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It’s been a whirlwind summer, from Launch Day to the Bayou Startup Showcase. This #bayoustartupsummer has surely been a memorable one. You may remember May 26, 2015, when Houston’s bayous flooded, and the entire city was waterlogged. But that day, after months of preparation and planning, our anticipation and excitement persevered. Come hell or high water, we were determined to launch.

And launch we did. As founders trickled into the coworking space at TMCx, the forced proximity began to build the bond between Owls and Cougars. We were ecstatic about collaborating with RED Labs: this was the first time the two accelerators would be sharing a coworking space.
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When we wake up in the morning and roll out of bed to get ready for OwlSpark, we aren’t thinking of work or boredom, but of silly jokes and watching really cool technologies evolve. OwlSpark and our close friends, RED Labs, have hardly made this internship a job. Despite the tough nature of accelerators, they’ve ensured a fun program for us and the startup teams.
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The other day, we sat down with Ray Simar, founder of Rebel Putter and OwlSpark Class 2 alum. In the year after OwlSpark, Ray has added another product to his line of putters. Drawing from his first iteration, the Jedi Putter, his new product is aptly called the Sith Putter. Ray has continued development of the Sith Putter with the help of Rice engineering students. He provides them with this new technology to use for a senior product, and, in turn, they build Rebel Putters together.
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1,600+ customer interviews

60 sessions

14 startup teams

12 weeks

2 universities

1 awesomely productive summer


Overheard at OwlSpark:

“Nobody had fridges, we just had cows. It was a weird time in the early 2000s.”

“I knew how to multiply before I knew how to speak English.”

“She’s consistently inconsistent.”

“Calm your torso.”

“It runs on magic.”

“I got to meet Jay Leno and he hit on my mom.”

“You’re a bit squishy.”

“The theories in Harry Potter are blowing my mind.”

“It's a vertical lawn.”


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