News from Frack Free Geelong – 19 July 2014
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Fracking Protest at Council Meeting
at Geelong City Hall on Tuesday 22 July at 6:30pm

City of Greater Geelong Council is set to decide their position on fracking in the next month. This is a critical time to voice the communities concerns and ensure that CoGG Councillors keep Geelong free of gas mining.

We need to make a strong statement that the there is huge public interest on the matter of fracking in Geelong.

We will need plenty of people (say 50+) to be present and we need at least 13 people who live in Geelong to ask questions to each of the councillors.

If you’re willing to attend and ask questions please get in touch so we can coordinate and strategies questions - contact Alan Manson, email: or phone: 03 5291 3235.

Bring your banners, placards, face-paint and t-shirts! We need to make a statement that the there is huge public interest being in this matter.

Please arrive at 6:30pm sharp for a photo opportunity with the media.

There will be some placards available on the night for those unable to make one themselves – however if you are able, please bring one or more along with you.

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There will be some placards available on the night for those unable to make one themselves – however if you are able, please bring one or more along with you.




Peak body of 79 Victorian councils oppose fracking

What this resolution basically says is that the State Council of Munical Association of Victoria – the legislated peak body for Victoria’s 79 councils – opposes any exploration for and extraction of fracking and gas mining within the state.

Now the big question to many of us is: where does that leave our council? Why hasn’t our mayor and councillors issued a similar resolution long ago?

We look forward to hear more about the information session which MAV is planning to run with councils and Minister.

» Download resolution

Germany to issue seven-year moratorium on fracking

On 4 July, the German environment minister, Barbara Hendricks, announced that the German government will soon present a seven-year total ban on fracking down to three kilometres depth.

"There will be no fracking in Germany in the foreseeable future (...). The protection of drinking water and health is of most value to us,” she said at the presentation.

Similar bans in Europe has been given in Spain, Bulgaria and France.

The New York State Assembly recently passed a three-year moratorium on fracking. Votes in the assembly were 89 against 34. » Read more →


Food and Water Watch maintains a global and state-by-state map and list of action passed against fracking around the world. As of 9 June 2014, the U.S. national total has risen to 418.


Health professionals release major scientific document on fracking

Health experts and scientific researchers with Concerned Health Professionals of New York held a press conference in Albany on 10 July 2014 to release a major new compilation – a compendium – of the scientific, medical and media findings demonstrating risks and harms of fracking.

The 70-page document is systematically organised in a manner accessible to public officials, researchers, journalists and the public at large and should serve an important role in the ongoing public and policy dialogue.

» Download the report as a pdf:  Compendium of scientific, medical, and media findings demonstrating risks and harms of fracking (unconventional gas and oil extraction)

» Article:  Health Impacts of Fracking: Read about what is NOT happening in PA


On Wednesday: Be part of an exciting meeting at Beav’s Bar about community renewables! Geelong Sustainability Group has invited speakers from New South Wales, Melbourne and Torquay to explain about community energy models, platforms and practical experiences that can save you money on your electricity while at the same time diminishing your carbon footprint. » Read more 

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USA: Public ballot about fracking ban

In Denton, Texas, last Tuesday an estimated 500 concerned citizens turned out to Denton City Hall, spilling over into satellite rooms and even a city building across the street. Petition supporters, including some who came to tears while addressing the council, said the risks to human health and the environment outweigh the economic benefits.

City leaders introduced a temporary ban on new fracking permits in May after fracking-ban proponents delivered a petition containing about 2,000 signatures. The Denton City Council voted down a petition 5-2 to ban new hydraulic fracturing after eight hours of testimony, sending the proposal to a public ballot in November 2014..

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