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What I Should Do vs What's Easy

I have a confession, last week I shared that I was taking a break from speaking to work on editing my second book, taxes and getting back on track with eating and working out. 

I didn’t work on any of those things. I’ve been productive but done everything I could to avoid tackling what I need to accomplish.

Can you relate?

I call this resistance. It’s an internal battle between what I know I should do and what’s easy.  Over the years, I’ve experience resistance. I know I’m on the right path when it rears its ugly head, especially with creative projects like writing.

If I keep delaying edits for my second book, it doesn’t get released. And if it doesn’t get released, people can’t reject it. 

If there are dreams and goals we want to pursue in our life, we first must recognize the resistance....


A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

Years ago, a friend recommended A Thousand Splendid Suns. I picked it up at a used book sale. It’s been sitting on my shelf collecting dusting until this weekend when I was looking for a good fiction book to dive into.

I’m a third of the way through the book, and it’s heartbreaking.  The story is about the life of a young Afghan girl. Her journey gives pause to life outside the comforts and freedom in the USA. 

I often want to stay in my bubble and read uplifting books that resemble my life, but that’s not how we learn and grow as a person. If we want to grow in compassion and increase empathy for those not like us, we must see the world through others eyes, or at least, their perspective. 

Note: A Thousand Splendid Suns sheds light on emotional and physical abuse. If you are in a domestic violence situation, there is help and hope. Click here for resources.


This week I’m spending time with the Porter County Community Foundation and Feed the Hungry.  With both organizations, I’m able to use my strengths to give back.
Do you volunteer? If so, what organization do you invest your time? 
Don’t have a nonprofit that gets your time? What do you love? If you love pets, find a shelter. If you love children, maybe your local YMCA or boys and girls club has a need. Love to read? Maybe you can sort and restock books at the library. 
Is there a way to volunteer with your favorite nonprofit this week or is there an upcoming opportunity? If so, sign-up now!

National Napping Day

As I’m writing, it’s National Napping Day. Do you nap?
I used to feel guilty napping. I thought it was a waste of time.  I should be doing something productive, as opposed to napping. 
Over the years, I’ve evolved my mindset on napping.  I don’t nap every week, but it’s common that some days at 5:00p.m. I’ll take an hour nap, so I can work until later in the evening. Or if I’ve had a crazy week and dragging, on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you might find me snuggled  in my bed for a couple of hours. 
I’ve found napping to make me MORE productive, not less.  Next time you need a nap, take one!


One of the best, but hardest gifts to give is forgiveness. But in forgiveness, just like giving, a ripple effect is created, some we witness and some we don’t. After watching the video, is there someone you need to forgive?  

News & Events

Thanks to Turn the Page bookstore for hosting an author signing for me. Being in the bookstore and getting to know the owner, made me want my own bookshop.  Turn the Page was so cozy and welcoming. I’m looking forward to future events! 
Miss signing up for the Lent Giving Challenge? There’s still time to sign up and get daily giving challenges. Join in on the fun today!

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