Reinstate the State Road 7 extension project on the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP 2045)


As you may be aware, the City of Palm Beach and several other municipalities voted in December 2019 to remove the State Road 7 extension, as well as the widening to 4 lanes from 60th South to Okeechobee Blvd, that was to alleviate future traffic to be routed through several rural areas due to the approval of new neighborhoods to be built. These neighborhoods were approved if this extension, as well as a few others, were approved to be constructed to handle future traffic. After these new neighborhoods were approved to be built, these municipalities then decided to pull the roadways from the future plans, which will affect not only the immediate area, but other surrounding areas to get north and south to and from Wellington, Royal Palm Beach, The Acreage, Loxahatchee Groves, West Palm Beach, West Lake, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, among others.

If you are sick and tired of deep pockets getting the upper hand in government, we ask for your support and two minutes of your time. If you are a resident in Palm Beach County, you can help by going to the link below and filling out a simple form.   Your information will not be used for anything else. The link will provide you with the details of the amendment, the link to the form is highlighted in yellow. “Click to provide online comments by February 18, 2020”

Be sure to put in the comments; 

 “Reinstate the State Road 7 extension projects between 60th St North and Northlake Blvd back on the LRTP 2045, it should have never been removed”.

We need your support. Traffic in Palm Beach is already a nightmare, and not returning this to the transportation plan will only create more congestion. If you feel it’s not important because it’s not your local area, then please help us fight these politicians/municipalities with the deep pockets and spending your tax money (if you are a City of West Palm Beach resident, you are paying for lawyer fees to fight what was already approved) on lawyers fighting what is highly needed and was originally approved to build these new communities. As usual, “money talks”.

Information link:

Direct link to the form: (for those who do not need to/want to read but willing to help us get this back on the long-range plan.

Bob Morgan, President
Acreage Landowners Association

    Bob Morgan, Richard Heinl, Dixie Thiery, Perry WIlliams
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