti-Islam policy: This reflects Saturn in Sagittarius, highlighting intolerance against religious groups.


July 7th: As the Uranus-Pluto square is pulled back into prominence by the Sun, the US launch a civil rights investigation over the shooting of a black man by a white police officer We have seen many instances like this under the Uranus-Pluto square, which is about issues of equality and control, prominent also in the civil rights and equal rights struggles in the mid 1960s when these planets were conjunct.


July 7th: The long awaited Chilcot report on Iraq War, and the conduct of our leaders, was damning: This came out as the Sun was in direct opposition to Pluto, highlighting issues of power and abuse of power, and widely square to Uranus. This highlight of the Uranus-Pluto square, as it has so many times recently, reveals cover-ups of those in positions of power. It also reflects the Saturn-Neptune square, this continuing theme of what can be trusted, and what not? 


Although I never like to discuss individual's charts in detail, just to point out that the Full Moon at 27 Capricorn on the 19th is tightly conjunct Tony Blair's MC, so shining a light on his work, his reputation and his status in the world. Full Moons often reveal things that have previously not been known. Transiting Uranus is square his MC, so shocks and radical changes to his perceived status and perhaps his work going forwards. Solar Arc Pluto is conjunct Neptune, suggesting trauma and extreme stress linked to self-undoing (12th house). He was born in 1953 under the Saturn-Neptune conjunction, Saturn ruling his MC (career, status, reputation) and Neptune ruling his 12th house (self-undoing). It is fascinating now that the Saturn-Neptune square, linked to issues of truth, honesty and integrity, is bringing these issues to the fore, directly linked to his time as Prime Minister.


July 7th: Dallas has seen some extreme violence over the last few hours. After two black men being shot by white policemen, there was a protest in Dallas Texas called 'Black Lives Matter'. This turned into some shooting against the police which appeared to have been planned, with armed snipers at strategic points. Eleven policemen were shot, five of whom have now died. As mentioned in my last two videos, we have the Uranus-Pluto square being highlighted again, with the Sun exactly opposing Pluto today. This symbolism is about sudden, violent, eruptive actions which may involve loss of life, often brought about by a sense of inequality (Uranus). We have heard reference in the media again to the civil rights protests of the mid-1960s, when we last had a powerful Uranus-Pluto aspect (conjunction). We also have an awkward Mars aspect to Uranus and Eris in Aries, which Mars rules, the sign of the warrior. This reinforces the symbolism of sudden, violent, eruptive actions:


The gunfire broke out at 20.45 local time in Dallas, Texas. The chart for that time and place shows Pluto, planet of death, transformation, trauma and survival issues, exactly on the Ascendant. We also have the slow-moving Saturn/Pluto midpoint at the Aries Point, collective grief; Pluto is in difficult aspect to the Aries point, but in Cancer; this is particularly related to the chart of the US, which has its Sun in Cancer.


July 8th: For the first time since the cold war, Nato is sending troops to Eastern Europe as a defence against any Russian aggression: This is anticipating the upcoming Mars-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius in August, linked to militarism and firearms.


July 8th: Airbus has developed a jet that can run on fuel made from algae. It believes by 2030 33% of commercial fuel could come from algae. A wonderful example of biofuel which is sustainable, and protects the Earth, reflecting Jupiter in Virgo; this is also about detoxification, purification.


July 9th: We expected that ‘trust’ issues would be highlighted with the Saturn-Neptune square this year. In a recent survey connected with Brexit, 49% of ‘remainers’ believed academic experts, whereas minus 30% (!) of ‘leavers’ trusted them. Similarly in the US, in a recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, 66% of people distrusted Hillary Clinton, and 63% distrusted Donald Trump. This is extraordinary for the two front runners in the Presidential campaign, but what was expected from the Saturn-Neptune aspect, raising issues of what is true and what is not, what can I believe and what not?


July 9th: The Buenos Aires zoo has decided to close, releasing 2,500 animals into sanctuaries. Another example of the growing concern for animal welfare, Jupiter in Virgo, and acknowledging the sanctity of all life, Neptune in Pisces.


July 12th: China is furious over an international tribunal’s ruling that it does not have territorial rights over some islands in the South China Sea: This is a perfect reflection of Saturn in Sagittarius (international ruling over boundaries, territories) square Neptune (Lord of the Sea in myth, so parts of the South China Sea). 


