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WeekWise: Seven and Eight

We're closing in on the sixth annual Bayou Startup Showcase: RSVP now to join us August 1 at Bayou City Fellowship and The Cannon and help us celebrate the launch of the newest startups from OwlSpark and RED Labs!

Over the past two weeks, founders have begun digging into pitches and a few key business topics:
  • Public speaking: how to inform and motivate, plus the importance of nonverbal communication;
  • The big picture: creating and executing a vision that drives a company's actions;
  • Financial and accounting best practices; and,
  • Legal considerations surrounding employment.
It takes a village to raise a startup—and at OwlSpark, it is no different. Our gratitude and kudos to our village, our speakers and subject matter experts who shared their valuable time and insights over the past two weeks:
Christie Alcala
Vinson & Elkins

Maigen Berg
Cannon Ventures

Chris Buckner

Shehan Chandrasekera
JAG CPAs and Co.
Kaz Karwowski
Rice Center for Engineering Leadership

Rob McKee
Examtron, RED Labs Class 4
University of Houston-Downtown

Brad True
The Cannon

TeamWise: Adren

Anyone with a severe food allergy is familiar with the EpiPen. Anyone who is related to or is close to someone with a severe allergy is also familiar with the EpiPen. They also know that EpiPens are clunky to carry around—they’re big and bulky, making it a hassle to store easily. Adren wants to change that. Founded by Justin Tang and Jacob Mattia, Adren is building a wearable compact epinephrine auto injector so that patients can have easier storage and access to the lifesaving medication.

TeamWise: Myze

Did you know that healthcare labor management is managed entirely by hand using Excel spreadsheets? Talk about a lot of work! Here’s where Myze comes in: Nikita Rayani, the founder of Myze, is developing a software that automates labor costs and productivity management.


PeopleWise: Chris Buckner

Graduating from Texas A&M University with a marketing and business degree in 2007, Chris Buckner had his heart set on working for a large advertising agency. He wanted to be Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days—pitching advertising ideas to large companies (and marry Kate Hudson). Though he did not land his dream gig, he gained valuable experience working for several smaller companies. Later, with his connections and charisma, Chris was well positioned to become a startup founder.


WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

“How many people have you ghosted in your life?”

“This is the best program to do...while in your second trimester.”

“I don't want to embezzle.”

“We're pretty proud of our palette.”

“AND I haven’t set anything on fire. ::pause:: In 24 hours.”
“Well I already told everyone that they suck so...”

“The clouds were crying with me.”

“I do like how my wrists go into my hands”

“Don't ever take your toe for granted.”

“Yo, do you play squash at Lifetime?”