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Welcome Back!

The 2019/2020 school year is well underway. We hope that you have enjoyed your summer and are ready for a fresh start to the year.

A special welcome to the many new families that have joined our school. We hope that you are feeling welcomed and excited to be a part of such a wonderful school community.

Your 2019-2020 Executive Parent Council

Chair:              Tara Ritchie (about Tara )
Vice-Chair:    Catherine Baird
Treasurer:      Victor Bigio
Secretary:      Magdelene Cresky
Ward 7:           Stevie Baker


October 22nd:    7 - 9 pm
November 19th: 7 - 9 pm
Our September meeting minutes,
Click Here
Here is a list of clubs, sports teams and activities put on by the school. 

Please note that the dates and times of the activities are subject to change. For continuous updates, please go to the school website.

Soccer for grades 5/6 and Grades 7/8
Indoor Soccer House League Grades 3/4
Cross Country - grades 1-8
Handball Girls House League grades 5/6
Boys Touch Football Grades 7/8
Girls Basketball grades 5/6 and 7/8
Girls Basketball Fundamentals Grades 6/7/8
Senior Pickup Basketball Sessions
Boys & Girls Volleyball Fundamentals grades 7/8
Coed Basketball 5/6 House League
Boys basketball 6/7, Basketball Boys 8
Boys Volleyball 5/6 and 7/8
Girls Volleyball 7 and 8
Jr. Coed Volleyball and Sr. Coed Volleyball
Ball Hockey, 4/5/6 and 7/8, House League Ball Hockey 3/4
Swim Club Gr. 4-8
Ultimate Frisbee 4/5/6 and 7/8
Boys & Girls Slow Pitch teams 7/8


Choir - open to all grades
JJ Skipping Club - open to Grade 1-8
Dungeons & Dragons - open to all grades
Yoga - open to all grades
Glee Club - open to Grade 7 and 8's
Track and Field

How to Reach us:




Annette st. P.S. parents

2019-2020 Parent Council Focus

Supporting our Eco Status
School Improvements
Library Commons
School Safety
Early Years Literacy
Mental Health & Wellbeing
Please join us for the Meeting in October. We will be preparing our Budget for the School Year.

There will be Food & Drinks Courtesy of Annette Parents.
You Need to Know:

Your Classroom Parent Reps:

Rm 109: Heather Frize

Rm 111: Ronald Soong

Rm 112: Jill McDonald & Deirdre Matthews

Rm 208: Stevie Baker

Rm 202: Teddy Sadler

Rm 203: Sarah Harrison

Rm 204: Jen Franklin

Rm 301: Tom Mannsfeldt

Rm 303: Sarah Pilon

Rm 304: Krissi Nelson

Rm 306: Sandra Paquette

Rm 305: Susan Gooderich

Rm 307: Susan Gooderich

Rm 308: Magdelene Cresky

Rm 213: Patricia Przybyla-Kulpa

Rm 216: Heather Hardcastle

We are still in Need of Classroom Parent Reps for these Classes:
deJager room 217
Bourke Room 212
Rowe-Quinn Room 209
Norton Room 302
Cowan Room 110

Watch your inbox for an email from the School that connects you with your  Classroom Parent Rep.
In May of 2019, Parent Council sent out a survey. Its purpose was to get a sense of what issues matter the most to our school community. Thank you to everyone who participated and who provided valuable information which will be used to shape our Parent Council goals for 2019-20.
Laurent has won 4 Front Row seats at our Next School Concert!                                  To see the Survey Results, Click here.

Why it's important to be involved with your Parent Council:

School parent council involvement helps you stay connected with the school and allows you to gain a broader perspective of how you can play a supportive role. You also network and make connections with other parents, business partners in your community and agencies that share a common goal of student achievement.

Interested in Getting Involved and want to make a difference? Do you have a skill or a Resource to Share?
Here are three (3) ways you can make it happen.

Classroom Parent Rep
1. Liaise with the classroom teacher.
2. Provide communication to the classroom about items covered in the Parent Council Meetings. ( a kit is provided to all parents).
Attendance at Parent Council Meetings

This is your opportunity to be an advocate for your child and their learning environment.
It gives you a chance to be involved in the discussions that make your school a better place.
Join a Sub-Group
Parent Engagement
STEM & more...

Interview with your Parent Council Chair

Tara Ritchie

How long have you been a member of the Neighbourhood Community?

Since January 2008, just over 11 years.  This is me in my basement office.

Tell us about your background.

Before I became a parent, I worked in Professional services and was a tech resource for the Sales team. When they started to get blank stares on their faces, that is when I stepped in and took over the meeting. Since then, I've done a variety of things but currently, I run my own gig helping other businesses develop their brand and strategy.

Why did you become the Chair for Parent Council?

I ran the pizza lunch program for 2 years at the school and although that was fun, I felt it was time to move on. This will be a great year.

What is something that most people don't know about you?

I'm an introvert (mostly) and I was so nervous for the first council meeting this year, I sprayed on hairspray instead of deodorant. It was a Sticky night.

Share one goal you have as Parent Council Chair for this school year.



Your Parent Council works to promote communication, parent engagement, open dialogue and positive relationships among parents, staff, and students in a shared vision of educational excellence.

To achieve our mission we; Represent the voice of parents & other community stakeholders on important school and board related issues.

Facilitate interaction & collaboration among parents, teachers, administrators, and students through regular communication.

Develop council goals & objectives to support student success, while recognizing the importance of parent input and the school success plan.

Identify and pursue opportunities to make resources available to benefit all Annette students.

Encourage parents to participate in volunteer activities or other initiatives.

Engage parent participation in setting financial goals for funds raised during the school year.

Support parents, students, and staff in the evolution of 21st-century learning.

2019-2020 Meeting Dates:

October 22nd
November 19th
January 21st
February 25th
April 21st
May 19th
June 9th





Facebook Group:

Annette st. P.S. parents

School Calendar

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School Activities
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