July 14th: The Sun was exactly squaring Uranus and Eris, highlighting the potential for sudden, disruptive, even shocking events, and Uranian energy remained strong for the rest of July, as it slowed and came to station on the 29th. Mars was tightly together with the Moon (in mundane astrology, the Moon=the people), which  was exactly in an awkward aspect to Uranus and Eris on the 14th and 15th, with similar symbolism. The energy was very intense. This symbolism is about a ‘sudden unexpected violent attack against the people’. At the Full Moon on the 19th, the Sun and Moon were both tightly square to Uranus and Eris, again emphasising these themes. Uranus can also represent the outsider. An horrific terrorist attack occurred in Nice when a speeding truck deliberately mowed down pedestrians who were celebrating Bastille Day, killing 84 people, and injuring many more: A Full Moon always suggests that we will be ‘full of emotion’, with the Saturn/Pluto midpoint at the Aries Point, and Pluto in awkward aspect to the Aries Point, this suggests tragedy and collective sadness, grief.


July 15th: Following my earlier post today, there has now been a military coup in Turkey. Today the Sun is exactly highlighting, by square, Uranus and Eris (a hyped-up version of Uranus, symbolically.) Mars is in an awkward aspect to Uranus and Eris, energising this eruptive, violent, sudden, shocking energy. Typically events move very quickly where Uranus is involved, there is always a sense of time being speeded up. At the time of the military coup in Turkey, Mars was exactly on the Midheaven, 20.00 local time in Istanbul. Mars is the warrior, and is linked to aggression and assertion (god of war in myth).


Uranus is about revolution, people rising up against the status quo, usually the government. We are building towards a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 19th July, where Uranus and Eris are tightly square the Sun and Moon. So this represents unexpected sudden events which are shaking the Capricorn structures. Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, represents control, the status quo, the powers that be, and therefore is strongly linked to governments. At the Full Moon the Sun is in Cancer, linked to our emotional security, and the Moon in Capricorn, linked to practical security, usually provided by governments.


July 17th: Three police officers have been shot dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, by a lone shooter: This happened at 9am local time. The symbolism is as above, and in the chart set for the local time and place, Mars was tightly angular and therefore highlighted, and Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces is elevated; this can represent psychosis and delusions.


July 18th: Russia operated a state-sponsored doping programme at the Sochi Olympics in 2014, it was announced today: This is a clear reflection of the Saturn (rules, regulations) in Sagittarius (sport, athletics) square to Neptune (drugs, deceit, things being ‘not what they seem’). On the 21st July, it was announced that their track and field athletes will be banned from the Rio Olympics. Later, the Russian weight lifters were also banned.


July 20th: Under the light of the Capricorn Full Moon, when we had the Sun and Moon squared by Uranus, I talked about the theme of freedom versus control with these aspects.: Today Turkey announced a state of emergency for three months, which means that it can bypass parliament and compromise citizens’ rights and freedoms: I explained in the video that Capricorn represents governments, so this perfectly reflects the symbolism.


July 21st: 21 year old Boyan Slat just announced his ‘Ocean Clean-up’ prototype which will clean up millions of tons of plastic waste (Neptune in Pisces) in our oceans (Neptune). He is using floating barriers to do this (Saturn=barrier, Neptune in Pisces=floating). Featured in the Huffington Post.


July 22nd: BBC article seriously questioning Donald Trump’s veracity: Equally, in the UK, Boris Johnson, now Foreign Secretary, has been widely accused of lying during the Brexit campaign. Saturn square Neptune, what is true and what is not?


July 22nd: As I was writing this post on Facebook, shootings were beginning in Munich in a shopping centre: ‘As I mentioned in my last two videos, Uranus is now barely moving at 24 Aries, as it comes to a stationary position on the 29th. It is also conjunct Eris. Whenever a planet is stationary its symbolism is amplified, and so we should expect sudden, eruptive, out of the blue events happening in the world, as we feel this 'station' about a week either side of the 29th, so that is starting today. On the 29th, Mercury is squared by Mars, so think before you speak - you may be witty, but it can also suggest aggressive words. Mars is coming to the what is known as the 'critical degree', the last degree of Scorpio, at that time too, and that tends to emphasise the intense, deep feelings of the sign.’ I was unaware of the shootings at the time, but they clearly fulfil the symbolism. At 6.30pm local time In Munich, Uranus and Eris were tightly conjunct the IC (home base) and opposing the MC (status of a country). Chiron is almost exactly squaring the Ascendant, the identity of the country being wounded. We also have the Saturn/Pluto midpoint at the Aries Point, reflecting collective grief and sadness.


