Geological Society of Australia
Victoria Division

Annual General Meeting
Thursday 28th April at 6:15 p.m.
Fritz Loewe Theatre, School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne
Talk will be proceeded by drinks from 5:30 pm in the 4th floor tearoom, cost $2.

Earthquakes with the Midas touch

Dr Steven Micklethwaite
School of Earth, Atmosphere & Environment, Monash University
Earthquake-aftershock sequences and seismic swarms are self-organising phenomena. They play a potentially critical role in both fluid mass transfer through the crust and the formation of ore deposits. In this talk I will consider such processes and show how they can be used to predict the locations of gold deposits. Based on these principals, alongside a combination of field and experimental observations, it appears the duration of mineralization in orogenic-type systems may be extremely short (in the order of tens of thousands of years), which tallies with independent evidence showing the same for Carlin- and epithermal-type gold deposits.

Speaker Bio
Steven Micklethwaite (Ph.D., Leeds) is establishing the Centre for Resource Science and Technology at Monash University, which will be an interdisciplinary and cross-institute initiative supporting the resources industry across the full mining workflow. Steven held previous postdoctoral and research positions at the Australian National University, as well as Australia's two leading minerals exploration research centres at the Universities of Tasmania and Western Australia. He feels very privileged to have been able to map on four different continents, and have an involvement in the commercialisation of the technique discussed in this talk.

2016 Annual General Meeting
of the Victoria Division of the Geological Society of Australia

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Victoria Division of the Geological Society of Australia will be held at 6:15 p.m. on Thursday 28th April 2016 in the Fritz Loewe Theatre at the University of Melbourne.

As set forth in the Agenda provided below, the meeting will elect a new Division Committee. All positions are open for nomination. The GSAV encourages "new blood" for the committee and welcomes any and all nominations for the positions listed below.

Chair                                         Melbourne University Student Representative
Vice-Chair                                 Monash University Student Representative
Secretary                                  Newsletter Editor
Treasurer                                  Investments Administrator


   1. Minutes from the 2015 GSA Victoria Division AGM on Thursday
       30 April 2015. 
   2. GSA Victoria Division Chairman’s Report for 2015 
   3. GSA Victoria Division Financial Report for 2015 
   4. Bicentennial Gold 88 Endowment Report for 2015
   5. Heritage Subcommittee Report for 2015 
   6. Awards Committee Report for 2015 
   7. Election of Committee Members for 2015 
   8. Call for nominations of a Divisional Councillor to the Governing Council 
   9. Other business

Michelle Grosser
GSAV Secretary

Minutes of the 2015 GSA Victoria Division Annual General Meeting
a.   Meeting opened at 18:20 on Thursday 30 April 2015 in the Fritz Loewe Theatre, The University of
b.   Apologies: Neil Phillips

 1. Minutes of the previous meeting on Thursday 24 April 2014
a.   Minutes taken as read. Moved by David Moore; seconded by Barbara Wagstaff.

2. Chairman's report for 2014
a.   David Cantrill reported that due to death in the family he had not had the opportunity to write a report, however he was willing to answer any questions.
b.   David Cantrill noted that the reports for other committee members were as tabled in the newsletter.
c.   The reports were accepted, as moved by Karen Kapteinis, seconded by David Moore.

3. Financial reports for 2014
a.   Barbara Wagstaff reported static expenditure even though there was a large loss on the Selwyn. Investments made a lot of money.
b.   Members should start to suggest ways to spend money, e.g. on education outreach.
c.   David Cantrill reported that the committee has initiated early discussions about publishing a new edition of Geology of Victoria. Vince Morand undertook an assessment. Expect more activity in the coming months.
d.   Report moved by Gerhard Kurummei; seconded by Ingrid Campbell.

4. Bicentennial Gold 88 Endowment and Awards reports 2014
a.   Acceptance of these reports were moved by David Cantrill; seconded David Moore.
b.   It was noted that the Bicentennial Gold report appears to have reported only Monash recipients, but left out those from The University of Melbourne, Federation University, Latrobe University and others. To be amended to include the full list.

