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When we created the hashtag #bayoustartupsummer, a rainy summer was not what we had in mind. However, we started the week off strong with another installment in the leadership series. Over the weekend, founders completed a five-factor personality assessment. We discovered the level of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience of our founders. Over lunch, David van Kleeck, Professor in Practice at the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership, explained the results and offered insight into how these personality traits play out in team dynamics.
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SenseWatch provides a cloud-based API for mobile application developers to interpret gestures or vital signs from smartwatch sensor signals. Their technology is designed to expand the realm of smartwatch applications to include everything from a gesture-controlled music player, skin temperature operated AC, mood based interior lighting system (which is estimated from heart rate, skin perspiration using smartwatch), and more. In Wise Guy terms — SenseWatch wants to control the world via smartwatch.
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John Reale has a background in finance, but his experience extends far beyond that. Using his expertise in business, consulting and startups, John currently serves as Managing Director for Arete Ventures, where he works with entrepreneurs and early-stage tech startups to accelerate time to market, focusing on customer development, industry-validated milestones, and positioning companies for outside investment. John also serves as a mentor to several OwlSpark teams and alumni, including AddSub and Big Delta.

Early on, John tells us that he had “the bug.”
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What if your campsite was your home for years? Imagine living in that tent through rain, snow and sleet. This is a reality for 44 million people across the world.

Emergency Floor (OwlSpark '13) is repurposing shipping pallets and layering Emergency Floor Caps over them. Founders Scott Austin Key and Sam Brisendine have formed a social enterprise, Good Works Studio, to utilize the power of design to solve pressing problems in the world.

Help us help Emergency Floor help refugee families around the world #getofftheground!
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Bayou Startup Showcase
The Bayou Startup Showcase is a celebration of entrepreneurship, the Houston startup community, and the university accelerator programs that support them.
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Overheard at OwlSpark:

“You can’t wait for perfection. You need to constantly iterate.”

"What time zone am I in?"

“There’s no whining in OwlSpark."

"We had a great conversation... I can introduce them to lots of people! Thanks, this is fun!"


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