July 25th: Reflecting the same sudden, eruptive symbolism as above, a Japanese man stabbed 19 disabled people to death in a care home: He apparently had a grudge against the home; Mars (violence, aggression) was still in Scorpio, sign of grudges.


July 25th: The Democratic Party has suffered severe embarrassment as it has been discovered via e-mails that party officials tried to block Bernie Sanders progress in the Primary in favour of Hillary Clinton:


July 26th: A priest has been killed in his church near Rouen in northern France by two attackers: It is believed that the men were IS motivated, as it is seen an attack on France’s religion. All the same sudden, eruptive, violent symbolism applies of Uranus slowing to station at 24 Aries, conjunct Eris, and the Saturn/Pluto midpoint at the Aries Point. Saturn in Sagittarius, as noted above, is linked to religious issues and intolerance, and Neptune in Pisces represents Christianity and the Church.


All the recent horrific tragedies also reflect Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces, which can take the form of psychosis, the unconscious leaking out in twisted ways; Uranus in Aries can represent the violent loner, the alien. So we can see how mentally unstable lone gunmen who in some cases believe they have a grudge, can become violent in terrible ways.


July 29th: As Uranus became stationary and therefore more powerful in its eruptive symbolism, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake happened in the North Mariana Islands:


July 30th: An earthquake of 5.2 magnitude occurred in Crete, as Uranus was still in its stationary position.



August 2016


Our birthcharts, and the prevailing patterns in the heavens, give unique patterns. Something I believe passionately about astrology (see my book, 'You Don't Really Believe in Astrology, Do You?' for more on this) is that although the pattern at any moment is set, our birthchart being our unique piece of music, we are not fated in HOW we play that sheet of music. Our consciousness determines the LEVEL at which that pattern will unfold in the world, individually and collectively. Our collective consciousness 'plays the music' at its own level, and the symbolism will be expressed at that level. So if we look at the square between Saturn and Neptune, it can be expressed as untruths, dishonesty, fear, contraction, withdrawal, separation, racism (Sagittarius) and 3D reality (Saturn); but it can be expressed at a much higher level. Saturn square Neptune is connected to making real your dreams, and Neptune is the planet of spirituality, associated with 5D reality, where time and space do not exist. There we can create something beautiful.


So the real challenge at this time is creating your own reality, whether you decide to buy a camper van and disappear from the hubbub for a while, or make changes where you are. I report in detail in these newsletters on the many day-to-day manifestations of astrological symbolism in the world, as it is instructive to see these unfolding. However, I try not to emotionally engage with these events. It's best if you can view these happenings with dispassion, as an observer, rather than developing strong feelings and views one way or another. If you feel angry and fearful, you can guarantee that you will have more experiences in your life that will make you feel that way, just as if you have your dial set to a heavy metal head-banging radio station, that's what will play in your life.


However, you can adopt the stance that everything changes, this too will pass. Set intentions every morning on what you want to experience that day, and certainly in the early stages of developing these habits, regularly check your thinking. Our thoughts are electrical impulses which create our emotions, which are magnetic waves, and they produce highly specific neuropeptides through every cell in our body (see Molecules of Emotion, by Candace Pert). It is this 'set point' of vibration that attracts experiences to us to reflect that optimistic, happy, upbeat frequency. We get more of what we think about all day long.


You may even want to keep a thought journal, and every hour jot down what you have been thinking about. So much of our thinking is unconscious, that it is helpful to monitor it; it is only through this awareness that we can start to change it. Every day, spend time feeling centred and connected, whether you achieve that by being in nature, meditating, listening to music, or being creative. You will find a state of peace and optimism that becomes your spiritual anchor, and you will want to spend more and more time in that state day by day. In this way, you are creating your own reality, and you will feel less and less buffeted by external events, and therefore not attract more of the same into your life.


