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The company's marketing strategy became increasingly sophisticatedThe internet has changed a lot of things but really it is just a slightly different way of doing the same things as before. You may find you were doing the right things all along but just needed to find a different way of doing them and one thing about the internet – it does offer a variety of ways to communicate.

So now you have your favourite printed magazine, you can also probably get its sister website and you may be able to read it interactively via app on your mobile device.
You can of course still go to exhibitions where it is possible to meet customers face to face and respond personally to their problems and enquiries with a personal demonstration. But now you can do the same demonstration on a video which they can access online without you needing to be present in person.
Your sales reps can still call on customers but now they can save the wastage of cold calling and only visit where there is a known need or problem and where they can become involved with partnering customers and developing new projects. This is of course possible because your company and its products can now be found on your website and perhaps your online shop, while your helpful office based telesales staff can respond quickly to phone, e-mail, social media or online chat.
You may print a full catalogue – although these days it has probably been replaced with a comprehensive website, which is more complete and more up to date than the print version, while brochures and leaflets are used for mailings or exhibitions where people still like the tactile experience of paper and having something to take away.
By now I’m sure that the point is quite laboured – advertising of course is now available on many more channels – it just takes the form of banners, tiles, skyscrapers, pop ups, search priorities, keywords, enhanced listings, plus targeted social media ads and pay-per-click.
As for free publication – that has expanded from the days of simple PR (press relations) to the situation today where online directories, magazines, blogs, social media. PR sharing sites, article sharing sites are all receptive to publishing suitable material for free – such is the appetite for new content that the internet has created.
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We are a marketing agency for Industrial SMEs maximising small budgets – enabling big growth. Helping companies to punch above their weight, grow and survive. The Industrial Marketing Agency focuses on promotion “free at the point of publication” under the umbrella of Press Relations and Social Media.
We generate press releases and other technical content including feature articles, videos, blog posts and social media material which we distribute among the industrial business media.

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