5. Heritage report for 2014
a.   Moved Karen Kapteinis; seconded by Leon Coaterman

6. Elections
a.   Members of the GSA Victoria Divsion were elected as follows:
Chair: David Cantrill nominated. Elected unopposed 
Treasurer: Barbara Wagstaff nominated. Elected unopposed
Secretary: Adele Seymon and Michelle Grosser nominated. Michelle Grosser elected unopposed
Investment administrator: David Moore. Elected unopposed
Website: Stefan Vollgger. Elected
Heritage: Susan White. Elected
Education: Shannon Burnett. Elected
Newsletter editor: Kieran Iles. Elected
Committee: Karen Kapteinis and Adele Seymon. Both elected.
b.   Other roles within the Division were appointed as follows:
Ingrid Campbell              Awards Subcommittee Chairperson
Stefan Vollgger              Monash University Student Representative
Kieran Iles                      Melbourne University Student Representative
Gerhard Krummei          GSAV Affiliate - Bicentennial Gold 88 Endowment

7. Any other business
a.   N/A.

Meeting closed at 18:30

2016 GSAV Committee Nomination Form

I nominate:                                                                For the position of:

Nominator:                                                                Seconded by:
All nominations will be presented and voted upon at the GSAV AGM on 28th April, 2016, commencing at 6:15 pm.
Please complete and email this form, specifying your Committee nomination, no later than 27th April to:

Alternatively, bring your completed form along to the meeting.

Victoria Division Financial Report

As the GSA (Victoria Division) did not receive our capitation last year as part of the move to helping the Federal Division improve their solvency we had to rely on other forms of income to undertake activities in 2015. These included sales of book stocks, refunded GST, refunded franking credits from our investments and of course dividends from these investments. The fact that we now regularly receive both the refunded GST and franking credits is due to the efficiency of the accountant in Sydney. In spite of the fact that we have had to rely on a reduced income and the vagaries of the stock market we have still been able to fund student scholarships and add to our share portfolio.


You will notice that the financial report relating to the GSA (Victoria Division) for the year ended 31 December 2015 is in a different format from previous years. The Federal Division of the GSA has prepared these and the accounts have been audited. This is due to the current method of dealing with the accounts, where I as treasurer prepare quarterly statements of our financial activities and provide all documentation relevant to the accounts throughout the year.

Balance Sheet
As at 31 December 2015
                                                     Debit ($)                Credit ($)
Cash at bank                                   9,102
Debtor - GSA Inc.                            5,114
Inventory                                        18,361
Imputation Credits                            5,252
Investments                                  408,086
TOTAL ASSETS                          445,915

GST Liabilities                                                                   (552)
TOTAL LIABILITIES                                                         (552)
NET ASSETS                               446,467                               

Opening Retained Surpluses                                       459,724
Current Year Surplus/Deficit                                         (13,257)
TOTAL EQUITY                                                           446,467

Profit and Loss Statement
For the period 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2015
Imputation Credits                                                           5,252
Interest on Investment Account                                          404
Investment Dividends & Distributions                            20,266
Unrealised Gain on Investments                                  (32,579)
Membership Subscriptions                                              2,625
Realised Gain on Investments                                         3,742
Royalty Income                                                                     93
Sundry Income                                                                    325
Inventory Sales
Division Sales                                                                   2,730
Total Inventory Sales                                                        2,730
TOTAL INCOME                                                              2,858
Cost of Sales
Total Cost of Sales                                                           2,623
Gross Profit                                                                        235

General Expenses

Bank Charges                                                                      199
Conference Travel / Incidentals                                           400
Freight and Postage                                                            494
Meeting Travel / Incidentals                                                 887
Printing and Stationary                                                        672
Sundry Payments                                                             4,590
Website Expenses                                                               150
Total General Expenses                                                 7,392
General Sponsorship                                                        2,000
Student Prizes                                                                   4,100
Total Sponsorship                                                           6,100
TOTAL EXPENSES                                                        13,492
Operating Profit                                                            (13,257)