The horrific terrorist attacks in Nice so close to the Full Moon in Capricorn, where the Sun is in Cancer, highlighted our need for emotional security (Cancer) and also practical security (Capricorn). It was a call for us to individually find our own deeper sense of security in these turbulent times, by developing our daily practice, which is always available to us. 


We always have a choice as to how we play our music. Many of us see the chaos in the world and are becoming more disenchanted with this way of life. Saturn square Neptune can allow us to envisage a more collective, loving, peaceful way of life, which respects the Earth and the sanctity of all life. We are all one, and that is what the message of Neptune in Pisces is all about. Live more in that Neptunian 5D reality, then bring that better way of living back down to reality with Saturn, making it achievable. It doesn't have to be a split between some people living in fear, and others living in the clouds; the purpose of a challenging aspect such as Saturn square Neptune is to integrate the symbolic principles, and to express them in the world to the highest level.


Now to the astrology for August: for the first week we may still feel the effects of the Uranus station on 29th July, which is conjunct Eris in Aries. Any station of a planet emphasises its symbolism, so there may be sudden, unexpected events, or even sudden unexpected opportunities for us. Uranus is at 24 Aries and Venus at 24 Leo for the first two days of August, in a positive trine aspect, so if you have any planets or angles around 24 degrees of the fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) you may meet someone out of the blue. It could be a romantic meeting, and the person could be foreign or different from anyone you have been with before. This is particularly the case if Venus or Uranus falls in your 5th or 7th houses.


There are no planets in air in early August; air tends to give objectivity, but we do have 5 planets in fire around the time of the New Moon in Leo. Fire gives action, enthusiasm, a feeling of getting things going, and generally fire signs tend to be positive, if a little assertive. The New Moon is at 10 degrees Leo 57 on 2nd August at 1.44pm PST and 9.44pm UK time. Leo is the sign of play, creativity, and having fun. This New Moon may make us ask ourselves whether we are having enough fun and play in our lives; Leo is also the sign linked to the heart. 


More and more of us are feeling the need to operate from a heart-centred place. Your heart is not simply a physical part of your body. There is much research evidence on the heart now. If you feel a high vibration emotion such as love or gratitude, and imagine that you are breathing in and out of the heart, your body systems not only become more coherent, but you significantly expand the size of your auric field; you are beaming out love to the world. So here I am not just thinking of creativity linked to Leo as writing a poem or composing music, but co-creating your own reality, which as we know (although all of us lapse I’m sure) we are doing all the time. Our emotional state determines the level at which we manifest, so if we can be aware of this heart breathing and high vibration emotion, we will be creating our lives from love, rather than fear and contraction, or a less positive emotion. You can imagine what a difference that will make to your reality. If you’re not sure, give it a try for a while, and be vigilant about your emotional state. This heart breathing state is also fertile ground for creating your music, poetry or painting, as it induces a state of calm peacefulness and connectedness.


The Sabian symbol (which were channeled by a medium many years ago) for 10 degrees Leo, where this New Moon is, is “the early morning dew salutes the sunlight”. This is beautiful, and suggests a new beginning after some intense months of extreme emotion, if not in your own life, then certainly in the world. It feels fresh, and gives the chance at this New Moon to have a new beginning which is heart-centred, based on love.


What will help us with manifestation is that Mars, just a few hours before this New Moon, goes from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Mars is comfortable in a fire sign, as they are both about energy and forward motion. Therefore this will help to give focus, energy and motivation to anything that we may have been struggling with. Mars has been moving very slowly through July, but is now accelerating, and therefore can help to galvanise projects which may have been hard to get going. See where the early degrees of Sagittarius fall in your chart.


We will also have the potential for higher level guidance at this New Moon, as Neptune, planet of spirituality, healing and miracles, is in aspect to both the Sun and Moon. Information may come through in your dreams, as Neptune rules dreams. Jupiter has been opposing Chiron for some weeks, but on 12th August that opposition becomes exact, making it easier for us to shift perspective to a higher level and see things from a different point of view. Venus opposes Neptune on the 14th and 15th August, which is wonderful for imagination, and inspired creativity that uses a fine perception.


