Save the Date: Bayou Startup Showcase
08.01.2017 @ TMCx

The Bayou Startup Showcase is a celebration of entrepreneurship, the startup community of Houston, and the university accelerator programs that support them. Jointly hosted by Rice University’s OwlSpark startup accelerator and the University of Houston’s RED Labs startup accelerator, the Bayou Startup Showcase provides an opportunity for startup teams from both accelerator programs to showcase their businesses to the greater Houston community.

WeekWise: Five and Six

Sometimes it takes a little bit (okay, maybe a lot) of motivation to make it through a Monday. Kaz Karwowski, executive director of the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership, gave founders the boost they needed by way of discussion (and delicious eats) on motivating your team. Fueled and motivated, founders were ready for the week ahead.


PeopleWise: Robin Tooms

Brand is business, and for Robin Tooms, business is branding. Robin, Principal and Vice President of Strategy at Savage Brands, received her undergraduate degree in graphic communications from the University of Houston, and then went back to school to get her MBA at Rice University (‘04). She is passionate about helping companies position their brand, and found her sweet spot at the intersection of creative design and business strategy.


TeamWise: Ascent Décor

These days, renters are moving frequently between cities and countries. So how can you make a house a home when moving and shipping costs have skyrocketed? That’s the question Bo Jin, founder of Ascent Décor, is solving.


WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

"Syrupy thick culture."

"If you have a coder who can talk to a customer, he's probably a bad coder."

"We're all students of life, ya know?"

“What is Line-Ucks?”

"It's kind of like when a baby clings to its mom and uses her resources."
"I always wanted to get a money clip, I've just never had any money to put in it."

"[Steve Jobs] had a Target turtleneck for when he wanted to connect with the common."

"They don't have laptops in the Civil War!"

"It validated our confusion."