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WeekWise: One and Two

Welcome to #bayoustartupsummer Class 6! We’re incredibly excited for this summer and energy has been sky-high from the get-go. We have fifteen startup teams from OwlSpark and RED Labs this year, working out of Rice’s very own Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, or Lilie for short. A flexible and modern co-working space, Lilie is Rice’s new on-campus hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. It’s perfect for our budding entrepreneurs as they embark on this journey for the next three months.

PeopleWise: Alejandro Tortoriello

Grit. A trait emphasizing passion and perseverance, grit is a difficult characteristic to integrate into one’s own life, but that’s exactly what Alex Tortoriello does.

Alex Tortoriello, Bio-Innovation Fellow at MD Anderson in Houston, has an impressive and extensive history of entrepreneurship and innovation. Growing up in Monterrey, Mexico, Alex’s career began with his job as a volunteer firefighter and EMT in high school.


TeamWise: Tax Credit Hero

Tax Credit Hero is a service offering tax software specifically designed around the R&D tax credit, creating a federal tax incentive for companies conducting R&D.

The Tax Credit Hero team ties together applicable skills as well as presenting incredible diversity. Stephen Tsai brings his tax consulting background to the table, while Ashley Arciero’s background is at NASA as an aerospace engineer. Mithil Chokshi, the third member of Tax Credit Hero, brings his neurotechnology startup knowledge to OwlSpark.


WordWise: Overhead at OwlSpark

“We put the fun in funeral.”

“Some people call me magic stick.”
“Nobody calls you that.”

“Who’s the boss?”
“My wife.”

“I can sail my butt off.”
“You might want to put pants on.”

“Anyone here a SCRUM Master?”
“I play rugby!”

“I dont want to be a good teacher, I just want be attractive.”

“If anybody needs to meet S&M users...”