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Dodgeball, floods, hypotheses, customer interviews, birthdays, pitch practices, mentors and even a field day. It’s been a busy, yet unpredictably awesome few weeks.

On May 20, members of the OwlSpark and RED Labs cohorts broke the ice (not faces, thankfully) at Luke’s Icehouse with a friendly game of dodgeball. Teams had a chance to get to know each other over a few games of giant Jenga, cornhole and typical, but surprisingly delicious, bar food.

Less than a week later, we swam/boated/floated our way to our (dry) summer home: TMCx Accelerator. Though we were forced to delay our morning by two hours, Launch Day was on.
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AddSub is developing an open stereolithography 3D printing platform initially targeting materials scientists. They are using digital light processing (DLP) projection technology to photopolymerize UV curable photopolymers to make 3D objects. In Wise Guy terms — solidifying melted stuff, layer by layer, into what you want.

Co-founders Anderson Ta and Steve Kelly say they are embracing the limitless possibilities of the human imagination through a “printer that prints printers that can also print printers that print printers to enable a widespread population with the best software and hardware for digital manufacturing.”
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This week, Dr. Tom Kraft rolled up his sleeves and laid out his advice on entrepreneurship, family and finding a work-life balance. Tom has a wealth of entrepreneurial information as evidenced through his work and the sessions he’s taught for this year’s OwlSpark program. His expertise is the stuff that only comes from experience, so naturally, we were curious: how did he get started in entrepreneurship? He cracked his classic Tom Kraft smile, and began recounting his work at a chemical instrument manufacturing company.
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June Startup Founders Series & Social
An experienced entrepreneur shares anecdotal stories and lessons learned, based on their personal experiences founding and launching a startup.
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Bayou Startup Showcase
The Bayou Startup Showcase is a celebration of entrepreneurship, the Houston startup community, and the university accelerator programs that support them.
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Overheard at OwlSpark:

"We've got like horse whisperers and horse massages over here."

"I'm all loaded up on bacon."


246 hypotheses formed
48 dozen cookies (donated and consumed!)
30 customer interviews
36 pizzas
23 sessions
1 field day


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Rodman Johnson '86  ·  Michael Kane '83  ·  John Spencer '94  ·  The Benificus Foundation

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