Fancy a free trial of Amped FIVE?

As the UK reseller for Amped Software we can offer you a free software trial of FIVE.

YES you can import your own footage for test.
NO you don't have to see us !  (we can do it over the internet and phone if you're too busy to meet)

Here are five things about FIVE that you may not have heard.

1. It can batch convert proprietary CCTV.  You get one of those odd players that has a zillion 10 minute clips? Not only can FIVE batch convert them all, but if you tick a box it will stitch them all together for you too!  now that's quicker than a zillion screen captures.

2. It will show you which Macroblocks are updating, as it happens. Couple this with your IPB data and you know if that VRM digit you're looking at is real refreshed data or predictive.

3. Measurement that's looking out for you !  regardless of how accurately you draw your reference and measurement lines, it's not possible to measure more accurately than a pixel so FIVE will take account of the native pixel size and tell you the minimum possible error margin.

4. FIVE's audit trail is becoming legendary because of it's references to the published papers for the processes it uses, now there is a clickable link in the report that takes you straight to the place to buy that exact paper, from that exact scientist. 

5. FIVE now links with Griffeye Analyze DI, Analyze CS and DVR Examiner, 


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