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With some Torchy’s (breakfast) Tacos, we joined Kaz Karwowski (RCEL) for the last Leadership Lunch of the summer. This time, Kaz focused on ethics. That afternoon, we geared up for Pitch Practice #3 with Mike Evans (Rice University), Kim Kimmey (Rice University), Larry Luck (TMCx), Beth O’Sullivan (RCEL), Kaz Karwowski, Michael Loup (GolfNet), Gayle Moran (RCEL), and Bryan McQuary (HATCH Pitch). This week, teams pitched twice to different sets of coaches. Twice the pitch time, twice the feedback.

Tuesday morning, our Wise Guy, Andy (we like to call him Antern), was greeted with sugar and fun, in celebration of his 19th birthday. We piled his workspace with everything he’d need to party in style: cupcakes, silly straws and party hats. Founders spent the remainder of the morning with Danielle Supkis Cheek. Despite its dull stigma, Danielle knows how to make accounting quite enjoyable.
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Traditional medicine is designed to treat diseases and other ailments, but it falls short of treating the entire body. Wholistic Advisors is lending a helping hand to individuals with cancer, and closing the gap between traditional and complementary medicine. Founder, Truong Nguyen, provides a platform for complementary therapists to connect with cancer patients seeking therapies designed to treat the rest of the body — not just the disease.
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In the 1980s, the most popular method of marketing and advertising was door-to-door sales, lugging around product samples, brochures and other marketing materials. During a time when eCommerce was just beginning to take off, Jay Steinfeld tossed aside the brochures and product samples, and digitized his marketing strategy. In 1996, he launched (now, an online store for window blinds and window coverings. Today, is the largest eCommerce retailer of window blinds and window coverings in the world.
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The Bayou Startup Showcase is a celebration of entrepreneurship, the startup community of Houston, and the university accelerator programs that support them. Jointly hosted by Rice University’s OwlSpark startup accelerator and the University of Houston’s RED Labs startup accelerator, the Bayou Startup Showcase provides an opportunity for startup teams from both accelerator programs to showcase their businesses to the greater Houston community.
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42 pitches

33 office hours

14 storyboards

5 water-chugging contests

1 TMCx mascot (Amber the rabbit)

1 birthday celebration


Overheard at OwlSpark:

“What we learned this week was the most productive of meetings comes with the least amount of people.”

“How do you Google it?”

“We got a non-dilutive grant.”
“...someone gave you money?”

“Tinder for cats?”

“I burn candles every day.”
“ you have electricity?”

“There are owls on the Rice campus?”


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