Net Surplus / (Deficit)                                           (13,257)

Barbara Wagstaff
GSAV Treasurer

Shares Report

At the end of 2015, the value of the GSAV’s investment portfolio was $408,086.35.  The year was one of only a small loss ($1813), a good result when the ASX 200 fell about 250 points over the year.  Over the year, the value of our holdings of BHP Billiton fell from $28 to $20.50, resulting in a loss of over $11,000, due to falling iron ore and oil prices.  However, this loss does not include the sale of our South 32 shares, which yielded approximately $1600.  The other big loser was Woolworths, which over the course of the year fell from $31 to 23.70, resulting in a loss of $5600.  Sadly, this was due to poor management, a factor that has been recognised within the company if not fully rectified.  As we have a significant holding in Australian Foundation (which also has holdings in both companies) we also lost about $2000 there. 

There were bright spots.  Our small CSL holding increased in value by almost $3000, with the share price going to $98.27.  We acquired a holding of 6655 Scentre Group, a property trust holding Westfield’s Australian and New Zealand property interests.  This gave us a paper profit of $4000 as the units rose from $3.46 to $4.10.  And, of course there was the steady stream of dividends and interest, approximately $19,700, and imputation credits, approximately $4300, implying a return on our portfolio of 5.75%.  $10,000 of this return was placed into the general funds of the division to fund expenses like the student research scholarships, meaning the overall value of the portfolio declined slightly.

Our shareholdings are summarised below:

End 2014   End 2015
Shares Quantity   Shares Quantity
Australian Foundation 8325    Australian Foundation 8325
ASX 500       
Aurizon Holdings 3320    Aurizon Holdings 3320
BHP Billiton 1009    BHP Billiton 1009
CSL 160   CSL 160
      Federation Centres 5100
Healthscope 4761    Healthscope 4761
National Australia Bank 1500    National Australia Bank 1500
Scentre Group 6655    Scentre Group 6655
      Spotless 12504
      Wesfarmers 321
Westfield Corp 1465      
Westpac Bank 1460    Westpac Bank 1460
Woolworths 740    Woolworths 740


There was no change in our holdings of interest-bearing securities.  These fell in value by $5600 as interest rates dropped.

Since the end of the year, the markets have continued flat, and our portfolio is now worth approximately $413,000.  A significant development is that we have acquired approximately $12,000 worth of units in each of two global exchange traded funds, the iShares Global and iShares Core funds.  We have taken this action after long discussions initiated by our adviser, Katrina Tull at Evans and Partners.

David Moore
GSAV Investments Administrator

Bicentennial Gold 88 Endowment Report

Guided by its mission to provide funds for the advancement of education and research in Earth Sciences for the benefit of economic geology in Australia, grants have been awarded by this Endowment to assist geoscience researchers with project costs in 2016.

In a surprising and pleasing development 19 applications, the highest number to-date, were received for 2016 projects covering nine universities across Australia, including 11 related to research, 4 for environmental projects, 2 for conference attendance and one each for a scholarship and a student group technical excursion. Of these, 14 were for Ph.D. level research, along with 3 M.Sc. and 2 B.Sc. projects.

The total amount sought was in excess of $120,795 as against sum available: $10,000.

Recommendations were submitted early in 2016 to the Secretary and Trustees for approval.

