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Philadelphia Small Business Expo 2015

On March 19th, SACC-Philadelphia was present at the Philadelphia Small Business Expo, which is one of the nation’s largest business-to-business networking events. The day was filled with interesting workshops focused on entrepreneurship and brand building, and we were very happy to see so many people interested in SACC-Philadelphia!
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The TTIP - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

The TTIP has been a frequent theme on Swedish news in recent months, as well as a hot topic in other European countries and the US. The TTIP would encompass almost half the global economy and could generate $100 billion (900 billion SEK) a year in additional economic output on both sides of the Atlantic. The idea is to open up the US to European firms as well as create a more simple and fair export, import and investment process through the agreement. However, as a Swedish reporter last week wisely said, "a trade agreement is not good or bad in itself, but rather the content of this agreement is what determines its success or failure". 

Arguments are made in the media from both sides, and the main discussion concerns the European Union's fear of U.S. multinationals use of a so-called investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) mechanism to challenge its food, labor and environmental laws on the grounds that these restrict free commerce. The United States, however, will not accept a deal without the ISDS.

As of now, hopes are that a trade deal will be reached by the end of 2015.
Read more about the TTIP on one-europe, as well as on about how it might impact your business.
Pop star Robyn’s tech festival

Swedish pop star Robin Carlsson, more known as Robyn, is launching a new festival to encourage more teenage girls to work with technology. The festival, Tekla, is scheduled to take place on April 18th at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Girls between the ages of 11 and 18 will get the opportunity to participate in seminars and workshops on programming, robotics, 3D printing, music production and game development, and at the end of the day, enjoy a song performance by Robyn.

As the recipient of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Great Prize in 2013, Robyn is required to hold a seminar at the university, but she is instead choosing to partake in this one-day tech festival. “I thought of KTH’s motto, ‘science and art’, and wanted to do something to inspire girls who are curious about technology, while at the same time highlighting that too few women are applying to KTH programs,” Robyn says.

Read more about Robyn and her initiative in the Rolling Stones here!

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