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WeekWise: Three and Four

We are officially a third of the way through #bayoustartupsummer, and the founders have been hard at work. We have covered a lot of ground over the past two weeks, including:
  • An understanding of the sales process, including strategies for selling various types of products;
  • Exploring channels and go-to-market strategies: how to reach your customer, plus strategies for gaining and measuring traction;
  • Brand development and brand considerations for an early stage startup;
  • Website development: steps for setting up a website and uncovering best practices for content and design.
It takes a village to raise a startup—and at OwlSpark, it is no different. Our gratitude and kudos to our village, our speakers and subject matter experts over the past two weeks:
Ed Blair
University of Houston

Dave Cook
University of Houston

Matthew Costello

Christopher Fisher
HR&P Companies

Glen Gutierrez

Matthew Peña
OwlSpark Class 3 and 6
Leland Putterman

Keith Rassin

Andrew Swick
OwlSpark Class 1

Kevin Valdez

Adam Wulf
Milestone Made

TeamWise: LilySpec

For the women out there: have you ever felt anxious going to the gynecologist for your annual exam? Have you ever felt uncomfortable during the exam? LilySpec is redesigning the vaginal speculum for improved patient comfort and visibility for OBGYNs.


PeopleWise: Leland Putterman

With a deep background in sales and marketing, Leland Putterman dove into the entrepreneurship community almost inadvertently. After spending years at IBM, he transitioned to a smaller company, Oracle. He later invested in a startup called ACORN, who then asked him to join them in building another startup. In 2012, he co-founded Trivie, a trivia based corporate training app, and holds board positions within several startup companies.


WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

“Caffeine is my love language.”

“My fingers were too short to play the cello.”
“It's a man's world. Get used to it.”

“Khakis for Kerri!”

“That’s savage.”
“No, that’s just dangerous and illegal.”

“Do you see it? Is it sweating yet?”

“I can’t believe how many times someone has to tell me something before I realize it in my mind.”
“My natural disposition is to suck up to people.”

“Q: Who's your favorite band?
A: We're into EDM so we're embarrassed to answer.”

“And they got a dog and got married two months later.”

“There’s certain skill sets that are changed by technology, but some skills are timeless.”

“.co, it's like dot com, but worse.”

“That's a wavy save!”