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WeekWise: Eleven and Twelve

It’s the week we’ve all been waiting for: the countdown to Bayou Startup Showcase is finally over. Monday and Tuesday of this week was dedicated to the final days of pitch practice. Founders and coaches focused on enunciation, eye contact, gestures, and presentation aesthetics. After rounds of pitch practice, founders gained confidence for the spotlight.

PeopleWise: Michael Kane

Michael Kane has the success story that many entrepreneurs strive for. Although Kane didn’t grow up with entrepreneurship in mind, he found a successful career in his first company, Caltius Capital Management, that he’s been with for 21 years. Michael is also a trusted OwlSpark advisor and gracious donor.


TeamWise: Cinch

If you’ve ever needed a solution to planning a party for a large group of people, Cinch has got you covered. Comprised of four friends—including a pair of fiancees and a pair of siblings, Cinch aims to become a one-stop-shop for planning and coordinating bachelor and bachelorette parties.


WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

“It’s a good thing I’m good with numbers cause I’m terrible with letters.”

“Anyone happen to have a mannequin?”

“We’re gonna go to Applebee’s and get all-you-can-eat drinks.”

“What are your feelings on Mars?”

“You look like a kid I play Fortnite with.”

“My pants are so tight. My stomach is the size of that baked potato.”

“I wish my team hugged like that.”

“I can tell you about electricity and how it gets to your house, but…how does that help me?”

“Is J-Lo's booty deductible?”
“It’s like Optimus Prime but with retail.

“I can't wait for Amazon prime to control our thoughts.”

“Have y'all seen my feet?”

“I love that man. I’m too scared to talk to him, but I love him.”

“The pain from loss is always greater than the pleasure of gain.”

“If you're an entrepreneur, you don't sleep at night. You're either excited about something or you're worried about something.”

“I'm sorry...but you have an employee on your hands.”

“My filing system, in my head, is perfection.”