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OpportunityWise: Design With Us

The University of Houston’s RED Labs, and Rice University’s OwlSpark, are looking for assistance with the graphic design and branding process for startups participating in the summer program. This is a paid opportunity because we know good design matters.


WeekWise: Three and Four

Can you believe we’re already a third of the way through our sixth #bayoustartupsummer? Time is flying by and founders are working hard to stay on track. At this point in the summer, many teams’ biggest focus is customer interviews, so we made sure founders spent some time getting out of the building. To keep founders on their toes, OwlSpark and RED Labs’ interns developed a Customer Interview Leaderboard on the wall of in the Lilie Lab. What’s #startuplife without some friendly competition?

TeamWise: BaroLac

"Not all babies that come into this world are ready to eat. We’re trying identify which ones those are."

BaroLac’s team is addressing an age-old issue that affects the newest members of our society. BaroLac offers the ability to identify subtle behaviors associated with feeding difficulties in newborns and infants, used by lactation consultants because they are the ones that are there to help mothers and children hopefully breastfeed moving forward.


TeamWise: Gethr

In today’s world, the most important thing to up-and-coming artists is who you know. That is the idea behind team Gethr, a group of artists striving to help other artists go viral through the use of social media influencers. The original idea behind Gethr was to sell royalties and assist new artists in creating a growing fan base, however, it became apparent that finding connections was a larger problem that could be solved.


WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

“How did you go to school without the internet?”
“Read books…”

“You look like you know how to pick a red onion.”

“Nude skydiving? Seems like there'd be lots of flapping.”

“Scariest line I've heard here: Enterprise sales fail slooow!”
“I've never seen Instacarters in real life.”

“I love those hairless cats, they look like poultry.”

“Tinder for stuff or Grindr for junk.”

“I always thought lambs are just female goats.”

“They’re my homies”
“…what? They’re homeless?”