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The Marketing/Sales Balance
The Marketing/Sales BalanceI have been interested in the difference between B2C and B2B for many years – a difference heightened by the rise of the internet, and have come to notice that for many SME businesses industrial marketing consists of:
- Buying an ad from the first ad rep who calls
- Turning up at an expensive exhibition in hope that people will come
- Having a sales meeting occasionally to pressurise the sales engineers
But there is so much more possible than that, for example there is:
  • PR – online and printed media
  • Blogging – own blog
  • Social media – Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Google+
  • Video – YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • Directories – free listings
  • Advertising – enhanced listings, data sheet and brochure downloads, banners etc., buying keywords, preferred listings, printed ads.
  • SEO – on your website and blog
  • E-newsletters (also print versions)
  • Adwords
  • Exhibitions – focused national, regional, broad based and niche
All proven enquiry generators - oh and you could almost certainly get a very good package of all the above for the cost of one sales engineer.

Plus your sales engineers will love you for it – they will be supported and enabled with a constant flow of warm leads – they may never have to scour a directory, trawl an industrial estate or make a cold call ever again! Your sales engineers in short could become more efficient and productive doing what they do best “talking in” new business with RFQs etc. and servicing existing business, e.g. specifying new projects, negotiating and trouble shooting and mining existing customers for new projects, new departments and new sites.

Call usto see how you can use online marketing in your business.

We are a marketing agency for Industrial SMEs maximising small budgets – enabling big growth. Helping companies to punch above their weight, grow and survive. The Industrial Marketing Agency focuses on promotion “free at the point of publication” under the umbrella of Press Relations and Social Media.
We generate press releases and other technical content including feature articles, videos, blog posts and social media material which we distribute among the industrial business media.

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