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This week, Kaz Karwowski, Executive Director at Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) started us off with the third of our weekly leadership series. Kaz discussed a leader’s vision through examples of successful role models. Our afternoon session had us learning about operating agreements with Mike Blaney, Shareholder at Winstead PC.

That evening, we cured our Monday blues and tapped into our improv and creativity skills with Aziz Gilani, Early Stage Venture Capitalist at Mercury Fund. Aziz led founders in a game of Werewolf, which goes something like this:

Two people are werewolves; the rest villagers. Werewolves want to eat the villagers, and villagers want to save the town by killing the werewolves.
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Cancer and its associated treatments can wreak havoc on the digestive system and its accessory organs, often affecting the taste of foods, and resulting in adjusted or tailored diets. DigiChef is creating a mobile solution designed to provide consistent meal plans, recipes, and digital coupons based on the patient’s medical history, lab results, and fitness goals.

Earlier this year, founder Ali McHenry lost his mother and sister to cancer just months apart. As caregivers, Ali and his father were responsible for their family members’ health, including their diet. Time was a precious commodity, and proper nutrition required time and careful planning to purchase and prepare meals.
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Bayou Startup Showcase
The Bayou Startup Showcase is a celebration of entrepreneurship, the Houston startup community, and the university accelerator programs that support them.
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200 chicken fingers
150 breakfast tacos
140 customer interviews
26 new hypotheses to test
15 mentor engagements
10 second hugs


Overheard at OwlSpark:

“I was never really sold on salespeople.”

“Our biggest learning this week was finding out how many people wanted to help us.”

“What was the last state to enter the U.S.?”

“Your dad and mine work miracles together.”

“The universe is conspiring to make you successful.”

“What techniques do you use to change your state to prepare for your presentation?”
“I usually take a couple of shots.”

“What is the smallest recognized country?”
“Define country.”

“A real leader waits until everyone else eats. Way to be a leader.”


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