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Issue 1 October 2013
Produced without any public funds

Fifth District Moving Forward

Listening & Leaning…
Each community within the San Lorenzo Valley is a unique. Each with its own hopes and aspirations, and each with their own history. The community has a “Town Plan” and I thought that we could revisit and renew the most important elements of those town plans with citizen involvement.

Important Information You Should Know

Last week, there were two cases of thieves dressing up as utility workers to gain access to Bay Area homes. PG&E has provided my office with information regarding the burglaries in Oakland and San Carlos in an effort to share information and awareness. In each case, a person dressed as a …
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Illegal Wood Lots


My office has received a number of complaints about the cutting and sale of firewood in residential neighborhoods. The wood splitters are loud, the stacks of wood are a fire hazard and there is a lot of customer and truck traffic associated with the wood lots. 
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Upcoming Meetings

12:00 noon until 2:00 p.m.
San Lorenzo Valley Community Service Center
6059 Highway 9, Felton

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