The successful recipients of support for 2016 activities are:

  • Monash University To assist a 2nd year Ph.D. student and previous award recipient with costs for travel and field work aimed at setting up a pilot-scale project to trial technology aimed at accelerated CO2  sequestration for uptake by the mining industry into existing tailing management practice.
  • Monash University To assist a 2nd year Ph.D. candidate with costs to travel to the University of British Colombia to use their unique apparatus to investigate the dissolution and formation kinetics of hydrotalcites with the aim to assist and accelerate CO2 sequestration by non-carbonate minerals in mine tailings at certain mine sites and thus develop strategies to remove this greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and help mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • University of New England To assist the UNE Geoscience Society with costs associated with a field trip for up to 20 geoscience students and 4 lectures to evaluate the geology of the Mid-North coast of NSW from Diamond Head in the south to Red Rock in the north,   

There remain several unexplained issues relating to the Trustees recent decision to wind up the Bicentennial Gold 88 Endowment and a meeting is being sought to address these.

Prof. Chris Wilson and Ms. Ingrid Campbell, GSA (Vic Div), are again thanked for their contribution to the assessment process, as is the AusIMM Secretarial Support Team for its administrative back-up and the very successful efforts to promote this Endowment.

Gerhard K. Krummei
Chairman - Working Group
B88 Endowment

Heritage Report

The Geological Heritage subcommittee has continued to work towards better understanding of geological heritage in the state, although only limited work was able to be undertaken this past year.

The database of sites has been maintained. New sites continued to be added from previously published geological significance site reports and some recent consultancy reports. This database has had a few requests for information. However the database is currently on a very old Mac computer with old software and we need to upgrade this.

The committee has given advice to consultants and people wishing to object to particular development projects. We are always very careful regarding objections, as the GSA is not opposed to development per se. However some advice on the significance of particular sites continues to be useful. A very limited number of enquiries come from municipal heritage planners. This advice has been very minimal in the past year but fluctuates from year to year.

There have been no requests for support against particular developments (e.g. VCAT) hearings this past year. This has meant that we have not had to deal with the issue that opposition to a particular development assumes that the GSAs comments will support their position and that this will give legal support against such development. In fact there is very little legal protection for geological sites in Victoria.

The only enquiry this past year was from Melbourne Water regarding heritage status of sites on Melbourne Water managed land. The contact details for the Subcommittee have now been updated.

The major controversy this year continued to be the issue of the extension of the Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron facilities at the Beaumaris Cliffs sites, ML 310, 311 and 312. ML 310 and ML 311 are sites that have been assessed as being of international significance. These sites were seriously damaged when the MYS was permitted to build the original facility and access to the site is compromised. The lack of adequate legislation in Victoria to protect important sites is an added problem.  This development has been redesigned and this redevelopment has been assessed in a new EES for its heritage value. Collecting from the area has continued virtually unregulated.  The list on the Register of National Estate has no legal status and neither does the GSA database of sites. There is no state managed database or department charged with this task (as in other states). We have been approached by various bodies about this development and GSA(V) needs to compile a position statement on the  issue.

The committee continues to be heavily involved with the Bacchus Marsh Council Trench management committee. This committee is currently preparing at YouTube clip on the Trench.

I wish to thank the members of the subcommittee for their work throughout the year.

Susan White
GSAV Geo-Heritage Convenor

GSAV Awards Committee Annual Report

The Awards committee is pleased to present the following report on the 2015 Awards:

2015 Selwyn Medal:  Ian Cartwright. 

Coming from his Doctorate in the UK, Ian initially studied high temperature fluid systems in metamorphic rocks. In 1990, he joined the School of Geosciences, Monash University, when he shifted his focus to low temperature groundwaters, extending many of the research tools from his high temperature work, and now concentrating on groundwater systems in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia. By 2004, he launched into an impressive and growing list of publications in this area.

Ian has been responsible for undertaking stable isotope studies, with analyses involving Victorian gold deposits and the role of isotopes.

Ian Cartwright has made a significant contribution to the understanding of groundwater flow and behaviour in the Victorian and Australian setting through the application of hydrochemistry, particularly of the use of environmental isotopes.

These studies have focused on the Murray, Otway and Gippsland Basins. Much of this work has revolved around the application of stable and radiogenic isotope tracers and major ion geochemistry to understand groundwater residence times, inter-aquifer mixing, and hydrogeochemical processes.