Saturn is also highlighted at the New Moon, in that it is trining the Sun and Moon. This suggests that if we use patience and discipline, our efforts will pay off. Saturn can also bring stability to a situation. Then on the 13th, Saturn becomes stationary direct, which means that its symbolism is highlighted. In Sagittarius, this highlights truth; also religious issues, borders, boundaries, territorial divisions, and athletics and sport. Personally, it is very much about finding your truth and living an authentic life, putting your authentic path into practice on a daily basis. We have had the square between Saturn and Neptune for some months, which emphasises this meaning, and this aspect is coming to a peak in September when it becomes exact again, and is brought into focus by the Solar Eclipse at the beginning of September. So this is a great astrological opportunity for us, if we have not done it already, to start to live authentically, and fully. Saturn square Neptune, as I have mentioned before, is also about what is true and what is not, what can we trust and believe and what not, particularly with our leaders. That has been demonstrated widely, at least in the UK and US.


However, there is a higher level of consciousness at which these planetary patterns can operate. I've been thinking a lot about Einstein recently, as he had a strong Sagittarius (his Moon) and Pisces (Sun and Midheaven) emphasis in his chart. He used to take his small boat out at night, and sit in the middle of the lake, staring up into the night sky, the stars and the blackness, and reach for higher understanding via his intuition rather than logic. He demonstrated a yearning mysticism, a desire to connect with the divine, with something greater than himself. Einstein wanted to find a deeper meaning to his daily existence, to reach out into the cosmos and understand the laws of reality, which he knew intuitively had a spiritual basis. Uranus was also strong in his chart, but gave him the flashing insights to see things differently. He broke free of the mechanistic Newtonian paradigm, and understood that matter was just another form of energy. He is a hero, one of the greatest thinkers of recent times.


Similarly, I think many of us have that same yearning feeling now, prompted by the Saturn in Sagittarius square to Neptune in Pisces. We also want a deeper meaning to our daily existence, and don't want to tolerate a world which has so much violence and strife. Pisces is the urge for a daily connection to the divine, the ethereal, the Godly, and Sagittarius always wants to go beyond current existence, to reach out into the cosmos for greater understanding. It is connected to higher consciousness too, via Jupiter's rulership. We no longer just want to have a job to pay the bills, but want to 'walk our truth' and live our authenticity on a daily basis. We want to live in a state of heart-centredness (see the New Moon in Leo video, respecting the oneness and sanctity of all life (Neptune in Pisces), and making our unique contribution to the world (North Node in Virgo).


This is coming to a head now, as the Saturn-Neptune square which has been running for some months will become exact again in September, soon after it is highlighted by the Solar Eclipse on 1st September. Saturn will also square the Nodal axis in September, asking us to leave the past behind, and move forwards in our destiny. Eclipses represent pivot points; so these next few weeks are a very important for us the start to live this aspect at a high level. Uranus can bring us insights, breakthroughs in our awareness, and sudden opportunities, and the Saturn square Neptune aspect can encourage us to live our lives as the best and most authentic we can be everyday, in a state of loving kindness, and respecting the sanctity of all life.


On August 18th, we have the Full Moon at 25 degrees 51 minutes of Aquarius, which happens at 2.26am PST and 10.26am UK time. See where this falls in your birthchart, as it is likely to represent a completion, closure or culmination in that area of life; it can also ‘shine a light’ on something in that area of life that was previously unknown to you, which can enable you to change direction. Uranus trines the Sun at this Full Moon, and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. This is encouraging us to be experimental, break old patterns, and as Aquarius represents the collective, to begin to form different associations with people who can become our ‘tribe’, they are on the same vibration. How can we contribute to this new paradigm? We may want to live in a different way, challenge the status quo of the old structures and ways of being, and come together to make a different world. This theme is emphasised by Uranus semi-square to Neptune, the spiritual revolution, the desire to live as a spiritual collective. This aspect is similar to an aspect in the 1960s when ‘peace and love’ and communal living became popular. The Sabian symbol for the Sun at 26 Leo is ‘after the heavy storm, the rainbow’.


