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The Seventh Annual Bayou Startup Showcase is next week: Help us celebrate the launch of the newest startups from OwlSpark and RED Labs!

Join us for the Seventh Annual Bayou Startup Showcase on Thursday, August 6, from 2:00 – 4:30 PM, where Class 8 founders will showcase their summer progress. Plus, get to know the founders and learn more about their startups in Roundtable Sessions!

WeekWise: Nine and Ten

Over the past two weeks, founders worked hard to prepare for the Bayou Startup Showcase and got the scoop on all things money:
  • Financial and accounting best practices; 
  • Crowdfunding considerations; and,
  • Fundraising: options, considerations, and preparing for fundraising.
It takes a village to raise a startup—and at OwlSpark, it is no different. Our gratitude and kudos to our village, our speakers and subject matter experts who took time to dish out information, advice, and perspective over the past two weeks:
Drew Calabrese
OwlSpark Class 7

Kris Cuellar
Rice University

Al Danto
Rice University

Alex de la Fuente
Spacecraft Brands

Jeff Garoon

Gaurav Goel
Vinson & Elkins

Parker Hancock
Vinson & Elkins

Parker Hancock
Vinson & Elkins

Keith Kreuer
RedHouse Associates

Mason Lucich
Insu Health Design
RED Labs Class 7

Matt Melancon
Vinson & Elkins

Vaughn Miller
Vinson & Elkins
Andrew Parks
AP Growth Strategies

Matthew Peña
OwlSpark Class 3 & 6

Emily Reiser
TMC Innovation

Danielle Supkis Cheek
PKF Texas

Rakshak Talwar
Zenus, Inc.
RED Labs Class 2

Chris Taylor
University of Houston

Dan Watkins
Mercury Fund

Alexander Wesley
OwlSpark Class 3

Steve Wilbur
University of Houston

Adam Wulf
Milestone Made

Randy Zhou
Blume Laboratories
RED Labs Class 5

TeamWise: Crew Trace Systems

Naval vessels operated by the US Military can stretch to lengths of over a thousand feet and are comparable to the height of a twenty-story building. It’s no surprise then that these ships are manned by a crew of thousands. With so many sailors to manage, how can Naval officers make sure their crew is always accounted for?

That’s where Crew Trace Systems comes in. Co-founders Sean Ublacker and Dean Meredith are using wearable RFID checkpoint technology to track sailors as they move into different compartments aboard their ship.


TeamWise: Morpheus Health

For many individuals with health concerns, selecting the correct medication for their body can be a daunting task. Most drugs have an extensive list of side effects, some of which can have significant consequences for the user. These side effects often affect people in different ways depending on several factors—the question is: how do you know how they will affect you personally? To answer this question and bring transparency to the medication-taking process, Ashkan Rohani and Ishan Mehta founded Morpheus Health.

PeopleWise: Gordon Daugherty

Gordon Daugherty is a seasoned business executive, entrepreneur, startup advisor, investor, and best-selling author. He is the co-founder and president of Capital Factory, a startup accelerator, seed-stage venture fund, and co-working facility based in Austin, Texas. Investing in around 50 companies a week, he helps to introduce the brightest entrepreneurs to their first investors, employees, mentors, and customers.

AlumniWise: MicroSchool Revolution

MicroSchool Revolution (previously known as Coached Schooling) developed a platform for building microschools: small (fewer than 120 students), mixed-age learning environments that implement innovative educational methods. Since 2014, MicroSchool Revolution has:
  • Piloted the microschool Talent Unbound based on personalized mastery-based eLearning combined with challenging project-based learning to develop skills like entrepreneurship, design thinking, and collaborative problem-solving. The school is now a K-12 campus under the new name Acton Academy Champions, part of the Acton Academy microschool network.
  • Won the EDventure 2017 shark tank pitch competition, using the seed funds to connect microschool founders with investors to provide startup loans that are paid back by a small royalty on tuition payments.
  • Pivoted into Edtech under the revived name Talent Unbound. Their first product, the beSomeone mobile app, is an ‘Instagram of project-based learning’ where teens can showcase their work, track their growth, and promote their favorites to be incorporated into their school’s curriculum.

WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

“The key to happiness is low expectations.”

“What's a small number? $20,000.”

“Sorry, I was late. Long taco line.”

“As soon as you said Ken Burns, I thought of Bob Ross.”

“Forget the manbun. INTRODUCINGGGG the man sprout.”

“Derek, you are like an indie album.”
“Imagine being married to someone who is never wrong.”

“We spent most of the time talking about 808 numbers and elephant brain scans. Ya had to be there.”

“Mike’s like a meteor. Always trying to make an impact.”

“I’ve been told I look like a succulent.”

“Thank God I’m not the only person who’s perfect day involves Ari.”