His recent research has focused on determining the location and magnitude of groundwater inflows to rivers using geochemical tracers, which is essential information for protecting and managing connected water systems and groundwater-dependent ecosystems.  

He is internationally recognized for his contribution in the hydrological community. He is currently President of the International Association of Geochemistry (IAGC), an editor for Applied Geochemistry, and was recently an editor for Hydrogeology Journal (2007-2010). In this respect he is a highly respected scientist and is often requested to provide advice and feedback to improve the understanding of the salinity problems and have influenced assessment by Victorian Catchment Management Authorities. 

His recent research on groundwater-surface water interactions has improved our understanding of the water balance in catchments and provided protection of groundwater-dependant ecosystems by Melbourne Water and Goulburn Murray Water.

For these reasons, he is truly deserving of the Selwyn Medal.     Congratulations Ian
The GSAV 2015 student awards:
The winner of the Frank Canavan Award for the most promising second year geology student in Victoria was Timothy Zeigler from Monash Univesity.
The  D.E. Thomas Medal was awarded to.  Michael Fenwick from Monash University for his honours thesis mapping project entitled: “ Structural Evolution of the Yalgoo Dome, Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: A Core Perspective”.
Australian Honours Awards

Sue White (OAM) and Pat Vickers- Rich (AO) were both recognised in the Australian Honours list during the year  for contributions to the earth sceinces and the broader community.
The GSAV awards committee congratulates all these scientists on their accomplishments and looks forward to watching their continued progress.

I would like to thank the members of the Awards committee again for their continued support during the year.

Ingrid Campbell
Chair, GSAV Awards Committee

Education Annual Report

In the past 12 months, the Education Subcommittee has been hard at work improving our involvement in education events such as Geography Teachers’ Association of Victoria Annual Conference and Science Teachers' Association of Victoria Annual Conference.

Our presence at these events has become increasingly important due the introduction of earth sciences as a substantial part of the K-12 Science school curriculum in Victoria. Previously, earth sciences education was almost non-existent in many Victorian schools (unless you had a great teacher who recognised that earth sciences are important to teach). This change in the school curriculum has led to an overwhelming increase in the number of enquiries to the GSAV booth at the conferences mentioned above. These enquiries have predominately been about professional development days for teachers and earth science teaching materials.

During the next 12 months, I hope to continue putting together educational resources for distribution to teachers. This means I am on the lookout for any materials to distribute to teachers at these conferences, so if you have any ideas or materials you think are suitable please let me know.

Shannon Burnett
GSAV Education Subcommittee Chairman

Vale Rob Glenie

We regretfully inform members that a longstanding member of the Geological Society of Australia (Victoria Division) and the Earth Science History Group, Rob Glenie (born on the 7th of December 1928), passed away on the 17th of January 2016. Members will find a full tribute in the next issue of TAG.

Australian Earth Sciences Convention 2016

Held between the 26th and 30th of June this year the AESC is a major conference hosted by the Geological Society of Australia every two years. Being held this year in Adelaide, the AESC 2016 will showcase the latest geoscience research, provide opportunities for professional development and the space to connect and collaborate with geoscientists.

More information is available at

Forthcoming events

Unless otherwise noted, all 2016 talks will be held at the Fritz Loewe Theatre, School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne.

May 26th: Monthly meeting:
Titus Murray: Hydrocarbon traps in complex settings

June 23rd: Howitt Lecture (held at the Royal Society of Victoria):
Erin Matchan: The age of Victoria's volcanoes

July 28th: Monthly meeting:
Dr Matthias Raab: CO2CRC Otway Project

Student Scholarships

The GSAV are pleased to offer scholarships for honours and postgraduate students for assistance with travel costs associated with conferences (fieldwork excluded). The number and value of the scholarships awarded each year is made at the discretion of the GSA Victoria committee. Up to $500 for domestic travel and $700 for international travel is available. More information, including the eligibility criteria and application form, is available at

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