The Moon is conjunct Uranus and Eris in Aries on 21st August, which is potentially volatile and impulsive energy, so try to stay peaceful and calm that day. Mercury opposes Chiron from the 19-22nd August, enabling us to draw on higher level information and achieve a higher perspective on our lives; Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter from the 22nd to the 31st August, encouraging us to think big, have broader horizons and a bigger vision. This is happening at 25-26 degrees Virgo, so you will feel this if you have any planets or angles around that point. It will facilitate spiritually inspired information helping us to form that bigger picture. Venus also conjuncts Jupiter on the 27th August at 27 degrees Virgo, and this can represent success and abundance in whichever area this falls in your birth chart. It will be emphasised if you have planets at that point.


However, we also have more volatile energy in late August: Mars is sesquiquadrate (challenging aspect) Uranus and Eris in Aries on the 23rd, linked to sudden eruptive energy, so watch you own words and actions that day so you are not impulsive. On 24th August, Mars conjuncts Saturn at 9 degrees Sagittarius. This is an important degree point, as it is the degree at which Mars started to move retrograde in mid-April. This conjunction can be militaristic and strongly assertive. It is important that you channel this focused energy into doing something productive, as it is excellent for that, otherwise you may feel a little frustrated that day. Mars is also conjunct the fixed star Antares on the 24th, associated with leaders in the world, so we may see some important developments in that area, linked to militarism, and possibly religious ideology (Sagittarius). This 9 degrees of the mutable signs is activated many times in 2016, as it is highlighted again at the Solar Eclipse in September at 9 degrees Virgo, then again in November when Neptune stations directly conjunct the South Node at 9 Pisces (more in a later newsletter). If you have any planets or angles at 8-10 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces), you may experience some significant changes in the areas of life that 9 degrees of the mutable signs represent in your birthchart.


Mars squares Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces on the 26/27th August, which can be ‘inspired spiritual action’, so a great day to practice yoga or tai-chi. In its less positive expression, it can represent ‘deceitful actions’, so be aware of that in your own life, as these are always discovered later, but we may see more of this with our public figures. Mars is energising the Saturn-Neptune square with the strong theme of ‘what is true, and can be trusted, and what not?’ 


Finally, Mercury goes retrograde at 29 Virgo until 22nd September, calling for some rethinking in whichever area of life in your birthchart this falls for you.

Partly as a result of a lot of mutability in 2016, many of us feel that life is changing very quickly, there is a lot happening in a short time. We may feel this even more over the next few months, as Mars is now moving very quickly, and moves through Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and into Pisces by the end of the year. As always, have your daily spiritual practice, whether that is breathwork or meditation, to bring you back to a place of calm and centredness, whatever is happening in the world.


“Man must make two connections: he must reconnect with the Earth, he must reconnect to the stars.”            

                                African Oral Tradition



I’m getting excellent feedback on my book, audiobook and video teaching products, and they are all great ways to learn more about astrology. I’ve recently filmed about an hour’s worth of video teaching on transiting Jupiter and Saturn through your birthchart. These are such important cycles in everyone’s life at any time. You will need to have a copy of your birthchart, so if you don’t already have one, try where you can download one for free, then the tutorial should give you some very rich information at any time in your life about where you are expanding, and can expect success, recognition and opportunites, and where you need to apply focus, work and discipline. These cycles are one of the first things I look for in preparing a chart. You will know from my updates where the positions of Jupiter and Saturn are in the heavens, and then can work out what that means for you in your life, and you can constantly refer back to them over the years. I have tried to keep all my videos very inexpensive, as I want them to be accessible for everyone. Here is the link to my store: Enjoy!



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The two part video tutorials on how you find aspects in your chart, and meanings of the houses in your birthchart: This will help you understand where all the New and Full Moons and aspects I mention in my updates, fall in your own birthchart, and what that means for you in your life. The tutorials will last you a lifetime, as you can always refer to them.


The recent video on the elements, modalities, rulerships and astrological signs:


I am going to post the planetary positions each month. I will not include the Sun and Moon, as they move quickly, but will post the others so you can work out the transits to your natal chart:


Mercury: 2 - 29 Virgo

Venus: 25 Leo - 1 Libra

Mars: 29 Scorpio - 13 Sagittarius

Jupiter: 22 - 28 Virgo

Saturn: 9 - 10 Sagittarius

Uranus: 24 Aries

Neptune: 11 - 10 Pisces 

Pluto: 15 Capricorn

Chiron: 25 Pisces




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