Hello all!

We hope this email finds you well! We would like to inform you that we have created a new Facebook group to allow more features that were not previously available in the Facebook "page" This new group will allow us to save and store files for your review as they are posted, moderate the group more easily, as well as many other features. We are learning ourselves on what the new features so please bear with us during our learning curve.

We have also posted a poll on the new group. We need to get everyone's vote, no matter what your decision is, to see how the community feels about a feasibility study being performed. This study would give us the data needed to see if it would be in the best interest to incorporate or not. Please note, this is NOT, in any way, actual requirements to incorporate. This is only to allow us to see if it would financially, as well as other reasons, to incorporate. We hear the community's rising concerns in regards to the ever growing code enforcement citations for things that we should be completely left alone for due to our Ag Res zoning. Farm animals and housing, recreational vehicles, among a few things, the County seems to have gone overboard on us.

Please let us know which direction you would like to go by submitting your vote. We want to hear your voice! You can join the group at the following link;

NOTE: This group is to keep our community informed. It is not for bashing, rude comments, or negativity. We will allow constructive criticism, comments, and suggestions on how you would like to see our community grow. There are plenty of other groups and pages for the negativity. We also do not want to have to police the group as we also have days jobs, so lets keep it friendly and productive. Violators (as determined by the admins) will be removed.

Let us know via the FB page, email or through FB PM's. We are here to assist in any way.

Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Details can be found in the Events Section of the group.

Thank you in advance!
The Acreage Landowners Association


If you would like to be notified of upcoming events and you have a Facebook account, click on this link and follow our page!

We hope to see you there! It's your community, let’s get involved!

If you would like to become a full supporting member and you live in The Acreage, sign up here. It is a small investment in your community Becoming a full member gives you voting rights at board meetings, notifications of upcoming events and more! Also, those that have had their membership lapse may also renew here as well.
Come learn what this means to residents of The Acreage.
           Here are a few of the things the ALA does and why and we appreciate your support as a member.
  • Attends all ITID meetings and speaks on issues affecting our parks, roads, and water.
  • Supports local Non-Profits in the area.
  • Donates time and support to the Local Cancer Society
  • Membership is $20 per household (two adult members) per year.
  • Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM in the ITID Building . Come out to LEARN what is going on; JOIN in the discussions for our future; VOLUNTEER to make community events happen! (Summer months we may not have meetings)
  • The ALA is active in protecting the interests of The Acreage                           
    Please help support the ALA by joining us for only $20 a year which includes 2 adults at the same address.
    You can join at this link:
    Thank You !

Your 2020 ALA Board
Bob Morgan, Richard Heinl, Dixie Thiery, Perry Williams
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