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The UK's biggest CCTV redaction/face masking provider
Well the festive season soon arrived didn’t it? It doesn’t seem five minutes since the summer holidays.
We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a happy and healthy 2020. We’re looking forward to our Christmas do, where we’re combining a lovely meal with a bit of teambuilding by painting pottery figures!
In our newsletter this month, we’ve got our latest company news, an insight into the life and times of our MD Michael and a taster on our plans for 2020.
If there’s anything you’d like to ask us or if you have an idea for a feature, feel free to get in touch on 01312 722721 or email:

We offer a full video masking service to hide data on video footage.
Data Protection legislation states that anyone has a right to see any CCTV that records them, as these pictures are technically ‘data.’
Anyone can use what’s called a Subject Access Request (SAR) to demand to see this data, and companies have a legal obligation to supply it within 30 days, and without charge. They may want the CCTV footage as evidence that the location was at fault for an accident or to prove that something they say happened, did happen. What it means though, is that the other people in the footage may have to be masked so that they are completely unidentifiable and that’s where our team of experts come in.
We also supply the forensic/CSI software that the police, military and government use to help solve crime and for security purposes.
With Subject Access Requests we often obscure everything except the Data Requestor.
With Subject Access Requests we often
obscure everything except the Data Requestor.
We had a great time exhibiting at the Chateau Impney for the Digital Media Investigators conference earlier this month, an exhibition aimed at those looking for digital best practice.

We were showcasing our CCTV Redaction services and four pieces of software called Amped FIVE, Amped Authenticate, Amped Replay and Ikena Forensic. We met some great people, had lots of interest in what we do and listened to some fantastic speakers.
Now that our team’s grown, we decided that the office we had just wasn’t big enough, so we’ve moved to a larger one in the same premises – it’s just a floor higher.
That way when we expand into 2020, we’ll have room for more staff and more CCTV redaction workstations.
Our new offices
We’ve been audited for data protection compliance and are delighted to announce that we got awarded a SHIELD accreditation (click here for more information)
Michael Hartshorne and the BET Team
In each of our newsletters we thought we’d help you get to know each of our team. This month we’ve had a chat with our MD Michael Hartshorne. Michael began his career with Staffordshire Police in 1994 working in the forensic video technology department, before leaving to sell forensic software and setting up Best Evidence ten years ago.
Michael how has your time at the police helped you with the success of Best Evidence?
Everything I learnt in the police has stayed with me. I learnt that taking your eye off the ball or not paying attention to detail could put lives at risk. I was working on the most serious of cases and not properly masking the identity of an undercover officer or a key witness could put them in real danger. That attention to detail is something that is echoed now in every part of my business.
What are you most proud of this year?
I’m delighted that we’ve had some massive client wins and have been able to grow our team. Now that we have a bigger office, I’m hoping to add to that next year too and expand into 2020!
What’s your favourite part of the job?
I’ve really enjoyed growing the team here and employing staff. I don’t think you can underestimate how much staff can give back and how fantastic it is to see them learn and develop.
Away from work, what TV programmes do you like to watch?
Funnily enough it is sort of work related. I’ve really enjoyed the Capture which is about a British soldier who is charged with a crime which is supposedly captured on CCTV footage. The way they use the CCTV in the series is extremely accurate and realistic so from a geeky perspective I did really enjoy it! I was really into Game of Thrones too.
What’s your favourite film?
My absolute favourite film is an old one, from 1978 in fact, called Convoy. I also like the 1994 classic Leon.
And your favourite book?
I used to read a lot of novels but I’m more into self-help books, now that I run a business. I think the one that’s had the most influence on me is called: ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ – it’s about how the rich educate their children about money. The author’s experience of one rich 'dad' and one poor dad is really interesting.
What about music?
I love ‘old skool 90’s.’
Which brings us nicely to our next question – where’s your favourite place in the world?
I was lucky enough to spend a month in Ethiopia as my in-laws were doing voluntary work in a little town called Makele in the very north, which was a real eye-opener. We enjoyed the amazing scenery and visiting places that were five hours’ travel from the nearest tarmac road, but it was the people that changed me.

There were people who collected donkey droppings for a living (they dried it out in the sun to burn as fuel), who would still try to feed you. You could give them 5p and they’d rustle around to give you change. I went to the bank and next to people who literally had nothing, there were old ladies on their own carrying wads of banknotes, four inches thick – with no protection – and no sense of risk. The people had no concept of robbing each other, which is such a contrast to what can happen here.

The best thing though was on a walk in the Simeon Mountains when a troop of about 500 Bleeding Heart Baboons came past us. It’s one of those experiences I will never forget – completely humbling on every level.
What are your ambitions for the future?
I want us to take on more clients and bring in more staff. Hopefully we’ll achieve both in 2020.
Finally, what plans have you got for Christmas?
I’m really looking forward to a lovely family Christmas and my kids are still young enough to enjoy the ‘magic’ of Santa and that naughty elf that gets everywhere around our house.
For more information please go to, call 01312 722721 or email:
"Thank you very much for doing such a great job on the disc submitting for masking. I will definitely be using your services again in the future. Consider me a satisfied customer.”
A photograph showing redaction masking.
Stock image. Not from a customer.
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