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We beat the Monday blues with a little help from Kaz Karwowski (RCEL). He helped us kick off Week 8 with another Leadership Lunch, teaching us how to motivate one another. Founders discussed their experiences with motivation and lessons learned from past failures. Pumped, we rounded out the afternoon with Pitch Practice #2. Founders received feedback from Keith Kreuer (RedHouse Associates), Gayle Moran (RCEL), Beata Krupa (RCEL), Heather Lynn (TMCx), Michael Loup (GolfNet), and Bryan McQuary (HATCH Pitch).

On Tuesday, we were joined by Tri Nguyen, RED Labs Class II alumni and Founder of Zodist and Sensibly, for a morning session covering growth hacking and content marketing. Later on, Mike Evans (Rice University) dropped knowledge about executive summaries.

It was also T-Shirt Bomb Tuesday at the coworking space. Founders were decked out in their respective accelerator’s shirts. We looked official, so we had to take a few photos. We even made it into Houston’s live story on Snapchat.
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OcuCheck is working to halt preventable vision loss. Working with corporate wellness programs, OcuCheck performs on-site eye screenings to check for early signs of sight-threatening eye diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

During the course of his undergraduate research at Rice University, founder Adam Samaniego worked on retinal imaging technologies, later carrying the research into his master’s thesis. He began working with co-founder Emily Wang, an undergraduate studying mechanical engineering. She worked with Adam, designing and manufacturing housings for his prototypes.
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This summer, Kaz Karwowski has taught multiple sessions on leadership, with a focus on team-building, decision-making, negotiation, management, communication, motivation and ethics. While some leaders are born, others like Kaz are bred. Kaz’s own leadership style has evolved from interactions with those leaders he worked with during his 21 years of service in the United States Army.

“We took the lessons learned from watching the good leaders, the bad leaders and then we adopted our style. I looked at the people who were terrible and I went, ‘I will never do that when I’m in charge.’ And then I looked at the people who I thought were really good, and I went, ‘Well that’s the type of person that I want to be when I grow up,’ and I would try to emulate those behaviors.”
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99 customer interviews

60 spring rolls

26 office hours

14 new startup team logos

9 startup team name changes

– 1 doorway in TMCx


Overheard at OwlSpark:

“Who wants to learn about clear, concise executive summaries?”

“Did you ring my bell?”

“I hate space.”

“Google ‘how to install fonts on Windows’. In Chinese.”

“She doesn't sell. She fulfills.”

“It’s harder to tie a bow when you’re tying air.”

“Do you know what I’m REALLY good at? Have you ever heard of being iced?”


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