Is your home achieving the most for your wellbeing?

In this strangest of years, have you found yourself re-evaluating your home and whether it now suits your requirements for space, work and leisure?

Has your health and wellbeing and that of your loved ones now become even more of a priority?

Almost everyone we speak to have mentioned rediscovering the importance of their home in their lives. This has now made them realise they need to fix what is not working well for them and in particular how their homes are so much more than just a financial asset.

In this newsletter:

  • We look at what is really meant by ‘luxury’ and how we might consider this differently now. 
  • We find out about 4 characteristics of the new luxe and how they can be achieved in your home
  • Julia’s Top Tips for January 2021

The New Luxe 
No longer is luxury all about extravagance and opulence, there is now less emphasis on consumerism and more about your own comfort and enjoyment.

The new luxe capitalises on what we already have, finding ways to take pleasure in and benefit from our surroundings.


1. Mental and Physical Wellbeing

With more working from home, a trend that looks set to continue, your home should provide sufficient space for a clear separation between your work and leisure needs.

As companies have harnessed digital technology to enable more flexible working arrangements, it has become important that your home office layout and its furniture is fit for purpose. 

There's no need for your working-at-home space to look like a traditional or a dull office, but, consideration should be given to the ergonomics of the space and furniture, ensuring the correct height for your desk and chair, appropriate lighting and functional storage systems. 

We frequently come across great furniture that is both stylish and practical, delivering the look and ambience that you want in a home office without compromising on your physical wellbeing.

2. Purposeful Spaces 

All the areas of your house and garden need to be 100% useful and fulfil the requirements of your whole family.


Key to achieving this is space planning. Taking account of your lifestyle and priorities, together with how a space is going to be used and the movement around it, space planning is an essential tool for the interior designer to achieve both comfort and functionality.


We are skilled at spotting opportunities to repurpose some spaces and multipurpose others, enhancing how you enjoy your home, making it both practical and more desirable.

3. Connecting With Nature

The ability to bring nature into your life has numerous positive effects, relieving stress and improving physical health and productivity.


Introduce green plants into both your home and workspace and achieve an immediate boost to your contentment. Whilst we love the real thing there are some wonderfully authentic artificial plants available that don’t need green fingers to ensure they are always looking their best.


Keep a connection with nature by taking pleasure in your garden, your surroundings and views by bringing the outdoors indoors. Enjoy any open spaces for exercise and fun with your family and making the most of your garden’s potential to provide for healthy eating and living.

4. Forever Furniture

Now, more than ever, we understand the importance of choosing furniture with care, pieces that we can build a home around and that we will love for years. 


Selecting furniture that makes your house feel like a home and will remain with you through life’s ups and downs ensures these pieces become treasured and valued. With their timeless appeal your choices are as good for you as they are for the planet.


We often have cherished furniture re-upholstered or up-cycled for our clients. With such a multitude of amazing options available, we are able to help you enjoy high quality pieces that will enhance and complement the style of their surroundings.

The Golden Rule

Image Credit: Webb & Gray


“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris 1880 - So often quoted and now more true than ever.

Image credits : The House Ministry / Amanda Jackson Photography 1&2 | 3David Parmiter Photography

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Julia’s Top Tips for January 2021
  • This year, keep your Christmas lights up throughout January, bringing delight and pleasure for your family and friends 


  • Ignore superstition and keep that feel good spirit going for longer


  • Even the Queen keeps her decorations in place at Sandringham until 6 February as a matter of tradition and respect for her father George VI

Seasons Greetings 

and a

Healthy and Prosperous New Year

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