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Fifth Annual Bayou Startup Showcase
08.02.2018 @ University of Houston

The Bayou Startup Showcase is a celebration of entrepreneurship, the Houston startup community, and the university accelerator programs that support them. Jointly hosted by Rice University’s OwlSpark and the University of Houston’s RED Labs, the event showcases startups from Class 6.

WeekWise: Seven and Eight

We are officially in the second half of the #bayoustartupsummer! On Monday, the founders celebrated Independence Day early and came dressed in their most patriotic outfits. Steve Wilbur kicked off Week Seven with Startup Founders Series. The theme? Unintended opportunities. Steve shared his story of unintended opportunities that led him to where he is today. From his humble beginnings, to his graduation from West Point, and his current venture at INTX Capital, Steve encouraged founders to make the most of and appreciate the opportunities with which you are presented.

PeopleWise: Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor’s career has spanned 17 years, seven industries, and three states. He’s explored, innovated, and established himself as a multi-dimensional leader ready and willing to mentor our founders through their journey here at OwlSpark. Founders first met Taylor in Week 2 when he took part in mentoring, and got to know him a little better during Week 5, when he came to lecture on leveraging your LinkedIn network for customer discovery.

TeamWise: Bidly

Bidly has designed an app to help its college affiliated users buy and sell gently used items. Bidly is made up of recent Rice University graduate and former football player Paine Matiscik, rising juniors and current football players Dylan James, Nahshon Ellerbe, and Anthony Ekpe, and rising junior Krishna Goel. The team has a handful of academic concentrations, including sports management, kinesiology, computer science, and business.


WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

“It looks like a FedEx WasteManagement.”

“I love cleaning bathrooms. Cleaning bathrooms is sooooooo gratifying”

“It’s better to fail at something really hard than to succeed at something really easy.”
“My stomach is eating my spine, y’all.”

“What's the God of Vegetables?”

“I'll just eat here at OwlSpark and if I'm still hungry at home, I'll just take a deep breath and that'll tide me over till the next day.”