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December Newsletter
Dear <<First Name>>

With Christmas festivities just around the corner, this is a great time to send out an Alma Update. 

The shipwrights are working very hard, and nearing completion of the frames. This has been a testing time for all, as the job of making frames is time consuming and requires each frame component to be tailor made to fit, and every part is different. The end is in sight, and soon the planking can commence.

We have had a good turn out to our "Behind the Scenes" tours of the shed, and those that have seen the work all comment on the work that has been achieved and the tasks ahead. 

We have enjoyed hosting a number of groups through the shed, and visitors are signing up to join the Alma Doepel Supporters Club. That is very encouraging.

Take a few moments to enjoy the Alma Doepel Chronicles, a detailed record with images of the day to day restoration progress. 
Click here to read the latest restoration progress.
Click here for Instagram photos

We gave a presentation to the City of Melbourne "Red Shirts" City Ambassadors about our forthcoming Summer Series of "Meet the Makers Discovery Tour". This is an extension of the "Behind the Scenes" tours for the summer months - see more below.

The "Red Shirts" is an informal name given to the City Ambassadors volunteers who patrol the City
providing information on Melbourne to around two million visitors each year.

The Alma Restoration presentation was received enthusiastically by the Ambassadors, and one reason is there are not many places in the world where people can visit a restoration of this kind in a public place in a major CBD.

Make sure you don't miss this rare opportunity to witness this project, because once it is finished there is unlikely to ever be anything like this attempted again. Time is running out! We have until the end of June to get the hull back in the water and all the skilled workmanship that has been on show will be hidden from view! 

In this edition, read all about the up coming events including the New Years Eve party at the Alma Shed with a spectacular fireworks display in a relaxed environment.
To purchase one of these Wish Cards for Christmas
go to the Alma Doepel Website
Book your seats today 
In addition to the usual guided tours we run every Tuesday from 12pm-2pm, which will extend the tours as part of the "Summer Splash" organised by Library at the Dock.This year we will focus on the work in progress, Alma's history and her future with the Youth Sail Training programs in keeping with the water education and water safety themes. 

Don't wait until Summer! Take a stroll down North Wharf Rd for a chance to see this amazing project whilst it is happening, because when we are finished you are unlikely to ever see anything this like this again.

See map 
For your free online reservation

at other times by appointment
Contact Bill Reid on 0416 153 116
URGENT - tour guides needed
We need helpers during the Summer Season
to conduct these tours. Looking for tour guides or anyone who can be on site each day for a few hours to help out.  You can contribute to the 60,000 hours already amassed!
Contact Bill Reid on 0416 153 116 now.
You interested in helping with the restoration?
There is much work for volunteers too. If you are interested in working on the restoration there are plenty of tasks for anyone to get involved. such as sanding, demolition, painting, doweling, cleaning up plus a myriad of admin type roles. 

Contact us if you are interested..
Volunteers are welcome to help out Thu, Fri and Sat 10am-5pm.
Any idea what these are?
Well, they are nothing to do with a Rubik Cube!

These are very pleasing to the eye! One of our volunteers produced these custom made axles that hold sheaves into blocks. These have been meticulously turned and colour coded by size. And he did not stop there, he built a small craftwood holder to keep the axles separate and safe from accidental damage in transport.

This is an example of the detail our volunteers go to in restoring the Alma Doepel.

Volunteers have, to date, accumulated over 60,000 volunteer hours working on the Alma Doepel Restoration! 61,500 to be more precise!

Talking about the blocks ... See below the work being done by another volunteer to custom make the 190+ blocks needed to operate the sails of the Alma Doepel.

How is a block used in sailing?
In sailing, a block is a single or multiple pulley. One or a number of sheaves are enclosed in an assembly between cheeks or chocks. In use, a block is fixed to the end of a line, to a spar, or to a surface. A line (rope) is reevedthrough the sheaves, and maybe through one or more matching blocks at some far end, to make up a tackle.

The purchase of a tackle refers to its mechanical advantage. In general the more sheaves in the blocks that make up a tackle, the higher its mechanical advantage. The matter is slightly complicated by the fact that every tackle has a working end where the final run of rope leaves the last sheave. More mechanical advantage can be obtained if this end is attached to the moving load rather than the fixed end of the tackle.

There are various types of blocks that are used in sailing. Some blocks are used to increase mechanical advantage and others are used simply to change the direction of a line. A ratchet block turns freely when a line is pulled in one direction but does not turn the other direction, although the line may slip past the sheave. This kind of block makes a loaded line easier to hold by hand, and is sometimes used on smaller boats for lines like main and jib sheets that are frequently adjusted.

Re-produced from Wikipedia.

What does Alma want for Xmas?
The Alma Doepel would love to reach the $800,000 target to refloat the hull.
The Float Alma In 2018 campaign has reached $385,144 towards the $800,000 needed to get the hull back in the water.
How you can help?
The Alma Doepel Restoration project still needs to raise $1.2 million dollars to complete the job.

So many people have already donated so much to this project enabling it to come a long way. The project has also received much in-kind support through donation of services, materials, tools and labour.  The project has come this far because of this support.

There is still more to do, and it is worth it!
Funds are still needed to complete the re-planking of Alma's hull so she can go back in the water.

Remember $500 buys a plank and a dedication.
Take a look at the Honour Board

Definitely worth a look... an up to date progress report....
Take a look at progress on the hull 

Donations can be made direct to: 
Alma Doepel Supporters Club Bank Account
BSB 063234
Account 10351168
and send the deposit confirmation to me with your contact details and you will be sent the CD.
Join the Alma Doepel Supporters Club today

Click on this link to the ADSC Application Form  
Fill it out and follow payment instructions.
You can email to me or send to the PO Box indicated.
Every dollar raised goes towards the restoration.
Remember, if you join for 5 years, you only pay for 4!

See you on board the Alma Doepel Supporters Club!

A Strategic Partnership between Alma Doepel and AWA Alliance Bank has been established.
Through this partnership you can support Alma Doepel’s restoration by considering AWA Alliance Bank for your banking needs..
For more details click here

AWA Alliance Bank Website
Alma's Restoration Progress
according to Barry Semple
author of the Alma Chronicles
Read all about it!
Photos and details of the restoration according to Barry Semple author of the Alma Doepel Chronicles. Click on the link below.
Read all about it!
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