2 new ways to enhance !

We now have TWO exciting new enhancement systems in the UK !

The 'Ikena' system is FAST !

The 'Amped5' system has EVERY TOOL YOU'll EVER WANT !

Our Guarantee

We are the only truly independent and specialist supplier of video enhancement systems in the UK.  Some of our competitors make this claim - test them by asking to see some demo kit - there are many software resellers out there but if you're reading this newsletter you probably don't just want software.  You want the best software for your needs, supplied by someone accredited to train you, support you and keep you up to date with new features and releases. 

Did you know ?

As an HP 'Preferred Partner' we can supply high end HP workstations, laptops or monitors well below RRP for work or home. Delivery in days, usually warranted for 3 years.




A new method of video enhancement !

Ikena is a new type of enhancement technology used by the US Secret Service, NCIS and 20% of UK Police forces.  Unlike other systems which were designed in the days of VHS and updated, Ikena is brand new making it perfect for enhancing mobile phone videos, digital CCTV and social media.   It is so easy to use that users can be fully trained in just one day, and even occasional users can be proficient.  It is so quick to use that you will be able to process more work, more quickly than ever, all with MD5#ing and automatic reports for rock solid evidence.  Click here to see video examples or call us on 01312 722721

The new panacea ? 

So well written they even reference scientific papers on the audit trail !

Amped5 is a new platform from Italy that manages to combine the most features, best tools, and maximum tweak-ability with subtle, non-destructive enhancements and a wonderfully designed forensic workflow.

We're not going to bang on about features or other sales-speak... just this...

We can supply you with a fully functional trial version of the software and can show you how to use it with a 5 minute phone call.  Take the trial and we guarantee Amped5 is better than what you're using at the moment!  disagree and we'll send you a tin of bisuicts !

Call 01312 722721 or visit here for more info.
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